Top 6 Piano Learning Software to Improve Your Keyboard Skills

Are you not able to find time to go to your piano classes because of your busy schedule? You’re so eager to learn but, you feel, it’s just not happening? Well, worry no more. You can now access your piano lessons at just your fingertips through piano learning software. All you have to do is to download the piano software, grab your piano, and start practicing. That’s it! It is hassle-free and easily accessible at any time of the day. Just hit the laptop, and you’re ready to become the next Beethoven. You can also level up your math skills like piano skills by using math game apps.

The 6 Recommended Piano Learning Software for Windows [2023]

Over the years, technology has evolved to a great extent. It has dived into every field possible and not to forget music too. You can now play your favorite songs by just looking up the tutorials online. Piano learning software is one of the most innovative ways to make a rookie learn or enhance the skills of an advanced level pianist. This piano learning software is very interactive and keeps you hooked, which is very important while learning any new skill. They provide the perfect interface and also the right lessons so that you move forward with your basics just right. You can also learn about drum softwares here.

So, we here will cover some of the best piano learning software, and you can choose the ones that best fit your choice. So let’s get started!

Playground sessions

Playground session happens to be one of the best piano learning software to start piano lessons. It is very interactive and fun, which keeps you hooked throughout. You have to subscribe to access the tutorials as it is subscription-based and, you would never be let down by what it offers. Many personalized features add more fun to your learning like you get rewards for every right note that you play, and you get instantly notified for every wrong one.

playground sessions

You can also practice at your own pace by adjusting the speed to slow or fast. There is an entire library of songs, video lessons, and forums to raise your queries. There are different levels from rookie to advanced. You are going to have the most fun and engaging classes with this.

Visit : Playground Sessions 

Piano Marvel

This piano learning software is most suitable if you want to learn classical music. It is again subscription-based and has a variety of features which, is why it makes it to the top lists of the best software. Here you can set goals and also track your progress using the progress tracker and earn trophies. Trophies are always exciting. You get gold if you’ve performed exceptionally or bronze for moderately good performance.

piano marvel

You get a printable book and also a library of songs for free, which are chiefly classical ones. Besides, you can play any song in slices and perform the entire song in the end. So, if you’re someone who is fascinated about learning classical piano, then this is the best one.

Visit : Piano Marvel 

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Piano with Willie

The piano lessons here are from Willie Myette, who is a versatile pianist from Berklee College of Music. You can choose either one of the two types of memberships which is, studio and premium. With the premium membership, you can download the sheet music and also have face-to-face video lessons on skype. There is a whole variety of genres that you can learn from and numerous lessons that help in leveling up your skill.

piano with willie

The right notes are displayed in green and the wrong notes in red. Aloso, you can even ask queries to students and teachers. You get to discover an ocean of innovative things here with Willie and be as perfect as Willie.

Visit : Piano with Willie


This piano learning software is one of the easiest to install and also to learn. You can access this for free to a few lessons but, to access the entire thing, you have to subscribe to it. The lessons are very structured right from the fundamentals. The lessons keep advancing as you progress, and it also keeps track of all your activities. It is best for beginners.


There are songs from film and TV, classical and video game music in the list. You can learn your favorite song by browsing through the list and also at a fast or slow pace. There is also an app where you can download to your phone or tab and start your lessons. Flowkey is most suitable for those who are beginners.

Visit : Flowkey 

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Piano for all offers video tutorials for every lesson, which makes it very convenient to understand and also to use. The lessons are to-the-point and clear and help any beginner to understand the basics and move on to the intermediate level. It focuses on all genres so you can choose the ones that you like and start practicing.

piano for all

With just a basic piano, you can move to the next levels and become a pro. It is best suitable for beginners, and the interface is user-friendly, while the lessons are challenging and fun at the same time. If you want to get your basics right, you can opt for this piano learning software.

Visit : Pianoforall 


Numerous lessons in this piano learning software will help you improve and grow as you progress. It makes sure you understand the concepts by asking questions at the end of each lesson. You can start from any level if you already know the basics. There are no video lessons where the tutors are present so, you can learn at your own pace.

Piano Keyz

You can also learn to play popular songs easily. The lessons are well-structured, and anyone can start learning from either an intermediate or advanced level. You need to subscribe to access all the lessons. However, there is a free trial for a month. Overall, the content is crisp, and you will love learning from here.

Visit : PianoKeyz

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Can you learn the piano on the computer?

Pianu may be a terrific software for learning the piano. Still, I'd recommend it only if you have a musical keyboard that you can connect to your computer. If you don't, Pianu could still be an entertaining app to try. Still, I don't think the skills learned will translate effectively from a computer keyboard to a real piano keyboard.

Is there any piano app for PC?

MidiPiano is a small program that converts your keyboard into a piano. Midi music can be played and recorded.

Is Flowkey completely free?

You can get free access to selected music and course content by downloading the flowkey app. You must purchase a flowkey Premium subscription to gain full access to all themes and course content. Flowkey Premium content is available on all of your devices.

Final Words 

These piano learning software is beneficial in terms of the convenience they provide. However, you should stay focused, determined, persistent, and have a lot of zeal to master the skill. Technology has made everything so easy, but it is up to us to rightly utilize and make the best use of it, to enhance our knowledge and skills. One can master the language of the piano with this abundance of online software and tutorials.

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