How To Open Any ASPX File : A Detailed Guide In 2023

Today data comes to us in various formats. We have .pdf for a document, a .txt for text, and .jpg or .png for images. But have you ever wondered what a .aspx file is? In this blog, we will talk about opening ASPX files.

You can utilize popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge for this task.

  1. Simply perform right-click on the ASPX file and select the “Open with” option.
  2. Choose your desired browser from the available options.
  3. If your browser is not listed, click on “Choose another app” and locate your preferred browser from the provided list.

Now you may be wondering what a .aspx file is used for. A .aspx file is created in .net language. If you want to view this file on your pc, you can’t see them by just opening the .aspx file. We need to convert these .aspx files to .pdf files for viewing. But before moving ahead, let’s know what an ASPX file is.

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What is an ASPX file?

Active Server Pages, or ASPX, was first developed by Microsoft. The file is developed and written in the .net language. It was created for the ASP.NET Framework of Microsoft. Web servers generate ASPX files. 

active server pages

To summarise, ASP files contain source codes that help in communicating with the browser. It decides the opening as well as displaying of the web page.

An ASPX file is identified with a .aspx extension(like .pdf, .txt, etc).If you want to view or open aASPX file then you must convert it to a .pdf file.

How to open an ASPX file?

We have earlier told you that to open an ASPX file; you need to convert it to a PDF file. So, we are now going to show you some ways how you can convert a .aspx to .pdf. 

open aspx files

Here we tell you how to open an ASPX file on both pc and your Android. We also give names of some websites and applications.


Firstly let’s see how we can do that on PC.

Rename to .pdf

As the name suggests, we need to rename the file to .pdf. But we can’t click the rename option to change from .aspx to .pdf.

Please follow the steps to learn how you can rename

1. First of all, press Windows+R. A new dialog box now appears.

windows key + r

2 Now, type Control folders in the box as shown below.

control folders

Click ok.

3. Again, a dialog box of “File Explorer Option” appears.

file explorer option

Go to “View” from the below options.

4. Now, under “Advanced Settings,” uncheck the extension “Hide extensions for known file.”


Finally, click the “Apply” button.

5. Next, right-click the folder and select from the menu option “Rename.”

menu option rename

6. Finally, just change the file name from .aspx to .pdf. Press Enter.

7 Another dialogue box now appears.


Click “Yes.”

test pdf

 Now your file is saved as a .pdf file on your pc.  

Convert .pdf

This is the easiest way of opening an ASPX file.

Please follow the steps below:

1. AnASPX file is saved with. aspx extension. First, right-click on the file.


2. Select “Google Chrome” after clicking the “Open with” option.

open with option

3. On clicking, the file’s content will be displayed in the browser.


You can now view the contents of the file on your browser.

4. To save it locally as a PDF file, click ctrl+P. The Print page opens.


5. Now select “Save as PDF” from the options beside “Destination.”

save as pdf

6. Finally, click the “Save” on save

And your .pdf file is saved in your downloads.

pdf file is saved in your downloads

You can now locally view the ASPX file.


Here are the ways of opening ASPX files on Android.

Rename to pdf

This is the simplest way of reading an ASPX file. The process is pretty straightforward.

You can download any ASPX file you want. But before downloading, rename the last .aspx extension to .pdf, and you are done.
open aspx file

Finally, you will have it on your Android as a pdf file.


Here are some applications to help you in opening the ASPX file.

If the process we explained before seems tricky, try these excellent apps.

All Document Reader and Viewer

This is a one-stop location for opening any of your files.

You can view all files, including ASPX, using the All Document Reader and Viewer.

all document reader and viewer

The app is free to install in the Google Play Store. A stunning user rating of 4.6 makes it a must-try for everyone. Moreover, there are over 10 Million Downloads.

Hence trying this is a must.

Download All Document Reader and Viewer

File Viewer For Android

The File Viewer For Android is a fantastic app on the Google Play Store. You can literally open any file with it.

file viewer for android

Especially opening an ASPX file is a cakewalk. With over 10 Million Downloads and a user rating of 4.3, this has to be our top recommendation.

Download  File Viewer For Android

All Documents Reader

The Android app is only 22 MB. It only requires the storage permissions of your phone.

all documents reader

Opening the ASPX file into any format is the easiest here. This is also available on the Google Play Store.

Download All Documents, Reader,


Here are some websites for opening the ASPX file.

The is the most popular aspx file opener.

Using it is very simple. You have to select the file and drag it to the space on the website.

This is the most efficient yet hassle-free process of opening an ASPX file.

Visit: is an excellent online platform for converting a file to any format.

The user interface is pretty straightforward.


We would highly recommend our readers try


The website is another excellent website. It gives premium quality conversions.

You can try this website for opening an ASPX file. But let us tell you, the platform begins to charge after some limited conversions.


Another website without which this list of ASPX file openers would remain incomplete is

Like other websites, the conversion is quite the same. In addition, you can also convert .pdf to .doc and vice-versa.


If you are having any trouble with the sites mentioned above, try

This website is the simplest to use. Moreover, the quality of conversion of the ASPX file is also fast.

If you want quality conversions in the least amount of time, try


Opening the ASPX file will never be the same with

On the website, you can convert files with any extensions. But using it may be a bit tricky.



Now it’s time to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions on the Internet.

How to convert .docx file to .pdf file?

You can use to convert .docx to .pdf file. The website is simple to use. You just need to upload your Word document and convert it to .pdf.

How to convert .jpg to .png file and vice-versa?

You can use to convert .jpg to .png file and vice-versa. Upload your image file and convert it to any format you want.

AreASPX files safe?

YesASPX files are very safe to view and use.

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In conclusion, we believe we could explain to you about opening the ASPX file. Contrary to the file name, viewing them is pretty easy. To access more such awesome tech content, start following Techyhost. We would love to hear your thoughts about us through the comments.

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