Why your PS4 is Lagging? How to Fix it For Better Performance

If so, what’s causing the lag and sluggish performance? If so, do not panic—you’re not the only one dealing with this. Since it is not enjoyable, you should use every trick mentioned for “PS4 is lagging” in this article.

Overheating, a poor internet connection, damaged or out-of-date software, and hard drive problems can all cause PS4 to lag. By utilizing an ethernet connection, ensuring adequate air, upgrading the PS4 often, and freeing up hard drive space, you can fix these problems.

Users of the PlayStation 4 occasionally experience freezing or lagging difficulties with the system. Several symptoms accompany the freezing and lagging issue, including the console freezing during gaming or regular use, the system freezing when in an installation, the game lagging while playing games on the internet, and freezing related to particular games or games or discs. You must identify the potential root of your issue and implement the appropriate remedy for ps4 is lagging. We will give guidance on how to address the freeze/lag issue in several ways.

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Why Does Your PS4 Run So Slow?

Everyone despises game lag. Gamers risk losing because of lags, which impair the entire experience because game latency may impact your performance regardless of how skilled a player you are.

why does your ps4 run so slowAlthough PS4 lags are frequent, you don’t have to put up with them. One can avoid delays with certain potential fixes. Nevertheless, to employ the right approach, we must first understand what the latency is due to. So let’s start right now to fix the PS4 running slow.

Heated Setup

The latency may be brought on by your console becoming overheated.

heated setupFor instance, the equipment heats up when the ventilation is inadequate. The machine starts using more power when the heat cannot find a way to escape. Gradually, the system begins to lag and become sluggish.

Heating difficulties may also be brought on by defective hardware.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Slow internet and signal issues between the router might be a reason why your PS4 is lagging. Most PS4 features require a steady internet connection; therefore, it will operate slowly if your PS4 isn’t getting strong signals from the network.

internet connectivity issuesThe cause of an unreliable internet connection may be obstructions between the PlayStation 4 and the router. As a result, you shouldn’t set your router too far from your PlayStation 4.

You might want to check out the best gaming routers for your setup.

Dust and Debris

Your PlayStation 4 should always be spotless and dust-free both inside and out. When there is too much dust within the console, inadequate airflow results in slows down and lags the console.

dust and debrisMoreover, dust accumulated on various PS4 components might interfere with their proper operation, slowing down the device.

Hard Drive Issues

Lag may occur if your PS4’s hard disk is out of position or not aligned properly. The hard disk will no longer function correctly, creating problems even if it shifts slightly. As a result, you must ensure that your PS4’s hard disk is properly protected in its location.

hard drive issuesAlso, your hard drive may cease operating entirely or operate very slowly if it has developed a defect due to physical damage, which can delay your PS4. A hard disk might become faulty when it has some defective sectors.

Also, one of the most frequent reasons for a sluggish and choppy PS4 is a full hard drive. You should periodically clean your hard disk because it’s usual for games to release updates that add new features and take up more space.

Defects or faulty software

defects or faulty softwareErrors in the installation of software can corrupt it. Corrupted software makes the PS4 slow, similar to a PC. This can disturb the installation of future updates too.

PS4’s outdated firmware

ps4's outdated firmwareUpdates are designed to address issues and accelerate the console. Hence, the machine will start running slowly if you don’t apply fresh updates.

A crowded home page

a crowded home pageHaving too many files open on your PS4’s home screen might also slow down your system. Files need to be structured and maintained properly. The greatest location for storing everything isn’t the main screen. This might fix the PS4 glitching.

What can you do if PS4 is Lagging?

You must be keen on the remedies after knowing the potential reasons why your PS4 is running slowly and jerkily. Use other simple fixes and complex procedures to get the PS4 to stop lagging.

what can you do if ps4 is laggingLag may be eliminated by doing something as simple as rebooting your PS4. But, occasionally, due to more serious problems, DIY solutions won’t work, and you could require a repair. So without further ado, let’s learn about the fixes!

Restart the PS4

If your PS4 is slow, try this. You should reset your console if it’s overheating and you’ve been playing games on it for a while.

restart the ps4Although the PS4 is a reliable and durable system, overheating from playing games won’t happen in a matter of hours. But, it may occur if you use it nonstop for a long period, particularly when playing demanding games.

The PS4 might cool down after restarting. Before using it again, please turn it off and pause to allow it to cool down. You might want to check this out to stay updated with your playtime on the system.

