The 10 Best Room Measurement Apps For Android & iOS Users

Measuring is a task that almost everyone encounters from time to time, particularly those working on a construction site. If you’re rebuilding a room or attempting to sort out the components of a region in your home before purchasing furniture, utilizing an estimation application for Android can save a ton of time and keep away from cerebral pains. Here are a few room measurement apps if you’re an Android user looking for a dependable measuring app.

room measurement app

Controlled by AR (increased reality) and on-gadget sensors, these applications are solid for however long you won’t involve them for proficient use cases. With the measuring applications on the list below, you may quickly and easily determine the length, angle, or separation between two items. The best room measurement apps are Google Maps, Smart Measure, Pro Roomscan, Angle Meter, Moasure, etc. Although there are several other apps, these are highly recommended.

Refer to this article to learn about the best room measurement apps for your device as per your needs.

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Best Measurements App

One of the best room measurement apps considered was the Android ruler app- Measure, but Google discontinued it in June 2021. After that, there were a few others that were developed. While there are many other excellent solutions available for Android, the Measure app will need to catch up.

measurement apps on devices

Additionally, we have selected some iPhone-compatible applications. Therefore, the list of the best room measurement apps is as follows:

App for AR Rules

As its name suggests, AR Ruler is a measurement app that uses augmented reality to measure physical items. Measurements are provided in inches, centimeters, meters, feet, and yards by AR Ruler, which is based on Google’s ARCore. Therefore use this app to measure the length. You must tap the screen and aim the viewfinder at the surface plane to take measurements.

ar ruler

The program includes a helpful tool for measuring rooms and creating a 3D design floor plan in addition to the ruler functionality. It’s wonderful to know that AR Ruler is now accessible to iPhone users via the Apple App Store.

Visit: Ruler App: Camera Tape Measure

Measure App

Apple unveiled Measure, a built-in measurement app for iPhones and iPads, with iOS 12. Because it is a system app, you don’t need to waste time downloading it from the App Store because it is already on your phone. The Measure app lets you draw lines and take horizontal and vertical length measurements.

measure app

The measure is the app for you if you’re looking for a simple but useful measuring app. Use this app to measure square feet. The iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch, and iPhone 12 Pro are compatible with the program.

Visit: Measure on the App Store


Moasure is one of the best measuring apps for measuring distances on Android and iOS. It uses to measure angles over distances up to 30 meters (100 feet) and distances up to 300 meters (1000 feet).


It has a ruler, protractor, goniometer, and a 300m/1000ft tape measure. In addition to the measurement options, the app has a cool interface that is easy to use and understand. 

Visit: Moasure – smart tape measure on the App Store – Apple

Angle Meter

Angle Meter is a versatile measurement app, despite its outdated user interface. On the screen, it provides tools such as a ruler, compass, image laser level, and more. The feature that sets this measuring software apart from others is the ability to measure an object’s angle or inclination.

angle meter app

The app currently does not have an iOS version, but Android users can check it out.

Visit: Angle Meter – Apps on Google Play

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Google Maps 

Using Google Maps’ built-in measuring capability, you can figure out how many miles, yards, or kilometers are between any two locations. Click the “Measure distance” button in Google Maps after opening the beginning location.

google maps

See our dedicated Google Maps distance and area measurement guide for step-by-step instructions.

Visit: Google Maps

Bubble Level 

Angle Meter Bubble Level is a well-thought-out application that imitates the operation of a standard bubble level. A traditional bubble or spirit level is a tool for determining a surface’s horizontal or vertical directions.

bubble level app

The app provides a straight ruler, a 2D ruler, and an angle meter in addition to the bubble level for added convenience. It is filled with alcohol in a vial. 

Visit: Bubble Level – Apps on Google Play

Pro Roomscan

It would help if you looked into the floor plan app Roomscan Pro. Begin by pointing the app at the ground and waiting for it to locate it. For more precise measurements, use the RoomScan LiDAR app on an iPhone with a LIDAR scanner, such as the iPhone 13/13 Pro or the 2021 iPad Pro.

pro roomscan

You can use this app for measuring rooms, also.

Visit: RoomScan Classic 

GPS Fields Area Measure 

The GPS Fields app simplifies measuring a region’s area, distance, and perimeter. You can mark points and view the map, just like with the measure tool in Google Maps. GPS or manual measuring can be used to take the measurements. Select the start and end points on the map to use the app; the distance will be displayed in the upper-left corner.

gps area measurement

You can also save the measurements to your phone’s gallery or within the app. GPS Fields Area Measure is the best Android or iOS measurement app if your use case involves measuring lands or fields.

Visit: GPS Fields Area Measure on the App Store

Smart Measure

It’s crucial to keep in mind that height is measured from the ground. You should either manually offset the distance or use an AR-based measuring app if your use case involves measuring the distance of objects above ground level.

smart measure

Another user-friendly app is called Smart Measure.

Visit: Smart Measure – Apps on Google Play

PLNAR Measurement App

Our final choice for a measurement app is PLNAR, which stands for PLNAR. This is a measuring app free for its users. PLNAR offers the option to use augmented reality to create 3D models of the room, going beyond the standard measurement app.

plnar app

You can use PLNAR to measure area, perimeter, and surface area and even create a 3D CAD file of your room because the app is intended for professionals like designers and contractors. However, don’t forget that the app is only available to iPhone and iPad users.

Visit: PLNAR on the App Store

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Can the user download any apps without using the internet?

No, as all apps should always be acquired via the Playstore or the Appstore, you cannot access them using the network. Nevertheless, an application can be used without a connection to the internet after it has been launched.

What should I do if an internet or router problem arises in the future?

In that situation, you can file a complaint using the complaint number, and a technician will come to your location and take care of the problem for free within 24 hours.

Are these apps accessible to users of iOS?

Along with the app itself, the links to the apps are provided above. Although some apps are for either platform, most are accessible to iOS and Android users.

I want the apps to work on the internet; what are the requirements?

If you need the internet to work on the app, you can connect your smartphone to mobile data, or if you have wifi at home, you can also connect it to your wifi server and enjoy working on the app.


As previously stated, measurement apps are handy apps that assist you without needing a physical measuring instrument. Assuming you are somebody who frequently gauges things in reality, we trust this rundown assisted you with picking an application that suits your necessities. If you want to expand your app collection, look at our top open-source Android applications list. Hence, download the best room measurement apps for yourself as per your requirement from the list provided.