The 8 Best Raspberry Pi 4 Games

Gaming is one of the most popular uses for Raspberry Pi. Do you need the Best Raspberry Pi 4 Games? You are in the proper spot, then. Gaming is one of the most popular uses for Raspberry Pi.

Some of the finest Raspberry Pi 4 Games are Star Wars Jedi Knight II, The Jedi Outcast, Overlord, PiFox, Hurrican, Beneath a Steel Sky, Doom, Billard GL, and Lincity. To know more about these games, keep on reading. Here is a guide on the best recording software.

The newest iteration of the inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer is the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The Raspberry Pi is unlike other gadgets; in its most basic form, it is only a credit-card-sized circuit board, similar to the ones inside a PC or laptop but considerably smaller. It also lacks a casing. Although it costs $35, you might purchase the $55 version with 4GB of RAM due to its superior performance. Check out a few games running on the Raspberry Pi 4. In this article, we’ll talk about the 8 best Raspberry Pi 4 Games.

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8 Best Raspberry Pi 4 Games

Let us see some of the best Raspberry Pi 4 Games

Star Wars Jedi Knight II The Jedi Outcast

During this period, establishing the open-source project’s branch, OpenJDK, led to its porting to the Linux and macOS operating systems. Jedi Outcast, one of the biggest Star Wars games ever made, allows players to assume the role of the rogue Jedi Kyle Katarn as he navigates through a series of missions.starwars jedi It’s easy to get this game going on your Raspberry Pi system, and in a few minutes, you should be pushing forces, engaging in space-based battling, and tossing sabers. This Raspberry Pi PC game is one of the best. 

Visit: Star Wars Jedi Knight II The Jedi Outcast


Another great game to test out on the Raspberry Pi is Overlord. In the 1990s, this space shooter-inspired Raspberry Pi video game was first available on the Acorn Archimedes. You must manage the Overlord and an army of minions in this action game while attempting to rat-run the 3D gaming planet.

overlord gameRemember that the minions come in four distinct races, each with unique abilities.

Visit: Overlord


This is one of the best Raspberry Pi 4 Games. One of the finest space adventure games can be installed on the Pi, or at least a copy may be utilized. It was created at Imperial College in London by first-year students. The 3D polygon visuals are a stunning replica of the 1993 SNES original. Five thousand nine hundred lines of assembly code were used to build PiFox, and GitHub makes it simple to obtain the data. pifoxThe player must move quickly along a predetermined course to dodge and fire monsters and obstacles while collecting power-up power-ups. It was difficult to draw the barriers since they were made of highly odd 3D polygons.

Visit: PiFox

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Two Turrican fans who loved the first Turrican game created this challenging game. In 2007, it was fully developed and made ready for sale. Typically available as freeware, Hurrican is a simple task to install on your Raspberry Pi. Software, a DVD cover for when you want to dress up your shelf, and the visual studio source code are just a few ways the game is made available. The game includes gorgeous visuals built to enhance your Raspberry Pi 4 gaming experience further.

hurricanThis very explosive Run and Gun arcade game aims to navigate your way through many foes while learning the mysteries of nine distinct worlds. You’ll also need to gather many power-up power-ups to increase your firepower.

Visit: Hurrican

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Beneath a Steel Sky

Another outstanding point-and-click adventure game, this one set in a bleak future in Australia (like Mad Max, but with cities). The game is a spontaneous comedy with a serious tone (rescue Union City and finally tame the ecological calamity). Despite their rarity now, this was a well-liked method of creating adventure Raspberry Pi games with a strong narrative focus in the 1990s. Collaboration between British comic book veteran Dave Gibbon and video game creator Charles Cecil led to the game’s creation.beneath steel sky Installing it on the Raspberry Pi system is one of the most straightforward games. In this game, Robert Foster, a player, wakes up in Union City after having his family murdered and being abducted by ruthless troops. In this condition, Robert has managed to salvage his closest friend’s circuit board and learn the unsettling details of what transpired and the key reasons why he was targeted.

Visit: Beneath a Steel Sky


To install Doom on a Raspberry Pi version 2, one needs an authentic Raspberry Pi 7-inch Touchscreen Display since the game’s source code has been made freely accessible for anyone to edit and adapt to Linux and ARM gadgets, including the Raspberry Pi, since its creation in 1997.doomLike in the past, you may enjoy playing these Deathmatch and single-player games. Nevertheless, this can differ depending on the program version you are installing. For the Raspberry Pi, there are a few, though.

Visit: Doom 

Billard GL

If you want to spend some time, these games are wonderful. Billard GL is one such game you can play on your Pi computer with average graphics and two-player mode, and it will still run nicely. The gameplay is quite thrilling, much like the game itself. Various camera angles and 8–9 balls are available for configuration in the game. It also offers a variety of settings, such as View, shoot, and aim. Sadly, playing against an AI is impossible, but you may create a two-player game style and play on both sides.billiard gl This game has an 8- or 9-ball billiards game you may play alone or with a friend. Billiards aim to hit the colored balls with the cue ball so hard that they land in one of the table’s six pockets.

Visit: Billard GL

Lin city

The repository has a wide selection of city simulation games. Ideally, they follow SimCity’s Raspberry Pi 4 for gaming rules. Though a few have been tried, Lincity is the best to maintain on this list since it offers the finest balance of functions and looks.

lin cityYou must construct and manage a nearly empty city when the game starts. Create new areas (such as business or industrial zones, housing, and other tourist attractions like monuments, police and fire stations, and schools). Be sure to monitor your finances and reputation.

If you maintain developing your economy, the game has a wonderful ending where you can use spaceships to evacuate every resident.

Visit: Lin city


On a Raspberry Pi, how do you install games?

Before using it to transfer your games to your Raspberry Pi, you must format your USB flash drive to FAT32 or exFAT. Using the Disk Utility program on a Mac or the Format option when right-clicking a flash drive in Windows will format the disk.

Will Linux games work on a Raspberry Pi?

Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi operating system, also has many native Linux games. An excellent post from Make Use Of explains how to play 10 classic games on the Raspberry Pi, including Doom and Nuke Dukem 3D. Your Raspberry Pi may function as a server for online games as well.

What is the purpose of the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable, credit-card-sized computer that connects to a computer display or TV and utilizes a regular keyboard and mouse. It is a competent small tool that enables users of all ages to learn about computing and to create in languages like Scratch and Python.

Can Emulators use for Raspberry Pi?

Using several emulators, you can run on a Raspberry Pi. You can play your favorite games from vintage systems, such as the Atari 2600, NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and Gameboy.


The list of games for the Raspberry Pi goes much beyond these 8 titles. There are many more games available that work wonderfully without emulators. This demonstrates that using the Pi machine board for gaming is more than a fun throwback activity. We hope this article on Raspberry Pi 4 Games has helped you with what you were looking for. Click Here to know about the Top 10 Games Made With Unity 3D Game Engine.