How To Run Windows 95 Games On Windows 10 {Updated}

If you are a millennial, you will remember Windows 95 and its awesome games. This was the most popular Windows Operating system of its time, which brought with it some amazing 3d games. If you crave nostalgia, then this blog is definitely for you. By installing simple software, you can now run Windows 95 games on Windows 10.

Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to play those classic old days games. So if you want to relive those days, follow Techyhost’s guide to run windows 95 games on windows 10.

But before moving ahead, we want to alert you that installing Windows 95 can lead you to some bugs. So do it according to your discretion.

Windows 95

The operating system was launched in 1995. It was a ground-breaking achievement for Microsoft as it could deliver an Operating System for home utility purposes. Windows 95, unlike other versions, was extremely easy and simple to 95
PC gaming explored new horizons with this excellent OS. Games like Doom and SimCity 2000 originated during that time.
The present-day Windows 10 replicates some of its features like the “Start” icon. It’s so refreshing to see how a Windows pc looks at that time.


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How to run Windows 95 games on Windows 10

This method doesn’t demand any download of the virtual machine. You can simply run it by downloading the virtual windows 95 file.
In addition, this software is compatible to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

1. Visit: link.




2. Then scroll down to “Downloads for Windows.”

downloads for windows

3. Left-click the Setup, 64 bit or Setup, 32-bit file, and then select “Save” to download it.


Please choose the proper bit according to your pc.

4. After downloading, go to Downloads.


5. Double click and press Run to install it.


6. After it gets installed on your pc. You can get to use your Windows 95 on Windows 10.

windows 95 on windows 10

This is the simplest way to run windows 95 games on windows 10. You don’t need any hassle of a virtual machine to run it. Hence you should definitely give it a try.

Windows 95 Games

Since you now have Windows 95, let us tell you some of the games you can enjoy this summer vacation.


Diablo is one of the first video games played on Windows 95. Blizzard Entertainment released it in 1997.

It belongs to the genre of action and adventure. In the game, you play as a worrier battling sinister creatures to save the kingdom of Tristram.


In total, there are 12 levels. After all levels, you reach hell. Finally, there you battle with the Lord of Terror, Diablo. We highly recommend you try it out.

Download Diablo


We all remember how back in the day, we use to play Hover! using CD-ROMs. At that time, it had the best graphics in the market.

Microsoft developed Hover. In the game, you have to capture six flags while racing. Moreover, you get a collection of maps to choose from.


The game belongs to the genre of action, racing, and adventure. It is indeed one of the best Windows 95 games.

Download Hover!

Fury 3

Fury 3 has the most awesome game plots among all. You play as a pilot who is a member of the Council of Peace. Your main aim is to battle Bion

Forces. There are a total of 8 planets under their control. Destroy the evil Bion Forces and free the planets.


Released in 1995, the game gained massive popularity over time. Hence, we vouch you will not regret running as one of the best windows 95 games on Windows 10.

Download Fury 3

Civilization II

Civilization II was one of the first games with a quality storyline. If you have played Clash of Empire, you can connect with it.

You have to develop your own kingdom, build the civilization. It’s a complete journey that requires strategy and planning.

civilization II

The game belongs to the genre of Simulation, building, and strategy.

Download Civilization II

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is a Windows 95 video game released in 1997.

Your task is to use full magic and destroy opponents in the game. It was a single-player game. However, with the ManaLink upgrade, you could play it with other players.

magic:the gathering

Magic: The Gathering was one of the first-ever multiplayer games developed. It was simply way ahead of its time.

Download Magic: The Gathering

Monster Truck Madness

The Monster Truck Madness is one of the best truck games to date. You promise running these Windows 95 games on Windows will surely entertain you.

monster: truck madness

It is a simple game where you have to move your truck through rough terrains.

Download Monster Truck Madness

Barbie Fashion Designer

Barbie Fashion Designer was released in the year 1996. It gained massive success and outsold all the games that year.

It was one of the first games that were for girls. Barbie Fashion Designer was simply a path breaker.

barbie fashion designer

The fantastic cute graphics of the game entertained everyone.

Download Barbie Fashion Designer

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft was once the largest producer of games.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator enjoyed immense love from gamers. It had 3D graphics. You had to fly your plane dodging skyscrapers and monumental buildings.

microsoft flight simulator

Moving through the clouds and beautiful sceneries were the main USP of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Download Microsoft Flight Simulator


Without mentioning Starcraft, the list of Windows 95 games would remain incomplete. The game had some excellent graphics. The background also complemented it.


Belonging to the genre of action and adventure, Starcraft enjoyed immense love and eventually reached legendary status. Your main task was to excavate minerals. This sci-fi game is a must-try for all of our readers.

Download Starcraft

Windows 95 Emulator For Windows 10

Many people wonder whether they can play Windows 95 games using emulators on Windows 10. For them, let us tell that presently there are no emulators available.

You have to follow the hack that we described above.

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So now, let’s look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I play Windows 95 games?

You can play them by installing some third-party software. But if you want to play the inbuilt windows95 games, you can simply run the os on pc.

How do I play old Windows games?

To play old Windows games, you can search the game on your browser and play it online. It's better not to install old Windows software on modern pcs.

Is Windows 95 a sound operating system?

Windows 95 was the best operating system of its time.

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In conclusion, turn back the clock and run windows 95 games on windows 10. The method we discussed above hardly requires any technical skills. Hence you should definitely have a look at Windows 10’s ancestors. Please write in comments your experience with Windows 95. To have access to more such fun tech content, please follow Techyhost.