Reddit Text Formatting: How To Apply? [Complete Guide]

Have you been looking for Reddit text formatting? People use numerous formatting techniques to make their quotes on Reddit posts more engaging. Read on to know more. You can format the texts of Reddit by doing text formatting like Reddit italics formatting, bold formatting, lines, section, headers, hyperlinks, quotes, codes, line breaks, lines, lists, and spoilers.

To know how to create a line break in Reddit, press the Enter or Return key twice. This creates a visual separation between paragraphs or lines of text. Remember to leave a blank line between paragraphs for proper formatting.

One of the largest social media sites, Reddit features the largest online discussion board, millions of active members, and dozens of subreddits. Even if the service allows you to utilize Reddit text in the postings, a few options allow you to format your posts and messages. Thus, you can achieve this without a doubt by learning to keep reading.

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What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a social networking platform. Each subreddit, often known as a mini-site, is one of approximately 140,000 that makeup Reddit. Each subreddit focuses on a certain speciality subject. These subreddits allow users to post useful online hyperlinks, text, videos, and photos, and subscribers may vote each one up or down based on their preferences. The fact that the results you see there have been chosen by users makes this a prime example of crowdsourced search results to Download Reddit Videos On Android. Also, you can vote for or against each remark as Reddit text formatting.

redditMany individuals also utilize Reddit as a source of knowledge, scouring its subreddits for certain information they’re hoping comes from a professional. But you should be aware that the site has a lot of NSFW adult pornography, so if you’ve got a kid under 18 using it, you should ensure they aren’t seeing anything inappropriate. On the website, there are some pretty explicit pornographic subreddits.

Reddit users frequently see news and trends before anybody else because the site reflects so many diverse points of view. Because of this, many subreddit posts get republished as news on other websites, and many Reddit queries prompt in-depth discussion.

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Reddit Text Formatting

With millions of active members and many subreddits, Reddit is the biggest discussion forum on the internet. The body of posts and comments on Reddit can only include text. But, they offer several choices that will let you add formatting to your material because Markdown is a markup language that adds text formatting to the information on a web page. 

reddit text formattingMarkdown is renowned for being simple, user-friendly, and intuitive—even for beginning users—compared to certain text formatting languages. To know more about Reddit text formatting, keep on reading. 

What Choices Are There On Reddit For Formatting Text?

On Reddit, you may format content using Markdown, a markup language. That is the most well-liked option among all the others. There is nothing difficult about using this language; beginners will find it extremely straightforward.

reddit hd

Nevertheless, you don’t need to use Markdown if you’re using Reddit’s updated desktop interface. In this instance, the service comes with its editor. It requires Markdown to access Reddit on a mobile device or if it is still in an older version.

Basic Formatting Options

Let’s look at some of Reddit’s basic formatting choices for text. 


You may emphasize specific sections of a text with this option. A single “*” can be used to italicize a portion of the text, two “**” can bolden the text, and three “***” can both bold and italicize the text.

emphasisYou can also add a line by using the text formatting. To do it, put two ” before and after the text, as seen below (text). So this is how Reddit italic text can be done. 

Sections And Headers

In essence, the font sizes vary based on the browser type as Reddit text formatting. On Reddit, this capability is used to divide a text post into its component sections. It is typically utilized when a text is excessively lengthy like Reddit italics formatting.

sectionsHeader 1 is the largest, followed by Header 2 and 3.

Links That Are Automatic And In-Line

You may enclose the text in brackets, like “[text],” to make a link, and then put the link in parenthesis. Links should use “http,” “https,” or other comparable link protocols.

in-lineReddit may also be instructed to generate the links automatically. Put “u/” and a Reddit user’s name after that to do it. After that name appears in the text, the user will be associated with it. If you include the letters “r/” and the name of a subreddit, a link to the community will be generated in the text to delete Reddit account. Although these two techniques are delicate, carefully type the names correctly and in lowercase. You can also do formatting Reddit comments in such ways. 

Quotes And Code

To quote the text, place a “>” before it. To include nested quotations in the quote, type “>>” before the Reddit text formatting.

quotes in textYou should type (‘) at the beginning and end of the text to convert it back into a code rather than leave it in quotation marks.

Line Breaks And Lines

As shown, you should use four spaces to make single-line breaks (  ). You should press the Enter key twice if two spaces exist between each double line break or paragraph break.

line breaks and lineTo receive the line divider, insert three asterisks, “***.” There will be a horizontal line produced. You can add these with Reddit big text as well.

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Advanced Formatting Options

Let’s look at some of Reddit’s more advanced formatting choices for text


One can make an unordered list by using Reddit list formatting. To achieve that, you must insert an asterisk (*), a plus sign (+), or a negative sign (-) before each item on the list.

listPut a line break between all of the items. In the case of a list of numbers, you should insert each one with a period after the corresponding number ( 1. , 2. ). It is impossible to create a non-ascending list. It will automatically select the top of each list.


Users may want to conceal certain portions of the content for the spoiler Reddit format. Maybe they don’t want to reveal a spoiler, for instance. Use the spoiler tags in this situation.

spoilersTo accomplish this, format the text as “>! text!”. Following that, you may block users from viewing that section of the content by hiding it. So these are the Reddit text formatting you can follow for text formatting on Reddit. 


Reddit, does it have alt text?

Reddit does not support alternate text (alt text). Therefore, users cannot describe images for the benefit of the community of people who are blind.

How does Reddit handle text hyperlinks?

Highlight the words you want to make a hyperlink out of while you type your remark. Under the text editor's toolbar, select the chain link icon, which is the third choice from the left and looks like two interconnected circles.

Text to speech is there on Reddit?

Real-time text-to-speech functionality is not a standard feature on Reddit. You could make Reddit texts more understandable if you employed third-party software. Depending on your preferences, pick an automated text-to-speech program.

What are the Reddit posting guidelines?

Obey the laws of the community. Provide truthful material to communities in which you have a personal stake, and refrain from cheating, manipulating content (such as spamming, voting, ban evasion, or subscription fraud), or generally upsetting or disrupting Reddit communities. Observe others' right to privacy.

Is there a chance that Reddit may ban me?

If you spam or attempt to use the site to spread animosity and hatred, Reddit may ban you. Although it won't stop you from reading, it will stop you from participating. And after you've been put on a blacklist, you're done. Just be mindful and follow the guidelines once more. If you behave nicely and follow the regulations of each subreddit, you shouldn't have any concerns.


Reddit is a social networking site that allows anybody to create and manage their community, or “subreddit,” as Reddit calls it. Across the whole platform, people curate content they find online or create themselves. It works as a social aggregation website. We hope we have solved your query on Reddit text formatting.