4 Best Free & Paid Phone Tracker Services in 2019

With the rapid advancement of tracking technologies, gone are the days of spending hours in tension wondering whether your child has reached safely from work, or whether your spouse is driving the car beyond an absolute speed limit. Nowadays the phone tracker or tracking apps can replace the stress and hassle of the thousand phone calls that were earlier required to get assurance.

Using these app’s you can do real-time tracking of everyone in your family and just sit stress-free at your workplace or home knowing that your child has reached school safely. Even delivery businesses have started using these apps to give customers a live tracking update of their dispatch.

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But with a myriad of such tracking apps available on the internet, it is admittedly confusing to know which app is the best?

Top 4 Phone Tracker Services

In this article, we put together some of the best free tracking services that are currently available, and their features for you to suggest which one you should go with.

Cell Phone Tracker

GPS WOX.COM, a global company, rendering GPS tracking solutions worldwide has developed this Cell Phone Tracker GPS tracking service that is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

This free phone tracker is well suited for all purposes such as personal use, family use, business purposes, etc. To start using the app, you will have to first complete a free sign up on the website before downloading the app on your phone.


Once the app is working on your phone, you can use the site to track your phone from anywhere you wish. Some of the features offered by this free phone tracker are:

  • Precision tracking that can help you locate the exact address in which your phone is.
  • Real-time tracking of your phone.
  • The georeference alert system will let you get alerts at pre-set times like when the person carrying the phone arrives at home or work.
  • You can configure the app to give you over speeding alerts.
  • For business users, the fleet management system is a sleek feature that helps you look at multiple users at one time.
  • You can get a thorough report of the history of travel made by the phone including total distance, places you’re visiting.
  • This application also allows you to change the interval for tracking and location accuracy setting, as per your requirement.

User reviews and customer satisfaction has put this app at the top of our Best Free Phone Tracker list.

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Real-time GPS Tracker by Greenalp

Greenalp offers two outstanding real-time free phone tracker services for Android users. They are Real-time GPS Tracker and its next edition- Real-time GPS Tracker 2. This app can be used to track your family, children and even pets.

Real-time GPS Tracker by Greenalp
Real-time GPS Tracker by Greenalp

Before usage, the app seeks permission from the users and continuously displays an icon in the status bar while the app is running. Large Business Companies can use this service to track their employees or provide a real-time tracking feature to their customers. The features offered by Real Time GPS Tracker are:

  • You can configure geo-fences using this app, crossing which will cause an automatic notification. For example, you can set a speed limit or a geographical location limit for your children while they are driving, and if they cross any of them, you will get a notification.
  • This app supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.
  • Battery consumption by the app reduces by decreasing location accuracy and by turning on an option that uses cell phone tower locations instead of live GPS locations.
  • You can remotely start this free phone tracker. This can be done by simply sending a message to the phone with the installed app.
  • Other remote commands are also available, that becomes useful for tracking children.

This free phone tracker has got good reviews from its users. Although the constant ads can be bugging, you can remove that by paying for the ad-free premium version.

The same developers also offer a website-based instant tracking service which does not require any app and hence can be used by iPhone users too.

Try Greenalp here

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GPS Phone Tracker

One of the top ways of getting rid of the tension and the hundred calls to wonder to check whether your child has made it home is by using the GPS Phone Tracker app developed by Life360. This app comes in a free to download version and a premium option with many unlocked features. You can also avail separate features with the many in-app purchases.

GPS Phone Tracker app developed by Life360
GPS Phone Tracker app developed by Life360

Like the other free phone tracker services, this will allow to track your family and find lost phones. One handy feature of this app is the ability to find other registered users on the map.

Using this, you can find where your friends exactly are or how much time will they take to reach you without having to call them. This simply requires them to register on this service app too.

Try Life360 here

Hidden Mobile GPS Tracker

The same developers that launched Cell Phone Tracker (featured at #1 on our list) i.e. GPSWOX also developed the Hidden Mobile GPS tracker service that can turn any mobile into a secret tracking device.

The app will appear to be a “Battery Saver” app on the phone, but when it launches all tracking services automatically initiates.

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Hidden Mobile GPS tracker
Hidden Mobile GPS tracker

All the features that Cell Phone Tracker app offers like- Geo-reference alert system, real-time tracking, viewing travel history is also available in this version as well.

This service is free to download and use on both Android and Windows platforms. In order to unlock the app after download, you will need the unlocking code-3369. The unique hidden nature of this app gives it a place on our list of Best Free Phone Tracker services.

Try Hidden Mobile GPS tracker here

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Here are some of the best Phone Tracker services that you can try to get the real time updates for any targeted device. Choose the one which is best suitable for your use and start tracking.

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