How To Get The Kodi Titanium Build? (Complete Guide)

For consumers interested in particular genres and categories, Kodi offers many add-ons. Different Kodi builders create their uses and a variety of viewing materials. One such Kodi build is Kodi Titanium Build. To know how to install it, read more. 

To get Kodi Titanium Build, Start by enabling unidentified sources in Kodi settings, adding a source path, installing a Supreme Build using the Kodi Wizard, and then installing the Titanium Build. Continue reading to learn more about the installation procedure in detail.

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Titanium Kodi Build

A very common and commonly used Kodi build is Titanium Build. The build is from Supreme Builds, a reliable source in the Kodi community. Moreover, it has existed for a long time and still offers good performance and user experience. Any platform on which it runs smoothly.

There is a good selection of pre-configured add-ons for your streaming requirements. Also, the interface’s intelligent design makes it simple to use. You may browse and interact with the structure using a mouse, keyboard, touch screen, or remote. It is the ideal construction. It is also among the top Kodi builds.

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How to Set Up the Titanium Kodi Build

 Follow these instructions to use the Kodi Titanium Build version rapidly.

  1. Enable Unknown Sources Addons since Team Kodi only contains its official repository by default, the only repository that is accessible.Unknown add on
  2. Installing addons from other repositories requires enabling add-ons from unidentified sources.
  3. First, select System Settings from the menu. To access the settings page, click the icon in the left-side menu’s header.setting
  4. After that, choose the System icon that can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the System icon. And Scroll down to the Addons section after selecting Unknown Sources in the screen’s main area.add on
  5. When you activate this setting, a notification box warning you that add-ons have the same permissions as Kodi itself appears. To continue, select Yes.warning
  6. The toggle turns white, and the setting is turned on when you do. And Incorporate the Supreme Builds File Source.builds
  7. Before installing the Titanium build, Kodi has to be told where to find the repository.
  8. Start by selecting the File Manager icon from the Settings/System menu.
  9. Choose to Add a Source to move forward.file-source-titanium
  10. After highlighting it, move forward by clicking None.
  11. An exact path to a directory on your local network or a URL from the Internet can be entered. In the URL box, type and then click OK. Now Kodi will immediately check to see whether it can reach the place. If that succeeds, a list of this device’s previously created custom file locations and the new file location will appear.titanium kodi link
  12. Put the Supreme Builds Repository into use by using the Zip file. In the menu on the left, scroll down to the Addons section. The next step is to click Install From Zip File.titanium zip repo
  13. The menu box that displays lists several file sources, one of which is the custom file location we specified in the previous step.
  14. After scrolling down until you see the name you previously typed, click on it.
  15. After that, click file from repo list
  16. Kodi will instantly take you back to the main menu. Soon, a message confirming the Supreme Builds Repository’s successful installation will appear.
  17.  Install the Supreme Builds Wizard Addon by using the repository.
  18. Installing the SupremeBuilds Wizard from their repository is the next step, and then Choose to Install From the Repository to continue.install
  19. Select the Supreme Builds Repository link to continue.supreme builds installeed
  20. Choose Program Addons to continue.Next, click on it to get to the Supreme Builds Wizard’s app detail page. After installation, the wizard begins the setup process right away.

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Activate the Supreme Builds Wizard

If you’ve never set up a Kodi setup before, things can change at this point. Similar to earlier releases, Titanium has an installation wizard to help you through the process that starts as soon as you install it. Despite how straightforward the process is overall, certain menu options could cause you confusion.

Be at ease, though. We will walk you through each step. You were first told by the splash screen that occurs when the wizard was most recently updated. Only the installation wizard, not the Titanium build itself, has recently undergone an upgrade.

  1. Click Dismiss to keep going. The following are available: Keep My Real Debrid, Remove Old Thumbnails, Remove Packages, and Clear Cache on Startup, if Applicable.
  2. After you’ve made all the necessary adjustments, click Continue.
  3. If you’re installing Titanium on the Kodi build from Supreme Builds for the first time, you’ll see a message telling you to go to the Build Menu. You may choose the build there that you want to install.
  4. Select Build Menu to proceed.installing titanium add on
  5. Before continuing, scroll down to the Kodi version you use now.Choose the build from the server that is most nearby your house. titanium add on from server
  6. You can carry out a Standard Install or Fresh Install or fix the user interface.fresh install
  7. In most cases, you should choose to perform a Fresh Installation. Click Continue to go forward for the Kodi Titanium Build download.titanium add on See Also: Kodi On Chromebook | Install Now To Start Watching | 2023


Is Kodi 19 Compatible With the Titanium Build?

We regret saying no. Even though Titanium is compatible with Kodi 19 (Matrix), Team Kodi has deprecated Python 2 in the most recent version of their media player.

Has Exodus been included in the Kodi Titanium Build, and What Pre-Installed Addons of Other Kinds Are Included in This Build?

Yes, Exodus is pre-installed in this build. On this release, other pre-installed addons include Gaia, Exodus Redux, IT, SportsDevil, DeathStar, Uranus, and Seren. The Sports and Live TV apps are also available in this release.

Why Is Titanium TV Unresponsive?

If you don't have the most recent version of this program, it might not be functioning. The most recent version of the Titanium TV app should be used. Additionally, the Titanium TV app settings allow you to delete the cache.

If you don't have the most recent version of this program, it might not be functioning. The most recent version of the Titanium TV app should be used. Additionally, the Titanium TV app settings allow you to delete the cache.

As for our suggestion, choose NordVPN or ExpressVPN if you want a quick and dependable VPN that can unblock any geo-restricted material and websites on Kodi. IPVanish is the best choice for Android-based Kodi devices.

Can several addons be possible with Kodi?

The answer is yes. You can set up a Kodi fork on a compatible device and utilize different versions of Kodi. After experimenting with several methods, I'll describe how to install various Kodi builds on Kodi-compatible hardware, such as the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube.


In Conclusion, the Kodi Titanium download is a powerful, reasonably sized build recognized for providing fluid performance across all devices. It performs admirably on desktops, Android TV boxes, and mobile devices. I’ve used it on a FireStick for a long time and haven’t had many problems.

The Kodi Titanium Build includes a good selection of functioning and well-liked video add-ons. Thanks to this, you may stream endless material, including Live TV, TV shows, movies, sports, and other things.

One of Titanium Build’s most attractive features is the user interface. Moreover, The design is straightforward and incredibly user-friendly. It would help if you had a build similar to this, whether you are a new or seasoned Kodi user. Do you wanna know how to Use Acestream on Kodi,Check out this.

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