How To Make An Animation Easily [2021]

Animation is a method that makes things move virtually. If you have to sum up about how to make an animation easily then, the correct way to understand is, it is a method that manipulates things or figures moving, or they appear to be moving. If we look at to traditional method, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. And if you want to get yourself the best 3D animation software, then click here!

how to make an animation easily
How to Make an Animation Easily

But since we are living in the era of technology, we have modern, technical, and handy methods. Today, most of the animations are made with the tech, namely, Computer Generated Imagery(CGI).

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There are some basic terms to make an animation easily, which the person pursuing must know, let’s take a look at them.


It is the part of the animation software to make changes to the animation’s timing, just like the name suggests.

Frame rate

The number of individual images or can call frames that are being displayed over one second.

Timeline – How To Make An Animation Easily

We can adjust it in software. Animation is usually done in 24 frames per second(FPS).

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Working on One’s and Two’s

Working on one’s would mean doing a new drawing over every single frame of animation going to the count 24 while working on two’s means holding each drawing for two frames, so one second of animation at 24 frames per second would only be 12 drawing, not 24. In 3D, working on one’s is the standard. In 2D, though, working on two’s looks fine in most instances, and there are cases where drawings can be held longer.

Shots and Scenes

In animation, when we talk about a scene/shot, it refers to one specific continuous piece of animation in between camera cuts.

Keyframes |Between | Inbetweens

These are important terms, and their meaning differs slightly depending on the type of animation. In hand-drawn animation, keyframes are the important major poses that define the scene. Breakdowns come between keys and define what the motion from the key to the key will be.

keyframes -between -inbetweens
Keyframes -Between -Inbetweens

In between are all the frames that come in between to smooth out the motion. Whereas, in 3D, a keyframe is any position on the timeline where the animator has defined the character’s position. In between are all the frames that the computer interprets or automatically generates to move the character from key to key. This is the way of How To Make An Animation Easily.

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Timing | Spacing | Easing

These three terms are closely related and often caused confusion. Timing means the total number of frames used for a movement. Spacing is the amount of change that comes between each frame.

timing - spacing - easing
Timing – Spacing – Easing

Decreasing the spacing makes the object slower while increasing the spacing makes it look faster. In this, Easing is how spacing is controlled.

Onion Skinning

It lets you see semi-transparent representations of the frames behind or ahead of the current frame you are working on.

onion skinning
Onion Skinning

It’s like watching more than one frame at a time.


It is the final process to create a final output means putting together all the individual pieces of scenes, creating the final visual output. This is the way of How To Make An Animation Easily.

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Types of Animation

There are many types of animations that one can learn and master with time and can pursue any one or more according to the interest.


It is a technically intensive process that often involves many separate specialists to model the character; it’s nothing different from giving life to a very intimidating character. It is possible due to the CGI  and is the most popular type of animation for feature films and other animated TV series and short films. This type of animation is used in live-action films and for animating video games.


An animator uses a digital puppet called a character rig to position the character and use a system of motion paths, or splines, to define the character’s movement between those poses. This is the way of How To Make An Animation Easily. The computer proceeds to interpolate the frames between the keyframes. The animator then refines the animation by adjusting the frame rate until they are satisfied with the animation.

2D Hand-Drawn  

This type of animation is of the most traditional type. Also, it stores the aspect that it is hand-drawn showing the effects one can put in detailing and makes it more appealing without the use of modern technology.

2d hand-drawn
2D Hand-Drawn

With this traditional method, the animators make frame by frame, and then those drawings were transferred onto clear acetate sheets called cels for painting. This task can perform either whole in an analog way or in a digital way or mix of them, but the thing that doesn’t change is that these animations are drawn frame by frame. Due to the tech age, paper is replaced by tablets or Wacom Cintiq Monitors. This is the way of How To Make An Animation Easily.

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Stop Motion 

There are several types of this animation, but they all involve manipulating real-world objects. These objects are moved slightly and photographed one frame at a time. When shows in sequence, these frames create the illusion of movement.

stop motion
Stop Motion

Claymation is a similar technique. In it, malleable characters are used, though they are generally made out of plasticine, not actual clay.

Motion Graphic 

This category focuses on making a dynamic and interesting presentation of moving text logos and basic illustrations. This class is to make an animation easily has a very wide range.

motion graphics
Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can be 2D and 3D and have their reach in commercials, sporting events, explainer videos, the news, and other TV productions. This is the way of How To Make An Animation Easily. 


This technology has come a long way. New automation software now gives EVERYONE, including you and me, the ability to become our own animators! So, take advantage of the era of instant gratification.

I hope this article on How To Make An Animation Easily will be helpful for our readers.

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