How To Set Up Nightbot To Discord: Step-By-Step Guide 2023

Wondering what exactly Nightbot is? Want to know the steps to set up Nightbot on Discord and many other Nightbot-related questions? On various streaming platforms in recent times, there has been a wide range of accessories, extensions, plugins, and a lot more gadget or application-specific addons that one can add to increase engagement with your viewers. If any of the topics from the table of contents is your major concern, you are in the right place.  

One of the most well-known moderation bots among many is “Nightbot,” this chatbot gives you control over all those options mentioned above and much more, not just in your various streaming platforms but on your discord network too.

Read on to learn about the various subtopics and the step-by-step guide on how to set up Nightbot to Discord.

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What is Nightbot?

Nightbot is essentially a Livestream moderation chatbot for websites like Twitch, Travo, and the most popular Youtube application. The Nightbot for Discord and others mentioned above permits a user to automate their live stream’s chat with moderation and many new features, enabling the user to spend more time interacting and engaging with her/her viewers.

how to add nightbot to discord

The many features of Nightbot are as follows:

Spam detection

Numerous types of spam can be eliminated without any arrangements while using Nightbot. To stay ahead of spammers, Nightbot is constantly working to improve its spam detection softwares.


We provide you with a dashboard that gives you access to your chat. Discover the top commands, chat masters, and more in a glimpse.

Conversation logs

You can easily investigate why a message was removed, or a person was blocked by using the fully searchable conversation chat logs provided.

Nightbot is CloudHosted

There are no downloads, no servers, and therefore nothing to worry about. Nightbot is always up and available for use because we host it for you.

Nightbot is Customizable

Although we think our default settings are excellent, you might disagree. We give you the option to precisely control each feature’s behavior.

Personalized Commands Option

Provide engaging answers to frequently asked questions or offer your advertising links with your audience without frequently repeating yourself. 

Apart from these, Nightbot also provides other exciting features like letting the users choose songs and tunes on your streams, the Giveaway option that allows users to gift your loyal viewer, and the timer option to post messages, ads, and other promotions whenever required.

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Why Nightbot?

Nightbot is your best pick among many other chatbots because of the wide range of options and easy-to-use features it provides to its users. These days, streamers have access to a wide range of moderation bot solutions, like, Moobot, Streamlabs, Automod-bot, and draconian bot, to mention a few. Despite this, Nightbot is currently a hot choice among artists due to its user-friendly design, wide number of exciting features, and simplicity of usage.

Sign up online, then use the interface to control every feature. It gives you a dependable method of moderation.

What Is A Discord Chatbot?

An automated conversation companion is what’s a chatbot. It makes it easier for an individual and a computerized device like our laptops or computers to communicate.

An automated chat companion on Discord is therefore known as a chatbot.

discord chatbots

Typically, when you engage in discussion, it is with another individual. However, while using a chatbot, you are conversing with an automated device that will automatically respond to your inquiries and commands, For Eg: A clothing brand customer service chatbot to resolve your queries.

Guide To Set Up Nightbot To Discord 

To begin with, you can quickly create a Discord account at if you don’t currently have one. Also, beware that sometimes discord errors can occur too.

Next, you must click the + sign on Discord’s left sidebar to start a server. A pop-up allowing you to create a new Discord server will appear. Adding Nightbot to the Discord server is the main emphasis of this instructional guide. However, several other tools and bots are available.

Follow these steps to setting up Nightbot on Discord.

Sign Up Your Account On Nightbot

Let’s first learn about the Sign Up process on Nightbot.

sign up on nightbot

  1. Signing up with Nightbot is the first step in adding it to your Discord server. Visit and select “sign up.”
  2. Select the streaming platform, then sign in with your regular log-in information for that platform.join channel on nightbot
  3. Now Nightbot is connected to your preferred streaming service. Select “Join Channel” in the dashboard’s right-hand corner if you haven’t previously connected it to your streaming provider.
  4. The dashboard serves as your central command and management location for Nightbot. Be sure to review the many features and requirements and get accustomed to this interface before enabling the bot access to your Discord server.

Instructions for Adding Nightbot To Discord Server

Let us now learn about the instructions for adding Nightbot to the Discord server.

    1. Honestly, it’s not that difficult to invite Nightbot to your preferred server. Select the “Integrations” options tab from the left-hand side of the dashboard home page menu.connect nightbot
    2. Next, select the Discord submenu’s “connect” button.
    3. You will be advised to sign in to your Discord profile and approve this action in a pop-up message that will appear. Enter your account information to log in, then select “Authorise.”join server on nightbot
    4. Once you’ve given permission, a pop-up will ask you to have Nightbot join one of your servers. Select “Join Server” from the menu.
    5. Next, It will initiate you to select a server to add Nightbot to in yet another pop-up. Choose the Discord server you want Nightbot to appear on if you have multiple ones.permissions on discord
    6. On the following screen, double-check that all of the privileges are selected. Just press the “Authorize” option. This will grant Nightbot settings the necessary rights on your server to operate effectively.
    7. You now have Nightbot on your Discord server. However, it doesn’t have the right permissions until it is given a role. Learn how to configure your Discord Nightbot further by reading on.

Establishing A Bot Role

Let us now learn how to establish a bot role for Nightbot on Discord.

  1. It’s preferable to create a “Bots” category that will provide your Discord bots access to everything they require by default in order to enable them to perform their intended functions.
  2. Navigate to Server Settings.create role on discord
  3. Select the “Create Role” button under the “Roles” tab.
  4. You should now change the name of your role to “Server Bots,” and you should pick a role color that will distinguish it from all the other roles in your discord server.permissions tab on discord
  5. Next, allow or restrict your bot from completing a long list of server-related tasks when you click the “Permissions” tab. You can select or disable options as per your personal preference.
  6. Put the “Server Bots” role at the top of your list of roles by clicking and dragging it there. As a result, it will precede any other roles you may have created on your server. It will not be able to kick, prohibit, or delete their communications if they belong to another lower role.

And there, you have your Nightbot to Discord set up and ready to use. Click here for additional information on the same.


Is Discord compatible with a Nightbot?

Nightbot is indeed accessible on Discord. For your Discord, Nightbot offers a plethora of conversation commands and auto-moderation features.

Does hosting a Discord bot cost you money?

You don't have to pay anything to host your bot, and you don't have to download anything on your computer.


Do you have other better ways to set up Nightbot to Discord? Any further steps involved in the above processes we missed out on? Feel free to communicate to us in the comments about the same. You can also conveniently unwind, knowing the world of Discord, Nightbot, and its various features is constantly evolving and increasing in number. The article mentioned above is a quick reference to the easiest way to use Nightbot and get Nightbot to join Discord. If this works for you efficiently, feel free to share it with others.