Top 8 Reddit Upvote Bot You Can Use Right Now in 2023

You may have heard about bots if you’re not relatively new to Reddit. Bots are as effective as human social media managers. Sometimes better than them too. A Reddit posting bot would schedule your posts automatically and publish them at that time properly. On the other hand, the Reddit comment bot would automate comments on your friends’ posts. It even manages to reply to others’ comments on your posts. You can choose your Reddit upvote bot based on your requirements in this list.

Here is the best Reddit Upvote Bot You Can Use in 2023:

  • Media Mister
  • GetAFollower
  • ASB Reddit Bot
  • Socinator
  • Following Like

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What are Reddit Bots?

A Reddit upvote bot is a piece of computer software that can automate tasks such as upvoting and downvoting, commenting, scheduling posts in advance, and following and unfollowing other Reddit users.

reddit upvote apps

It’s mostly intended to save you time to concentrate on developing Reddit content that your audience will appreciate. This will help you spend more of your time on quality over quantity. Want to buy Reddit upvotes, check this out.

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Are They Effective?

The good news is that Reddit karma bots are effective. They’ve assisted numerous users in increasing their interaction automatically, allowing them to profit more from Reddit in the long run.

does reddit bot work

Just keep in mind that most Reddit users despise being sold something, so you’ll want to be cautious with your marketing initiatives. As a result, you must be tactful and deliberate in your approach.

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Best Reddit Upvote Bots

We have gathered a list of Reddit bots that you can choose from. All these apps mentioned below are not just upvoting bots. They help you with managing posts and commenting too.


Let’s begin with the list now:

Media Mister

Media Mister is considered one of the best Reddit upvote bots on the market. They’ve been around a while and know exactly what you’re looking for regarding upvotes.

If you go to their website for the first time, you’ll note that they have a lot of features. But don’t let that deter you. You can focus on Reddit upvotes right now if that’s what you want to do. You are not obligated to use these features. They will, however, be able to assist you if you aim to expand your brand across the board.

media master

Finally, suppose you desire to keep up with the competition and avoid losing out. In that case, you’ll need a Reddit upvote bot that can help you automate things like upvotes and downvotes.

See here: Media Mister


GetAFollower is another great Reddit upvote bot designed with small businesses in mind.

There is a slew of bot services vying for the attention of more popular Reddit users. Those who already have a high reputation and a large budget spend on Reddit upvotes.


These folks are more on the underdog’s side. So if you’re looking to boost your Reddit upvotes but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Another feature of this Reddit upvote bot is that it may also assist you with downvotes. They can also help you in automating comments. Thus this upvotes bot will take care of all of your requirements, whatever they may be.

Site: GetAFollower

ASB Reddit Bot

ASB Reddit Bot is an upvotes bot that is both reasonable and economical. It comes with many capabilities, so if you want to attack all of your Reddit engagements at once, this is an excellent option.

asb reddit bot

They also support an unlimited number of accounts and are trustworthy and secure, especially given that they are bots. This isn’t true of every Reddit upvotes bot. ABS may assist you with upvotes and schedule posts ahead of time; This tool also follows and unfollow individuals automatically, establish accounts, and check the status of accounts.

They claim that their bot is multithreaded and that they routinely update it. If you want to take your Reddit profile to the next level, you’ll need a Reddit upvotes bot like this on your side.

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If you want a Reddit upvote bot with a lot of functionality, Socinator will be a good choice. They can assist you in various ways, not only with Reddit automation. Socinator can, however, help you with other social networking networks. This tool has unique features that you won’t find with any additional upvotes bot.

social media dominator

Account management is one of their characteristics, making them both an automation and management tool. Naturally, they provide proxy support, easy-to-understand statistics, and an interface with data that you can simply export. These bots will be able to assist you with upvotes. They can, however, assist you in publishing and subscribing to specific communities.

Site: Socinator

Following Like

A proxy binding capability is available in the next Reddit upvote bot on our list. If this is how you want to approach your Reddit engagement and growth, it will work with most proxies.

following like reddit bot

They also claim to supply their clients with a personalized bot that they can customize to their liking. In terms of cost, these guys are reasonable for long-term use.

The only criticism we have regarding these guys is that they are quite expensive if you only plan on utilizing them for a limited period. The best part about this Reddit upvote bot is that it’s an all-in-one social media tool, which means it can help you with Twitter and Facebook. They can assist you in allowing and blocking users and setting proxies to each account if you want some special features.

Site: Following Like

Upvote Space

Because they offer a really basic and easy-to-understand Reddit marketing system, Upvote Space is undoubtedly one of the better Reddit upvote bots.

They provide upvotes and downvotes to their clients, and they use their Reddit accounts to give them to you with high karma. If you want to do everything yourself and have greater control, this bot is the way to go.

upvote space

Because this bot is web-based, you won’t need to download anything to use it. You also won’t have to bother about registering accounts or employing a proxy because these features have already been incorporated for you.

This implies that you have specialists working for you behind the scenes when it comes to your Reddit upvotes.

Site: Upvote Space

Reddit Dominator

Reddit Dominator is one of the more established Reddit upvote bots, having been around since 2014. We believe that this has earned them a reputation that is unlikely to deteriorate in the future.

reddit dominator

These guys can upvote and downvote your posts, leave comments, scrape URLs, upload your posts, and even send tweets to Reddit users to help you gain more karma. They are quite affordable. They’re also quite simple to use and have a lot of cool features that you’ll want to take advantage of. The only drawback to this Reddit upvotes bot is that it only works on Windows.

Site: Reddit Dominator

Reddit Voter

Reddit Voter is one of the best Reddit upvote bots on the market. You might overlook it because of their straightforward approach.

They are, however, much more than a Reddit automation tool. You can use them to target posts, follow users, and determine whether or not a Reddit account is active.

reddit voter

Their automation tool is multithreaded, which means it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. They also make sure that all of their bots have proxy support. It’s especially critical if you want to use them to grow numerous Reddit accounts.

There are two pricing schemes to choose from. Click Here to learn about some tools that’ll help you to uncover deleted comments and posts on Reddit.


Are there Reddit upvote bots?

A Reddit upvote bot is computer software designed to automate Reddit behaviors. It processes Upvoting and downvoting, making comments, scheduling posts ahead of time, and following and unfollowing other Reddit users.

Can bots upvote?

Yes, Reddit bots can upvote a post. However, Reddit bots aren't just for upvoting and downvoting. There's also the option of leaving comments on individual posts.

Are bots allowed on Reddit?

Reddit, unlike many other platforms, is bot-friendly. It even comes with an application programming interface (API) that developers are encouraged to use when building bots. However, to prevent being banned from Reddit, you must observe specific regulations.


These are the best Reddit Upvote Bots you can find on the internet. Before choosing one, you can always work with all of them to pick the best choice. Hope you find what you’re looking for. Use a Reddit post bot to manage your post and publish them on time. Click on this link and see how to add backlinks to Reddit posts.

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