Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat: Fixed

The global issue, the Snapchat Matching Credentials Problem, affects Snapchat users worldwide. Users who try to log into their accounts are met with this error notice. The article discusses how to fix: Oops we couldn’t find matching credentials error on Snapchat.

Examining your internet connection, refraining from using a VPN while using Snapchat, forcing the app to close, checking your user ID and password, updating the program, checking to see if your Snapchat account is locked, and other solutions will help you resolve this error.

This error often happens when a user’s Snapchat account has been frozen due to suspicious login activity from an unidentified device. Read below to learn more about fixing Oops we couldn’t find matching credentials error on Snapchat.

Fixing: Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat

Here are different ways to fix ‘Oops we couldn’t find matching credentials error on Snapchat.’

Examine Internet Connection

You need a dependable internet connection in order to use Snapchat. When the internet is sluggish, this error happens. You must therefore ensure that your gadget is linked to a quick internet connection. You could also choose a seat that is nearer the router. examine internet connection

Verify that any other devices do not share the router. You can use Wi-Fi and mobile data together or switch to mobile data. However, restart your router and device if the speed is still sluggish. After that, log into Snapchat to see if the problem resolves.

Do Not Use VPN With Snapchat  

Even though Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable users to change their locations, Snapchat occasionally does not permit it. As a result, when customers attempt to utilize a VPN, an error message appears and prevents them from logging in. do not use vpn with snapchat  

In this situation, users should refrain from using a VPN and make an effort to download the program with a fast internet connection for oops, we could not find matching credentials for Snapchat.

Force Stop The Snapchat App

Maybe the Snapchat app bugs are to blame for the error message mentioned. If that’s true, forcing the app to close can help solve the issue as one could not find matching credentials on Snapchat. See the following instructions to force-quit the Snapchat app:

  1. On your phone, find the Settings app. find settings app
  2. Find Apps/Applications by scrolling down and tapping on them.
  3. When a pop-up message appears, select OK. Press Force stop now.press force now

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Verify Your User ID And Password

Snapchat won’t open, and the error message appears when the user enters the incorrect User Id or Password. Therefore, be certain that the credentials you are adding are accurate. Following are some instructions for changing your Snapchat account’s password as we could not find matching credentials on Snapchat:

  1. Enter the Username and Password and access the Snapchat account.enter the username and password
  2. Click the Forget Password button if the issue occurs.click the forget password button
  3. Select Via Email as the option from which you want to reset your password.snapchat password reset verification email
  4. Enter the email address and select “Submit.” You have now received a Snapchat password reset verification email.verify your new password
  5. Click the available link in the email after opening it. Enter and verify your new password, then select Save.sign up using new password
  6. Open Snapchat now, sign in using a new password and see whether the problem still occurs as Snapchat logs me out.

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Update The Application

When the app is out of date, an error notice claiming that Snapchat cannot find Snapchat credentials appears, which negatively affects the game’s performance. The app frequently updates as a result. Because patches to fix these bugs and mistakes are periodically included in the new release. By following the instructions, you can update the application.

  1. Click the user profile.click updates under manage
  2. Now click Updates under Manage Apps & Devices.select update
  3. After the applications have opened, select Snapchat and click the Update button. After downloading the updates, relaunch the app and input your credentials

Verify If Snapchat Account Is Locked

How to fix oops, we couldn’t find matching credentials. If the problem persists, see if your Snapchat ID has been unlocked. It occurs when an unknown user attempts to access your account. Snapchat briefly locks the profile. You can fix it by following the procedures below;

  1. After entering the User Id, select Forget Password.select forget password
  2. Enter your email address after choosing the “Via Email” option. The Snapchat customer service department will email you.choose the via email option
  3. To change the password, click the link in the email and get Snapchat on PC.

Eliminate The Snapchat Cache

Snapchat occasionally stops responding to users, they cannot access their accounts, and an error message that reads “Snapchat Can’t find matching credentials” appears. It can happen when the app’s cache fills up or corrupts due to bugs and problems with knowing how to fix Snapchat when it says there are no matching credentials. 

You can refresh the app after clearing its cache, which removes all temporary files from its directory. So take these actions.

  1. Go to Mobile Settings on your cellphone after unlocking it.go to mobile settings
  2. After choosing the App & notification link, choose the App option.choose app & notification link
  3. Go down the page and select Snapchat. Select Storage from the menu. Therefore, select Clear Storage and Clear Cache. select clear storage

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Message Snapchat Support

If none of the suggestions above worked to fix the Oops we couldn’t find matching credentials error on Snapchat. The only other option is to contact Snapchat’s support staff. To do this, you can even go to the @snapchatsupport page.message snapchat support

They would undoubtedly assist you in solving the issue without any worry. You must email a support staff and fully describe the scenario to do this.


Why does Snapchat say it couldn't discover any credentials that matched?

Snapchat occasionally stops responding to users, they cannot access their accounts, and an error message that reads Snapchat Can't find matching credentials appears. This can happen when the app's cache fills up or corrupts due to bugs and problems.

Why does my Snapchat prompt me to try again after a mistake?

There is a problem that is currently interfering with your use of Snapchat. The server that powers Snapchat is down. It is necessary to repair or fix the Internet connection on your device.

How can Snapchat credentials be deleted?

Use any browser to access the Snapchat Accounts Portal page. Choose Log in. Specify your login information. Then select Delete My Account.

Why did my Snapchat login attempt fail temporarily?

Several complaints claim that the Snapchat login mechanism occasionally incorrectly flags users' credentials. Sadly, this leads to a message saying the account has been temporarily disabled because so many tries have failed.

Can you get unbanned from Snapchat?

Although feasible, there is no official way to unban someone from Snapchat. There are alternative ways to unban, such as making a new account, using a VPN, or contacting the Snapchat staff and explaining why you believe you were wrongfully banned.

Why can't I access Snapchat on my phone?

Using a VPN, sending spam, or using Snapchat improperly can all cause a network to be momentarily blocked. For further information, see Snapchat's Community Guidelines.


It is all about easily fixing Oops we couldn’t find matching credentials error on Snapchat. Additionally, it can be why someone is trying to access your account information from an unrecognized place or if many simultaneous account access attempts come from completely diverse areas. So you can easily follow the abovementioned methods to fix this problem.

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