How To Mute Specific Tabs In Chrome | 5 Best Ways

This article is about how to mute tabs in Chrome. You may mute Google Chrome with a single click without affecting other apps. Nowadays, users can engage with audio and video content on websites. However, these websites might be flooding with adverts playing at maximum volume when you open them. This tutorial will cover how to mute a specific tab in Chrome.

Below are the steps mentioned to Mute and Unmute specific Tabs in Chrome:

  • To mute a website, right-click a tab that is currently open on it.
  • Choose Mute Site.
  • To unmute a website, right-click a tab again and choose Unmute Site.
  • Click Add to Chrome in the top-right corner of the Tab Muter page, followed by Add Extension.

Furthermore, right-clicking and muting tabs is a little cumbersome. Therefore, today we will demonstrate two ways to mute specific tabs in Chrome so you may do it conveniently and mute the audio of individual tabs even if they are open to the same website. Continue reading!

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5 Best Ways To Mute Tabs In Chrome

Let’s get going! On your computer, a web page will begin playing audio or video the moment you access it. People nearby may stare hard if the sound hasn’t been turned off. Thankfully, there is an excellent approach to handling such unwanted information. There are five simple ways how to mute tabs in Chrome. Read more on what hardware acceleration is in Chrome and improvements here.

Change Flags On Older Versions Of Chrome

There used to be a flag that you could enable to mute specific tabs if you were using Chrome version 70 or before. Here’s how to silence specific tabs in Chrome if you’re using version 70 or earlier of the browser:

  1. Launch Chrome on your
  2. To access the Chrome flags functionality, go to the following URL: chrome://flagsflags on chrome
  3. Look for the following flag in the list of flags being worked on by Chrome developers. UI control for muting audio on tabs & click the blue Enabled button next to the flag above. chrome flags enables
  4. Chrome flags for mute tab chrome flags (1)
  5. The following step will include a “Restart now,” so click that. This will make it possible to mute tabs on Chrome independently. Click the speaker icon next to the website’s title in the tab to silence it. click on the extension

Google Chrome Flag Update

The ability to mute tabs in Chrome, particularly tabs using a flag, was lost with Chrome update version 71. The following is the explanation by the Google developers:

  1. The main reason is that this is a symptom band-aid that doesn’t solve the underlying issues that cause people to want to mute tabs in Chrome. According to the official explanation, we should spend time addressing those issues, a combination of many causes. 
  2. Some contributing issues are code complexity, behavioral complexity, and complicated interactions with mute-whole-site capabilities that the general user base finds more enticing. So you will have to update your Chrome to access so you can mute tabs in Chrome.update chrome
  3. Now that Chrome has been upgraded, you may choose how to mute a tab or entire websites using a straightforward technique. Right-click the tab that is playing the audio file and choose the Mute site. right click to close tab
  4. This will solve your how-to-mute specific tabs in Chrome problem.

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Install An Extension

You can download an extension from the Google web store to mute tabs in Chrome.

  1. The ability to chrome tab muting individual tabs is still available in the Mute Tab by Tab Muter Extension for Chrome, which is available through the Chrome web store. tab muter extension
  2. Download the extension from this page.add an extension
  3. With this extension loaded, you can silence a specific tab by merely clicking on a button rather than all instances of it.

Note: The button is added to the extensions space next to the address bar rather than inserted next to the website title at the top because of Google’s APIs.

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Add Exceptions

On your computer, launch and fix Google Chrome. Chrome also allows you to set a tab to open muted by default. Do this to silence a tab indefinitely:

  1. In the address bar, type the following URL and hit Enter: chrome:/settings/content/sound chrome settings
  2. Click the Add button here, which is next to the Mute area. how to mute tabs in chrome
  3. Can you mute a tab in Chrome? For a website, enter its URL in the sound settings exceptions field. Select OK. mute tab on chrome (1)
  4. Anytime you visit that website, you’ll notice that it opens by default muted. 


This might solve your question of how to mute tabs in Chrome.

Right-click the tab

This is the simplest method by which you can mute tabs in Chrome.

  1. Choose the Mute site from the context menu when you right-click on the tab that is sending audio output. mute tab
  2. The audio icon will have a cross when you choose the Mute site tab. This means that for that particular website, the audio has been muted. audio mute (1)
  3. Tabs in Chromebook that are muted mute-tab-chrome
  4. With this feature, you can completely silence the websites open in Chrome.



How does tab Muter work, and what does it do?

Tab Muter is a browser add-on available only for Google Chrome, bringing back the browser's ability to muting tabs chrome individual tabs. To include this extension in the main toolbar of Chrome, click Add to Chrome. From here, the Chrome browser can have a tab mute feature implemented.

How can the audio UI control for tabs be enabled in Google Chrome?

Look for the flag, 'Enable tab audio muting UI control.' This flag manages the Google Chrome tab controls and audio indicators. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS all support this feature. Ctrl + F can search the page for text. Turn on the mute function.

On my PC, how to mute a website and audio files?

You can download an extension from the Google web store to retrieve Chrome's tab muting. Right-click the tab that is playing the audio file and choose the Mute site. All open instances of a webpage in the window will become muted as a resing.

How can I silence the audio and video tabs using the volume mixer?

The Volume Mixer displays the tab name for quick identification, as seen in the image. To silence a particular tab, click the volume button immediately underneath it. To adjust the audio or video playing level in multiple Edge tabs, click on the volume icon next to each tab.

How can I unmute a toolbar tab?

With just one button, the addon 'Mute Tab' enables you to mute all tabs (click) rapidly. When the toolbar button is on, it acts as an ON/OFF switch, and the icon changes accordingly (the color and shape). Please note that you can unmute just one tab by performing a right-click and selecting the 'Unmute Tab' option.


Even though Chrome no longer supports it, the option to silence a tab can be helpful if numerous tabs are open on the same page. The methods mentioned above can be used to mute specific Chrome tabs.

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