Snapchat Black Screen Error: How To Fix It? | Complete Guide

Users of Snapchat are having problems with their cameras. Many Snapchat users are now looking for a fix because the black screen error has bothered them. However, it doesn’t seem a minor problem; users now vocalise it as a pervasive error. The article discusses fixing the Snapchat black screen error.

You can now fix the error by trying simple solutions, verifying camera permission, deleting Snapchat’s cache and data, updating Snapchat, reinstalling the Snapchat application, logging back into Snapchat, uninstalling Snapchat updates, etc.

Many Snapchat users complained that the app’s broken camera displayed a black screen. Although Snapchat has acknowledged the problem and stated it is being investigated, firm solutions are made public. However, users need help with the application’s inability to send or receive photos. Read below to learn more about fixing the Snapchat black screen error.

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Reasons For The Error

Reasons for the Snapchat screen’s malfunctioning black screen issue:

  • The camera is broken. If you launch other iPhone apps and your camera screen remains black, your iPhone’s camera may be damaged. To check if something is wrong with either the front-facing camera or the rare camera, you can swap between them.
  • Program bug. The Snapchat black screen issue could also be the result of software flaws. Try updating the Snapchat app to the most recent version to solve this issue. program bug in snapchat
  • Obsolete software. Update your iOS software to the most recent version if you currently use an out-of-date version to fix the Snapchat dark screen issue. Your system will work easier with the Snapchat app if you do this.

How To Fix Snapchat Black Screen Error?

Here are the different methods to fix Snapchat black screen error

Try Simple Solutions

You should first attempt a few straightforward fixes to resolve the Snapchat black screen on camera issue:

  • Restart your phone: This issue often results from a bug in the device, which is simply fixed by restarting the phone. Restarting your phone will enable you to use the program again.

verify internet connection

  • Verify internet connection: You may experience this issue if your internet link is erratic or slow. Check that the internet is functioning correctly. You can do this by switching from mobile data to fixed data or vice versa, turning off and on mobile data, or turning on and off the phone’s Airplane mode.
  • Restart the app: This could cause an issue if you’ve been using the program for a while. Close the program, give it time to settle, and then reopen it.

Verify Camera Permission

The incorrectly configured camera permission may cause the Snapchat black screen problem. Such problems may arise if Snapchat needs the necessary camera rights. Therefore, to resolve the Snapchat camera not functioning issue, you must grant the Snapchat app all the required permissions and get Snapchat on PC.

  1. Long-press the Snapchat program after finding it.long press the app
  2. Select the App Permissions button
  3. Tap on the Camera choice after finding it in the list. tap on camera access
  4. Then click the Allow button as the snap map not working.allow accessChanging the Snapchat app’s camera authorisation in numerous instances resolves the problem. After completing this, check to see if it fixed the issue on your phone. Continue to the next option if the app’s issue is still present.

Delete Snapchat’s Cache And Data

Clearing the app’s cache and data is the next possible fix for the Snapchat camera and rear screen issues. The likelihood of corruption increases when the app saves excessive cached data. Therefore, if your situation is the same, clearing the Snapchat stories black screen and files will solve the problem.

  1. Open the Settings program on your settings
  2. Navigate to Snapchat under Apps and select “Storage” from the menu.  select storage
  3. Tap the Clear Cache and Clear Data options. clear all cache
  4. Restart your phone now to see if the problem has been fixed.  restart your phone

Update Snapchat

Using out-of-date software can cause several problems, including this one. You might be experiencing a dark screen on Snapchat fails if you are also using an outdated version of the app on your phone. Check the app’s latest version to see if it can resolve the Snapchat black screen error.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store.launch playstore
  2. Open the Snapchat program by searching for it. You will see the Update button if this app has a fresh update accessible. see update button
  3. Select Update by tapping it.update snapchat
  4. Reopen the app to see if the camera has returned to operation. The next troubleshooting technique should be used if the Snapchat camera displays a black screen. check snapchat camera

Reinstall The Snapchat Application

The software may have a bug, and that’s why you’re having this problem. Try reinstalling the program if updating it didn’t fix the Snapchat goes to a black screen with a white line issue. Reinstalling is the best course of action to fix the programming glitch.

  1. Remove the app from the smartphone first.remove the app
  2. Restart your phone right now. Install Snapchat once more by going to the Play Store for Snapchat filters. install snapchat
  3. Make sure to grant Snapchat all necessary rights when configuring the app on your phone.grant rightsThis time, the program ought to operate without any issues. Try the other solutions if you are still experiencing the black screen on Snapchat with a white or green dot.

Log Back Into Snapchat

If you cannot snap a photo or record a video using your Snapchat camera, a server problem may be to blame. Refreshing the server on your Snapchat program will fix this. log back into snapchatYou must check out of your Snapchat account and then back in again to accomplish that.

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Uninstall Snapchat Update 

If this problem only began after updating the Snapchat app, the new update’s flaw may be causing the Snapchat black screen in chat. Simply uninstall the most recent Snapchat upgrade to fix the app’s camera problem.

  1. Select Settings > Apps.reopen snapchat
  2. Select Snapchat and click “Uninstall Update” from the menu. select snapchat
  3. On your phone, reopen the Snapchat application and see if your program is still giving you a black screen.uninstall update

Reset The Factory Settings

Resetting the device to factory defaults is the last option for users to resolve Snapchat dark screens. However, data loss will occur if you conduct a factory reset on your device. You can learn how to factory reset your device by following the instructions below: Snapchat has a black screen when opening the app.

  1. Open your device’s Settings program and choose the General Tab. open device's settings
  2. Locate and select the Transfer & Reset choice. Choose to Erase All Content and Settings option to perform a factory restore on your device.factory reset


Is it safe to delete the cache?

Clearing unused cache files on Android is a good way to free up space when troubleshooting app problems temporarily. However, you should only do it occasionally or with shady third-party applications. When a specific tool is required to ensure device functionality, only use it.

How long can you recover Snapchat?

You can recover Snapchat accounts if requested within thirty days of being removed. Following grace time, Snapchat will permanently delete your accounts, and no one can access them again.

Why is there only a blank screen on my Snapchat?

The Snapchat app can be immediately updated from the App Store. If you're still using an outdated version of the Snapchat software, try updating it. If there are bugs in the Snapchat program causing the black screen issue, you will probably be able to fix it.

Can Snapchat Delete Your Account?

Snapchat has the right to deactivate and delete any user's account if it violates the community standards and conditions of service, just like any other social media platform. The site does not inform users before or after deactivating an account.


It is all about fixing the Snapchat black screen error. After implementing these fixes, you will overcome the Android’s Snapchat camera not working black screen error. You must now be able to use the Snapchat camera to capture videos and snaps. Thus, you can easily correct the error using the methods listed above.