Top 5 Best Alternatives You Can Try In 2023 was a video streaming website where people could share entertainment with their friends and family across continents. Without being in the same room, users could use the system of watching their favorite TV shows, videos, and movies with a community. It was well-known for supporting many websites so that users had the option of combining the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Vimeo, and others to watch together and chat about in the comments in real-time. However, there are alternatives now.

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Also, had an application for mobile users to create their live rooms and enjoy watching movies and TV shows on iOS and Android devices. It was loved by the users and was extremely popular for its easy video accessibility, video categorizing based on genres, and friendly interface. stopped working in 2019 after investors withdrew from its business. So,  what to use instead of

But don’t worry, not all hope is lost. There are still ways of saving your Sunday night specials with your family and friends. Here are some alternative apps like rabbit and web-based services that provide the same simultaneous group video room and text chat with video streaming. You can also try out the alternatives to audible here.

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Our first website like is It is a web-based platform that allows users to watch videos and movies and sharing websites with friends online. You can also stream and synchronize up to 20 videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo. It is an easy to navigate platform and lets users create their own private chat rooms. Users can also invite friends and family via social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook by using the Social Share feature. alternatives

Everyone in the chatroom views the same video simultaneously and can control it. It also contains a chatting platform where users’ comments show up in real-time on the side of the screen. The best feature is that there is no need to create an account or have a registration to start watching videos or listening to music on myCircle.TV. You can also upload your own videos through myCloud or create playlists. 

In the Pro version, users have access to advanced professional features to have a deeper social experience by connecting personal channels, uploading videos, keeping track of invitations, and invite your LinkedIn connections to the chatroom.



Togethr.TV is another alternatives. One of the best web-based interfaces that offer its users to watch videos, TV shows, and movies with family and friends all around the globe. It allows its users a synchronized playback of video files via a web-based interface across all the people in the room. Togethr.TV also provides an integrated text and audio chat function. It is one of the only comprehensive alternatives to that allows users to stream content from a wide range of paid streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and others.

It is a very user-friendly alternative because it provides many options and is very hassle-free. Users do not need to share any login information. Togethr.TV shares a remote desktop screen from the user’s web browser. The user also has the option to let the website play a video randomly to enable the “discover” feature. Users can also stream video or music files directly from their computers.

Visit: Togethr.TV

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ShareTube is a web-based platform that has one of the simplest interfaces to watch videos or play music together with friends over the internet. This can very well can act as a replacement for Thus qualifying for alternatives. ShareTube only works with YouTube videos. Users can quickly create their own chat rooms and start inviting friends and family across the world. Then the entire chatroom can watch the synced YouTube videos or create playlists together.

sharetube alternatives

Users can also join an existing chatroom, then enter the URL of a video and start syncing with other users watching that video. The function of communication within the chatrooms is smooth and without any limitations.

Visit: ShareTube


SynapTop is another web-based alternatives  It is a source to watch videos, TV shows, and movies together with online friends. Moreover, it is a great platform for entertainment and only requires a free login or create an account first. Then users can add apps that allow them to listen to music, watch videos, or even collaborate on projects for school or work. It is a very versatile source for sharing any and all types of content.


As the apps are all entirely web-based, there is no need to download anything. It is accessible through any web browser. For optimum results, users should have a stable and secure internet connection, so there is no buffering.

Visit: SynapTop

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Rave is one of the best alternatives for and has some great features. It is essentially a web-based platform, but it can also be used as a social media platform. Users can share and sync the videos and music that they are watching or listening to with their friends and family online. It works with all devices, and the mobile app is available for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.


Rave supports platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Viki, Google Drive, and Reddit. Users can easily manage and upload content from their Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. It has a very attractive and smooth user interface, simple chatrooms for chatting and commenting. It has virtual sharing rooms that can be used for global Sunday movie nights or a lively online music party.

Visit: Rave


These were the list of websites similar to Check out other online video streaming apps that are easily accessible and continue watching your favorite series.

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