Move To iOS Not Working, How To Fix This Problem?

Due to the iOS being designed specifically to serve the purpose of being an exclusive operating system for Apple Inc. for their hardware, there are often complaints about the problems faced by the phone users when transferring data from any android phone to an iOS. You will encounter a move to iOS not working error.

 Regarding the problem, Move to iOS app is a tool created and provided that help us to easily transfer data from Android to iOS hardware. It serves to save a lot of work and time and only requires some clicks to transfer all the data, from important contacts to messages and numbers to the photos and videos captured by the camera to web bookmarks and mails. You can even transfer calendars efficiently through this new feature. 

 However, more often than not, users may encounter Move to iOS, not working problems while in use.

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These Problems May Be As

  • Move to iOS unable to migrate
  • Then, move to iOS could not connect with the device
  • Move to iOS no code
  • Now, move to iOS disconnect/ drops

And so on. This problem brings us back to the initial problem of transferring data. 

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Methods To Fix The Move To iOS Not Working Problems

Method 1

  • The method would be to switch off and then restart both the devices, that is the iOS and Android devices. This is because, devices regardless of their operating systems, tend to glitch, which severs their signals. 


move to ios not working

And this, in turn, possesses to be a problem to their connection to the other devices. Restarting the devices will jump-start the devices mechanically, overcoming the glitches and connecting to the other devices around it easily.

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Method 2

Another step would be to check the network connection on the devices, both of them, whether the Android or the iOS. It is because one of the reasons for the Move to iOS not working is the poor or disabled connection between the devices, something mostly overlooked by the user.

network connection

The user can try connecting the Android device to the hotspot that would be created by the iOS device by entering the password. Which is mostly the same as the name of the Wi-Fi. Connecting to the same Wi-Fi would provide a stronger and more stable connection between the two devices.

Method 3

  • Turning the Aeroplane Mode of the Android device on may help stop the blockage of the Wi-Fi while the data is being transferred. The cell network, or the signals of the individual networks more often than not, prove to serve as a blockage to the connection between two devices.

airplane mode

That blockage seems more prominent when the two devices are of different operating systems. Therefore, the setting of Aeroplane Mode on in the Android device will disconnect its availability to the network system. Making it solely available for the connection of the device to the iOS device. And thus overcomes the move to iOS not working error.

Method 4

  • To solve the Move to iOS could not communicate with the device issue, the user can switch the Wi-Fi off, or shift between the mobile data of the Android device and the Wi-Fi of the Android device.

mobile data and wifi

As aforementioned, electronic devices and the radio connections often glitch at being in use for a long time. To avoid glitches, it is necessary that you trade the network so as to avoid the glitches. However, the connection requires to be strong and stable. Thus this method is advised only when the Android device supports a strong and efficient network and as a result of which,  the move to iOS not working problem will be fixed.

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The Devices Should Complete The Following Requirements:

  • To avoid the move to iOS not working problem, the iOS device needs to be a running iOS 9.0. Or of higher level and the Android device needs to be a minimum of Android 4.0 .

ios 9.0

The app is designed by keeping in mind the higher and more efficient model of the two operating systems.

  • There should be a common connection between the two devices to not encounter the move to iOS not working problem. To establish that, you should connect to Wi-Fi, the more stable the Wi-Fi, the better.

wifi signal strength

The common connection will ultimately result in the foundation through which the transfer of data will take place. 

  • Move to iOS to work. It is necessary that the devices must have enough power to stay connected to each other via Wi-Fi. And complete the process of transfer of data.

battery power

The transfer of data is one whole process that will not only bring about a lot of errors but also take more time if done in parts. This is why this is an important part of the requirement. If the power of even one device ends mid-process. Then the whole transfer of data will come to an abrupt stop. Which may also result in loss of data midway. To avoid this, it is necessary to have enough power in both the devices to last till the process of transfer and therefore fix the move to iOS not working error.

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The above mentioned methods to overcome the problem of “Move to iOS not Working” has proved to be very effective and quick at the same time. It is totally hassle free and easy to follow.

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