Top 8 NFL Streams Replacement For Reddit | 2023

Reddit NFL Streams, also known as /r/NFLStreams, is the top choice of people for watching streams, but since many other sites are offering better viewing experience. Let’s see NFL streams replacement available in the market

nfl streams

In this article, we’ll talk about the top NFL streams replacements for Reddit that offer full HD view at minimal or no price.

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NFL Streams Replacement For Reddit 

Most of these sites don’t work in India, so you will have to have a VPN connection to get access to them.

NFL Web Cast

If you are an NFL fan and want to watch, NFL live streams for free NFL webcast is the right place for you.

nfl web cast

You can watch Pre-season, Season games, Play-offs, and Superbowl in HD quality for free without creating an account. Users will also access channels like ESPN and NBC without paying a penny. You don’t have to subscribe to a plan to enjoy these features.

Visit: NFL Web Cast


USTVGO is a replacement for Reddit NFL streams. It is a high-quality streaming site that runs without annoying ads and buffering. The only shortcoming of this site is that it is a US-based site and will require a VPN connection for outsiders to access it


The best thing about this site is that it has a built-in video player that will run your video even if your internet connection is slow. It gives free access to channels like NBC and ESPN. It also provides a game schedule in advance, so you don’t miss your favorite matches.



This is another perfect replacement for Reddit NFL streams. It was launched in 2017. There are 2 packages you can buy to get access to the live streams. The low-cost package will contain ads, whereas the high package will provide a better appearance along with shows and movies that are in demand with no ads at all. 


It gives access to over 65 channels and allows us to watch channels like NBC, FOX, and ESPN. It also includes news and entertainment channels. People often encounter problems while trying to run the Hulu app on their Samsung Smart TV. If you are facing the same problem then check out this article to fix the problem.

Visit: Hulu


CBS is not only a free NFL streaming site but a platform where you can also watch most of the live streaming sports like MMA, NBA, and so many other sports. In CBL, along with streaming, you can also watch the highlights of the matches.


To get access to all these benefits, all you’ve got to do is sign up and become a member. You will have an option to view all the NFL matches in high-quality view. The app version is easy to download on any device and has a simple user interface.

Visit: CBS NFL

FOX Sports

FOXsports is a very popular replacement for Reddit NFL streams. You can easily watch the NFL games and several sports on this platform. It also has an app version that is super easy to download and offers an easy user interface.


If you are not a member here, you can only watch short clips of the NFL games. The usage of this site is very easy to access, in spite of your location. foxsports also provides us with a schedule of upcoming matches so that we remain up-to-date.

Visit: FOXsports


ESPN is one of the most renowned sports-related platforms to exist. The users can watch NFL Live streams on this platform at a very high-quality resolution.


You can watch a number of sports like cricket, tennis or NBA here but its main focus is on tennis and football. New users get a 7-day free trial on this platform, ad later, you’ll have to buy a subscription which will only cost 4.99$ per month.

Along with free streaming, users get to enjoy various features like highlights, commentaries, and score cards.

Visit: ESPN


STREAM2WATCH is an online platform that offers a number of streaming of various sports on its channel. It is a reliable site to watch high-quality NFL live streams without any problem; for that, you must sign up as a member. There are schedules of various sports already mentioned on the site.


This app is available for both android and IOS users.

Notice: One has to stay aware as there are many broken links.



SPORTLEMONTV is a popular replacement of Reddit NFL streams as the viewers can enjoy the streams in high quality that too without paying a single penny.


Along with NFL, the users can watch a number of sports like basketball, tennis, etc. All you have to do is open the site, and all the ongoing matches will be displayed on the home page; tap on the one you’re interested in.

This site has an old and simple user interface. This site is also very easy to navigate. The only annoying this about this site is that it contains a number of ads in between.

Visit: SportLEMONTV


Is foxsports for free?

You can only watch short clips of the NFL match with the free plan. To watch the complete match, you can become a subscriber at 5.99$ or 64.99$ per month.

Does Hulu include NBC sports?

Yes, It includes NBC sports inside their membership plan, which costs 69.99$ a year.

Is streaming NFL for free illegal?

Streaming copyrighted matches may be illegal, and to stay protected, users must always use a VPN connection before accessing unknown sites.


In this article, we told our readers about some of the best Reddit NFL streams replacements which you can use to enjoy free NFL matches in high quality at free of minimal price. Though all of the sites mentioned above are safe and secure, you are advised to use a VPN connection to avoid entrance of any kind of viruses through broken links, and because most of these sites are US-based, they won’t work in other countries. If you are aware of any more NFL streaming sites, let us know about them. Happy streaming!

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