How to Know Who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp | 2022

WhatsApp has been the best social networking sites. Social media is nothing without WhatsApp nowadays. People have been using this online messaging site rapidly since it has been launched. It has got a great response from people all around the world and is still getting better every day. It has also got few updates that make conversations easier. Thus, you must know who has Blocked you on WhatsApp.

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Now people can also send colored status with the update recently. People can also have a video call with the opposite person if they wish to with the recent updates in the social messaging app. You can also create groups to talk to many people at one time. It is also possible to mute a group or person if he/she or the group is annoying you. You also have an alternative to block a user on WhatsApp so that you can get rid of the person.


WhatsApp has also improved its security by protecting the messages by end-to-end encryption so that only the person and the opposite person(to whom the conversation is made) can only have access to the message, neither WhatsApp nor any third party has access to the conversation. This also is a private messaging.

WhatsApp also allows uploading your status so that people may know about you or about your likes/dislikes and also you can promote or support some group/activity by uploading it as a status. WhatsApp has now also trying to make resend option available for people so that if the message goes to the wrong person, you can resend it to the correct person. The feature has been tested in the best version of the app and soon as it is a success people may be able to use it in the original version of the app.

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Blocking on WhatsApp is one of the best things to get rid of people you don’t want to make a conversation with. You can just follow some simple steps to block people on WhatsApp.

Steps to block people on WhatsApp

By blocking a person, you may not make a call/chat with him/her on your WhatsApp.

Know who has Blocked you on WhatsApp

Know who has Blocked you on WhatsApp

  1. Just select the person you need to block on WhatsApp.
  2. Now just go to chat between you and the opposite person.
  3. After that, select the menu option (the three dots in the right corner of the screen).
  4. Now just select a block from the list of options available.
  5. As soon as you select the block, you get a confirmation message to block the user.
  6. As soon as you hold the OK button, the user gets blocked on your WhatsApp.

He/she may not be able to see your display picture. He/she may not be able to check your status neither he will be able to see your last seen on WhatsApp.

One can use whatsapp web to cast the whatsapp in the smartphone onto the pc screen, but if you want to access the similar feature without using whatsapp web, you can try Bluestacks.

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How to know who has Blocked you on WhatsApp

There are few techniques by which you can know who has Blocked you on WhatsApp. Here are some of them.

No display picture available

You will not be able to have a look at the display picture of the person who has blocked you. It also may be a part of misguiding you so that if the contact has just removed the display picture, then you may get some misguidance.

profile photo missing whatsapp

So this method may not be much use to know whether the person has blocked you or not but there are chances that the person has blocked you. This is also a sign to Know Who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp.

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No status available

As mentioned earlier no status will be available to the person even if he/she uploads his/her status as you have been blocked by the user. So you need to keep a check that if you can look at his/her status. This also may be a prank as he/she may not have been uploading his/her status since a long time, but there are possibilities if he/she has blocked you.

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No messages delivered

The worst part about being blocked or the best part of blocking someone is that you won’t be able to send text messages to the person who has blocked you. Then how to tell if someone blocked you on whatsapp? There will be a single tick available when you try to send messages to that person.

no whatsapp messages received

The opposite won’t receive your messages till he/she unblocks you. Only a single tick appears when messages are sent but not delivered to the person.

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The last seen is not visible

How to Know Who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp? You won’t be able to check out the last seen of the person who has blocked you. The last seen appears below the name of the contact whenever you open your chats. This is also not a correct decision as you can hide your last seen in settings so that people cannot check the last time you were online.

No Last Seen

The best way to Know Who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp is that you can just create a group. With you and the person you think has blocked you. If your suspicion is correct an error message will pop up showing you cannot add the person to the group. And thus it proves that he/she has blocked you.

Whatsapp amy sometimes occupy a lot of space in your phone due to images that are downloaded during auto-download mode is on.


These were some methods to know who has Blocked you on WhatsApp. So just check them if you have any doubts regarding being blocked on WhatsApp.

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