Nvidia Driver Not Compatible With This Version Of Windows: Fixed

This article will discuss how to resolve the Nvidia driver compatibility issue. We will help you understand why you might encounter this error message that says, “Nvidia driver not compatible with this version of Windows.” We will also help you understand how you can fix this issue easily. 

To resolve this issue, you can verify the Windows version and ensure it is compatible with the NVIDIA driver. Use Device Manager to uninstall the current NVIDIA driver from your system. If the issue persists, you can also try running the NVIDIA driver installer in compatibility mode for an earlier version of Windows. All these steps are described elaborately in the article below.

You can address these problems using a variety of web resources. Some, nevertheless, could make the user confused. Before moving on to the solution, it is crucial to comprehend all the sources of this problem.

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Outdated or Incompatible Driver

One of the most common reasons why the Nvidia graphics driver is incompatible with your version of Windows is an outdated or incompatible driver. Nvidia frequently releases new drivers to improve performance and address bugs. However, if you are using an older driver version, it may not be compatible with the current version of Windows. In such circumstances, updating the most recent Nvidia graphics driver will solve the problem.

incompatible driver versionTo update your Nvidia graphics driver, visit the Nvidia website, select your graphics card model and the appropriate version of Windows, and download the latest driver. Once the download is complete, install the driver and restart your computer. There is a list of the best reminder apps for Windows check out to know in detail!

Hardware or Software Conflict

Your version of Windows may occasionally become incompatible with the Nvidia graphics driver due to hardware or program conflicts. The Nvidia driver may clash with some third-party applications or fail to operate as intended. To fix the problem, you should uninstall or disable the conflicting program.

software issueSimilarly, if there is a hardware conflict, you might have to change the hardware or fix any problems that prohibit the Nvidia driver from working properly. You could also try using a system diagnostic utility to find any conflicts or other problems that are the issue’s root.

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Compatibility Mode Issues

Another common cause of the“Nvidia graphics drivers are not compatible with this version of windows” error message is compatibility mode. Windows’s compatibility mode feature enables you to use older drivers or programs with earlier operating system releases.

However, running the Nvidia graphics driver in compatibility mode can cause issues, including incompatibility with the current version of Windows.

compatibility issueYou could remove the compatibility mode for the Nvidia graphics driver to fix this problem. To do so, right-click on the Nvidia graphics driver installer file and select Properties. Disable “Run this program in compatibility mode” by clicking the Compatibility tab, applying, and then OK.

After disabling compatibility mode, try installing the Nvidia graphics driver again.

How to Fix the “Nvidia Driver Not Compatible With This Version of Windows” Error Message

There are several ways to fix this error.

Recheck the Version of Windows 

Commence by rechecking your Windows version. Press the Windows key + R to launch the Run dialogue box and complete this task. Hit Enter after entering “winter.”

windows versionYour current Windows version will be shown in the About Windows dialogue box. Once you know your version of Windows, you can download the Nvidia driver from the website.

Download the Latest Nvidia Driver

The next step is to download the latest Nvidia driver compatible with your Windows version. 

Some users get different error messages on their devices. These messages include “driver not compatible with this version of windows,” “graphics driver not compatible with windows 10,” “Nvidia drivers are not compatible with windows”, and “Nvidia is not compatible with this version of windows.”

These messages usually occur frequently because Nvidia regularly releases new drivers. It is essential to download the driver specifically designed for your version of Windows. 

  1. Open the official Nvidia website.click on official link
  2. Click on the “Drivers” tab and tap “Search.”click on drivers
  3. Download the latest Nvidia driver.download driverYou can start the installation after downloading the most recent Nvidia driver.

Updating Nvidia Driver

 One of the most common reasons for the error message “Nvidia driver not compatible with this version of Windows” is using an outdated Nvidia driver. Try these procedures to update your Nvidia driver:

  1. The Nvidia Control Panel can also be made accessible by right-clicking on your workspace and choosing the “Nvidia Control Panel” option from the interface.nvidia control panel
  2. Select “System Information” from the “Help” menu in the Nvidia Control Panel.click on company information
  3. Now, you must further locate the “Driver Version” section by scrolling ahead and looking up the firmware version in the Operating System window.download driverAfter this four-step completion, you must restart your device after the available free driver has been installed successfully.

Use Compatibility Mode

If you have installed the latest Nvidia driver and are still receiving the error message “Nvidia driver are not compatible with this version of windows,” you can try using Compatibility Mode to run the driver. You can run programs as though they were operating on an earlier version of Windows by using the compatibility mode feature of Windows.

To use Compatibility Mode, follow these steps:

  1.  To access the context menu, “Properties” can be found right-clicking on the Nvidia driver installation file.click on properties
  2. Choose the “Compatibility” section in the Properties box. Under the “Run this software in compatibility mode for” box, check the box, then click the drop-down option to choose an earlier version of Windows.run software in compatibility modeRun the Nvidia driver installer again and follow the installation wizard.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Another reason why you may be receiving the error message is because of driver signature enforcement. However, sometimes unsigned drivers can be perfectly safe and compatible with your system.

Follow these instructions to disable the driver signature requirement

  1. Choose “Command Prompt (Administrator)” from the interface by pressing the Windows and X buttons on your keypad.click run as administrator
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type the following command and press Enter: bcdedit /set test signing on. add your command
  3. Restart your computer.restart computer
  4. Install the Nvidia driver.download driver
  5. After the driver is installed, open the Command Prompt as an administrator again and type the following command: bcdedit /set test signing off.
  6. Restart your computer.


How can I resolve hardware or software conflicts causing the issue?

Consider deleting or deactivating the incompatible application to resolve the issue. Similarly, if there is a hardware conflict, you might have to change the hardware or fix any problems that prohibit the Nvidia driver from working properly. Running a system diagnostic tool can also help identify any conflicts or issues.

What is a compatibility mode, and how can I disable it?

Will updating my Nvidia graphics driver affect my computer performance?

Updating your Nvidia graphics driver to the latest version can improve your computer's performance and address bugs affecting it. It will also prevent error messages like “ The Nvidia graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows.”

Do the Nvidia graphics driver lead to viruses in my PC?

To address a high-severity vulnerability that threat actors could use to carry out actions like code execution and privilege escalation, NVIDIA has issued a security update for its GPU display driver for Windows. Seven of the 25 Windows and Linux GPU driver flaws are classified as high-severity, and the most recent security upgrade fixes them all.


You can employ several techniques to resolve the “Nvidia driver not compatible with this version of Windows” error notice. Try using Compatibility Mode, updating your Nvidia driver, or disabling driver signature conformance as a few potential solutions. You should have no trouble installing and using the Nvidia driver on your machine using these techniques.

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