How To Install Rabbit Extension For Chrome? Full Guide

Rabbit is an extension that allows instantaneous connections between several devices and the playback of any shared screen. You may share anything with friends, coworkers, and acquaintances, whether reading, listening to music, playing games, working on projects, giving presentations, or following tutorials. The article discusses how to install the Rabbit extension for Chrome.

Rabbit is a video chat service accessible through web browsers, offering screen-sharing capabilities. Users using Chrome or Opera can effortlessly initiate a video chat with a maximum of 10 friends by simply clicking a button. During the chat, participants can utilize a shared smaller browser window to explore and collaborate on various content of their choosing.

The finest solution for screen sharing includes this addon. OS X El Capitan supports this screen-sharing extension. Both desktop computers and mobile devices include these types of files. Read below to learn how to install the Rabbit extension for Chrome.

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What Is Rabbit Screen Sharing?

With the help of the Rabbit Screen share program, you may watch online movies and other forms of entertainment with friends while sharing your PC screen. You can share on the Rabbit extension with just one mouse click. rabbit screen sharingIt is the easiest, safest, and most reliable method for sharing your screen with many people online without cutting off their access to the internet. It supports several well-known gaming, news, sports, and entertainment applications to share the screen with the Rabbit Chrome extension in the most reliable and undemanding way possible. You can communicate only with associated, permitted devices via Rabbit screen share.

How To Setup Rabbit Screen Share?

It’s relatively easy to connect to the Rabbit screen share. All you need to do is visit the Rabbit website. You can access the application adaption without going to the app shop or play store. You will receive the phone application version of Rabbit once your account has been set up on the website. Start with the Rabbit extension for Chrome share by following the short instructions below.

  1. First, visit the website, Rabb. It and create an account there.


  1. You’ll get a link in the mail that you need to click to confirm and finish a different setup. After being verified, you’ll be given access to a private room in Rabbit, where you can use the Rabbitcast Launchpad to watch Netflix and YouTube quickly. With your account, you may visit these websites. You can look up any URL you want as page for terms or url Your power over the screen is now unrestricted. Based on your needs, you can also employ the crop screen option. You can also use any screen-recording program to record your tutorials to Share screen on Rabbit.

Here’s how you can watch Netflix on apple carplay.

How To Install The Rabbit Extension For Chrome?

Here is how to install the Rabbit extension for Chrome.

From A CRX File

Here is how to install the Rabbit extension for Chrome from a CRX file

  1. Download the Rabbit CRX crx file
  2. Go to Chrome extensions in the address bar.go to chrome extensions
  3. Activate the developer mode.switch on developer mode
  4. Drag and drop the download on the Rabbit CRX file into the Extensions page.install as crx in extension

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From A ZIP File

Here is how to install the Rabbit extension for Chrome from a ZIP file

  1. Install Rabbit by downloading the ZIP file, then extracting it to a desired directory.extract to a desired directory
  2. Go to Chrome extensions in the Chrome browser.go to chrome extensions
  3. Switch on developer mode.switch on developer mode
  4. Choose “Load Unpacked” from the menu and now your browser has now been updated to include on load unpacked

How To Screen Share On Rabbit?

In Rabbit, screen sharing is straightforward and essential. An oversight board is open to everyone. Here are a few procedures to help you connect to various devices. Select the right option.

  1. On the Launchpad, you will have the choice to share the screen with the Rabbit streaming extension.
    rabbit streaming
  2. Add the gadgets with the registered IDs and You will have the choice to host any watching party and invite friends.add friends, share screen and chat Make sure you can stream on a maximum of 10 screens simultaneously. As a result, you can extend a wide invitation list for any meeting. Go to a meeting or settle in and begin reading your favorite book. You cannot restrict the viewpoints or limit the screen sharing to a certain application.

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Is Chrome extension harmful?

Extensions can greatly improve your browsing experience, but if you're not careful, they can also steal your data, alter crucial browser settings, or reroute your searches to dubious websites.

Do I need to delete Chrome extensions?

Every so often, you should evaluate the extensions you've installed on Chrome and remove any that you're not using. Both your device's performance and the security of your data will be enhanced by doing this.

Why use browser extensions?

Although extensions are typically used to add features and enhance a website's functionality, they can also be used to remove unwanted website elements like pop-up advertisements and functions like auto-play for online videos.

Is it secure to share a screen on Rabbit?

Your concern for authorizations is present as you share your screen with Rabbit google Chrome extension. Simply put, you are sharing your screen with the devices you accept. Your information cannot be kept private by Rabbit, and not disclose to outside companies or public relations agencies. The government employee withholds it. They can easily steal your information because everyone in the Rabbit room monitors what's on your screen.

What are the threats from browser extensions?

They may also examine your search history and other data to produce more precisely tailored ad content. When it comes to harmful extensions, the problem is considerably worse. Cards numbers, cookies, and other personal information can be taken if an attacker has access to the content of every website a person visits.

How to check the addons on the browser?

Click the Extensions option in the upper-right corner of your window to access your extension. Click the extension's name or the three-dot icon to the right to access more settings and options.


It is all about how to install the Rabbit extension for Chrome. It is swift, safe, and rapid. You can communicate with only approved devices you will choose following a decision using the Rabbit extension. The maximum number of connections is another option. So you can easily install the Rabbit extension for Chrome.