How To Connect Nintendo 64 to HDMI: Step-By-Step Guide 2023

Connecting Nintendo 64 to HDMI will be the topic of this article. Let’s learn more about Nintendo 64 and how to connect Nintendo 64 to HDMI.

What is Nintendo 64?

Nintendo 64 is a home gaming console unit designed by the Nintendo company in 1996. It was launched on 23rd June 1996 with 64-bit generation in graphics. Nintendo 64 was the first to release the game with 3D graphics and the analogue gaming console. Since then, Nintendo 64 has been winning the hearts of the user. Today, let’s dive and check the methods and tips to connect the Nintendo 64 to HDMI.

Let’s see some features of the Nintendo 64 that attracts users.

Features of Nintendo 64

Here are some features of the Nintendo 64 that makes it one of the most successful and popular gaming console.

nintendo 64

  • Nintendo 64 has around 400 games for users to play.
  • It runs at 64-bit NEC VR4300 CPU @ 93.75 MHz.
  • The console also has Removable storage of 32 KB Expansion Pak.
  • The device runs with SGI RCP Graphics @ 62.5 MHz.

If you want a whole experience of a fast gaming world, then the Nintendo 64 is a must-have product.

As Nintendo 64 has 4MB Rambus RDRAM memory, it comes with expandable memory upto 8MB. Along with RAM, you can download 3D ROMs from trusted sites.

Since we know the general idea of what the Nintendo 64 is, let’s learn about HDMI.

What is HDMI?

HDMI is nothing but High Definition Multimedia Interface. In simple words, HDMI is a cable used for transmitting multiple audio and videos into any device. The HDMI cable is so effective that users can connect it to TV, Laptops or PCs that include various data transmissions of audio or videos.


The N64 digital pixel fx gives the HDMI output upto 1080p and has an attractive interface with analogue RGB and Nintendo ultra HDMI n64 pre-modded. But, the topic we cover in this article is How to connect Nintendo 64 to HDMI. So, what is the need? Why do we connect it to HDMI, and how does Nintendo relate to HDMI?

Why is HDMI Used for Nintendo 64?

Nintendo 64 is a home gaming console that needs to be connected to a TV. HDMI cable is used to connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV input. The HDMI cable -plays a vital role in securing the HDMI to the TV input to play games. HDMI cable is used to connect the Nintendo switch to the TV input.

hdmi used for nintendo 64

The user may face how to solve Nintendo Switch error code 2123. But that error can also be solved by following its essential steps. HDMI is vital in connecting any gaming console to the TV or any audio/video streaming unit. 

Components Needed to Connect HDMI

Here is a List of components needed to connect Nintendo to HDMI.

components needed to connect hdmi


  1. Nintendo A/V Out
  2. N64 AC Adapter
  3. Nintendo 64 AC Power supply
  4. USB Power Cube
  5. HDMI cable For Nintendo 64

Now that all the basics are straightforward let’s see how to connect Nintendo 64 to HDMI.

How to Connect Nintendo 64 to HDMI?

There are some essential tips and methods to follow. Follow the procedures and steps below to connect Nintendo 64 HD to HDMI.

  1. Plug in the Nintendo to Nintendo HDMI console. Attach the HDMI cable to Nintendo Port.nintendo hdmi console
  2. After plugging in the HDMI cable, you will see multiple options on your TV; plugin where the slot is empty.
  3. You must plug the USB charger into the empty outlet.
  4. You must plug in the micro USB cable to its slot in the USB Charger.plug in the micro usb cable - nintendo
  5. Plug the Nintendo N64 Power Supply into the outlet/wall.
  6. After connecting the HDMI to the input slots of the n64 HDMI console, turn on the game on your system and see if it is visible on your TV.

After following the abovementioned steps, you can connect Nintendo 64 to HDMI. Here is an article on what to do when your  Nintendo Switch Is Bricked | Fixing Guide


What was the purpose of the Nintendo Launch? What makes Nintendo 64 different from other gaming consoles?

Nintendo 64 was released as a cartridge-based ROM. Unlike other disc games, Nintendo 64, a cartridge-based gaming console, came out to have a comparatively faster loading time.

Can I connect n64 to HDMI?

Yes, you can connect the Nintendo 64 n64 to HDMI.

How are the graphics and performance of Nintendo?

In a survey, the users mentioned the smooth graphics and non-lagging performance experienced while gaming. This is what makes Nintendo user-friendly and attractive.

Why does the name say Nintendo 64?

The 64 in Nintendo 64 stands for the 64-bit processor that the systems use.


Nintendo 64 is a gaming console developed by Nintendo company in 1996. After the initial release, the sales of this Nintendo gaming console got a boost as it was a successful and popular gaming console with high quality and smoother graphics. Adding to it, having a good ROM and RAM. Though the sales of the Nintendo N64 decreased after the release of the new Nintendo Switch console in 2017, the Nintendo 64 is an excellent success with versatile features. So, we have covered the description of the Nintendo 64, its history and how to connect the Nintendo 64 to HDMI. Above are the methods and tips for connecting Nintendo 64 to HDMI.