6 Best Networking Apps For Android [Updated 2022]

Making a virtual presence these days is more important than making a real-life presence. Updating your skill sets in your resume won’t fetch you a job unless you build connections online and approach the right ones. Catering to the varied needs of every individual, connecting with the right ones to get all your jobs done right now is possible within a few clicks and taps. Thanks to the networking apps, which have made life more comfortable and much more fruitful with numerous features.

There are Killer Network Services available in the internet. Be aware of them so that you can either avoid them or utilize them for your own needs.

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6 Best Networking Apps of 2022

Here is a list of the 6 best networking apps you have to have in your androids. Check out the best features and get download them.


You are out in the world of opportunities. People out there seeking talent need you, but are you aware of it? LinkedIn is that platform that lets you know of the opportunities and make the recruiters know that you are the one they are looking for. LinkedIn can be termed as the social networking and the best networking apps of your professional lives. Be it experience, or certification you just completed, show it off, and share on LinkedIn profile.


  • Connect with like-minded people and give it a career boost
  • The 4.3 rated app updates you with the latest happenings at your dream organizations or in your favorite influencer’s lives
  • Explore job offers and connect with the nearby influencers
  • Get to know the trends or be a mentor yourself
  • You can also make your brand more prominent with LinkedIn

 LinkedIn provides premium plans and further facilitates you to make a mark on a worldwide scale. So don’t wait anymore. Start LinkedIng!

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Now that you checked out all youtube videos on your favorite events, you think about how to be a part of one. Meetup makes your wish come true. Why scroll post-event pics, when you can be the one organizing or attending it? Meetup is simple to use.


  • Enter your location
  • Search what interests you the most
  • Find the events or groups of your choice
  • Save the date and buy tickets or engage the open discussion
  • Enjoy the meetup
  • Easy and efficient marketing and branding

Get to know something new with meetup every day. The best part is Meetup is flexible. You can use it your way. It is not just used professionally, but for creative aspirations as well. It is your one-stop app for entertainment and professional building based on groups of your choice. Choose your tribe and pursue your interests with 4.2 rated Meetup. One of the best networking apps ever.

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Have you been too lazy to find your interest? It would be wonderful if somebody guided you the way. Shapr is one of the unique apps which uses intricate algorithms to do the exact thing. It lets you swipe with people with the same goals and professionals. No burden of doing the monotonous, do it the Shapr way. It’s considered one of the great ones among networking apps.



  • Make a profile and fill in the requisites
  • Get a daily quota of swiping
  • Find a match and start the connection

This 3.9 rated app lets you discover a new bond with every swipe. Connect with your personality twin and align professional goals with Shapr.

Also check out cool games like Fishing Apps and Hunting Apps.


Are you an event planner and a local entrepreneur who just started his career? Bizzabo takes care of your event, managing hassles right from scratch.

Bizzabo networking app

  • Takes care right from the event website management
  • Personalized experience
  • Booking tickets and registration management
  • Reports and analytics

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Though a 2.7 rated, Bizzabo has bagged many awards. It not only makes an event successful but also makes future events more happening with its best analytics and marketing modules.

Let Bizzabo handle the tension so you can remain stress-free.

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We can’t always stay close to our near and dear ones. With GroupMe, you can be in direct contact with your daily lifelines. Customizable notifications and impressive emojis are a must. Share your life moments with your loved ones and chat.

GroupMe networking app

  • Chat with just email address
  • Chat like SMS but in a way more engaging

GroupMe is a 4.2 rated app and is a widely popular way of changing the direct messaging world of SMS. One of the good networking apps in this list.


With SummitSync, leave it on the professionals for handling the professional matters. Partner with the topmost professionals, connect and analyze. Market the best way possible with SummitSync because it is one of the best networking apps.

summitsync networking app

  • Meet
  • Schedule
  • Generate revenues

Use this 4.6 app for making your organization one of the most valued ones and trending in the market with SummitSync.

Hence get downloading with these apps such that it will make your life more happening. Finally, we hope you found these networking apps list useful.

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What is app networking?

An application network connects apps, data, and devices using APIs that expose some or all of their assets and data to the network. This network enables consumers from other parts of the organization to discover and use those assets.

How do I find people to network with?

When meeting people online, look to social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, making it easier to locate crucial influencers. You can find other networking opportunities online by reading industry websites and blogs, attending online seminars, and participating in forums.

What are two examples of network applications?

For example, telnet, DHCP, FTP, and SNMP are all networked applications that are inextricably linked to their protocols. A web browser, often known as a web application, allows you to type a URL into the address bar and go to the desired page using HTTP or HTTPS protocols.


To conclude, here are the best networking apps we can find on the internet. Therefore, Choose one and start working.