How to Password Protect PDF Files | 7 Ways (2022)

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a format in files used to present or exchange documents and data reliably and is independent of hardware, software or operating system. Many PDF’s are editable, and thus, they do not end up solving the purpose of converting a word document into a PDF. The primary goal of which you transform a word doc into a PDF is that you do not want other people to edit it. Thus, you must know how to Password Protect PDF Files now!

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You only want them to view it. You can control who opens and changes your PDF’s if you Password Protect PDF Files. It is possible to generate a password and protect your PDF and change the settings so that before making changes to the file, other people will require editors. Thus, no unauthorized access, like copying or printing can take place.

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Tools to Password Protect PDF Files

Adobe Acrobat

You can download Adobe Acrobat, as it will help you password protect a PDF file. You need to install Adobe Acrobat onto your computer or laptop. After installing the software, you can create a document in MS Word or any other program and memorize the location where the document or file is. Then, you need to open Adobe Acrobat and click on ‘File‘ option, which is on the top horizontal toolbar of the app. Then, scroll down and click on ‘Open‘ in the drop-down list.

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat

You can select the file, which you want to protect via a password. If your data is already in PDF form, go to properties and then security where you will find a dialogue box in which you can enter your desired password. If your file is not in PDF format, you should click on create PDF after selecting the file and then follow the steps mentioned above. You can choose the version of Adobe Acrobat that you want the viewers to have on their device to edit your document, you can select the encryption method, and you can even choose the type of editing that you want to restrict through the password.

Visit: Adobe Acrobat


This is another way to password protect a PDF file. You can download and install this free PDF creator. It has an advantage over Adobe Acrobat because if you want to use Adobe Acrobat, you have to pay a certain sum while PrimoPDF is a free password protector. After installing it, you can open the file that you want to password protect.


Then, you need to check the print settings and switch to PrimoPDF. Thus, your data will become a PDF, or if it is already in PDF version, then it will be saved as a new version. After this, you need to find the PDF security section and press change to start the process of password protecting your file. Select the box ‘password to open the document’ and enter the password. Then, you need to click on ok, and your data will have password security.

Visit: PrimoPDF

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This is another means through which you can password protect a PDF file. PDFMate is free software, and you do not need to make any payment to use it. It is advisable to install the software from its official website to be sure of its authenticity. You should install it after choosing Custom installation; otherwise other programs will also download themselves with this software.


Post installation, you need to open the program and click on the option ‘Add Files’ to open Windows Explorer. You can search for the file that you want to protect and then insert a password in the ‘Open Password‘ option. You should make sure that the password is such that is not easily hackable.

Visit: PDFMate 

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PDF Protect

This is an online software through which you can password protect a PDF file. You only need to go to the official website and upload the PDF. There is a dialog box, which requires a password to protect the PDF.

pdf protect
pdf protect

You can enter the password that you want and click ‘Protect‘ option, your PDF will now be password protected, and you can download the same from the website. PDFProtect is safe and free.

Visit: PDFProtect


This is another online form of password protecting your PDF file. PDF2GO protects your PDF file from unauthorized access. You just need to upload your file by dragging it and dropping it in the dialog box. You have an option of selecting the language that you want.


There are some languages available on the site, like English, Español, Français, Deutsch, etc. The best part is that you do not have to spend money on protecting your data. You can upload the file and then enter a password which will secure the PDF and defend it against unauthorized access.

Visit: PDF2GO

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Smallpdf is an online site through which you can Password Protect PDF Files. You just need to drag and drop your PDF into space and pitch in the password. And leave the rest to the website.

Smallpdf Password Protect PDF Files

It will secure your PDF file so that no one can edit your PDF without your permission and it secures encryption for maximum safety. It recommends the password length to be seven letters. After the process is complete, you can download the secure PDF file.

Visit: Smallpdf


Another example of an online site which Password Protect PDF Files is FoxyUtils. It lets you encrypt your PDF with a password to secure your data from others. You have to upload the file from your device and choose a password. FoxyUtils even gives you specific options like allow printing, modifications, copying and extracting, etc. All you need to do is select the options that you want to restrict with the help of the password. That’s about it. It is as simple as that.

Password Protect PDF FilesThese are some of the ways to Password Protect PDF Files. You should try to secure your data from falling into the wrong hands, as prevention is better than cure. Thus, you can use any of the software’s that are mentioned above and start protecting your files.

Visit: FoxyUtils

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