Adjust Your Internet Connection

This can fix your PS4’s lagging problem. For PS4 games to run smoothly without latency, your internet’s download speed must be at least 10 MBps.

adjust your internet connectionIt would help if you first determined whether your internet is to blame for the sluggish performance of your PS4 in the first place. By surfing the web on a different device, you can verify this.

A wired connection, instead of a wireless one, will provide speedier internet.

For quicker internet access, modify your MTU and DNS. You should have for your primary DNS and for your secondary. A 1476 MTU should be used. To know more about the best MTU settings for optimal performance, have a look at one of our articles.

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Ventilate appropriately

Proper ventilation is essential if you want to stop your PS4 from overheating. The built-in fans on the PS4 maintain its temperature, but you should allow ample room to avoid overheating. Position the PS4 where heat may escape from across all sides.

ventilate appropriatelyMake sure the place you are seated in is cool enough if you plan to play games on your Playstation 4 in the heat of the summer. The PS4 may overheat and become unresponsive if there is too much external heat. This can be one of the reasons for PS4 loading slow.

Clear the Hard Disk

Your PS4 will have more storage space and function more smoothly if you routinely clear caches and remove unused files.

clear the hard disk

To remove material

  1. Choose “System Storage Management” under “Settings.” system storage management
  2. Choose the content you wish to remove, then click “Options.”remove from options
  3. From the list of possible options, choose “Delete.”delete games
  4. Continue until all stuff on your PS4 has been deleted.continue until all stuff on your ps4 has been deleted See Also: 6 Best Websites To Download PS2 Games

Maintain PS4 updates

Maintain checking to see if your PlayStation 4 has any accessible system updates. Download and install any updates that become available. This can fix your PS4 is lagging problem. Your console will operate slower the longer you put off downloading an update.

The newest updates may be downloaded from the PS site and copied to a USB drive to be installed.

  1. Join your PS4 and the USB.join your ps4 and the usb
  2. Start the PS4 in “Safe Mode” by temporarily holding the power button.ps4 in safe mode
  3. In safe mode, choose “Update System Software.”in safe mode choose update system software

Placing the Hard Disk Correctly

Make sure your hard disk is in the correct place. You must physically inspect the hard disk for this.

Ensure the PS4 is off and all the wires are unplugged before inspecting the hard disk. After that, remove the hard drive from the PlayStation 4 and inspect it for physical damage, ensuring it is properly installed in the bay cover.

placing the hard disk correctlyReinstall the hard disk on the PlayStation and make sure it is firmly connected if it is still in good condition. Get a new drive, nevertheless, if yours has started to malfunction. If your problem is PS4 freezing and lagging, then try this.

PS4 database rebuild

Rebuilding the database is a fantastic choice if the contents of the PlayStation 4 have become corrupt over time. It will speed up the system, and you can eliminate any delays.

To reload the database, you must link the controller using a USB connection rather than Bluetooth in safe mode. This is because Bluetooth is unusable in safe mode.

Creating a new database:

  1. Long-press the power switch on the PlayStation 4 for just a few secs to turn it off and start it in safe mode.long press the power switch
  2. Choose “Rebuild Database” in safe mode.safe mode rebuild database
  3. Hold off until the console has finished rebuilding.rebuilding databaseSee Also: Can You Play PS3 Games On PS5? | Simple Guide

Refresh all the games

refresh all gamesYou should seek game updates when you experience lags in a certain game. While new versions include bug fixes and enhancements, games should be updated often.


Why Is the PS4 So Slow?

The PS4 might become sluggish and lag for several causes, including corrupted system files, a connected USB device that isn't operating, or a broken hard disk.

Does Dust Slow Down a PS4?

Without a doubt, the answer is YES. Dust prevents the CPU from cooling properly, which raises its temperature and lowers PS4 performance.

How to Improve a Slow PS4?

The PS4's slowness is easily fixable. To completely address this problem, you must adhere to the directions in this manual.

The PS4 menu is sluggish; why?

When the internal hard drive is full or corrupted, or when the PlayStation 4 is hot, the PS4 menu slows down.


There are several causes for “ps4 is lagging” and slowness. Some are simple to correct, but an expert in a few unusual instances can help. Despite the issue, it’s always a good idea to resolve it on your own so that PS4 functions as quickly and smoothly as before.

But if PS4 latency still exists after implementing all the suggestions in this post, speak with a professional. That might be a significant CPU, Memory, or VGA hardware issue.

In case of further issues, visit: PlayStation4 Support