6 Ways to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On Error

In today’s smartphone-dominated world, your iPhone shutting down is equivalent to being shutting out from the world. When this happens to your iPhone, before going on to the panic mode of buying a brand new phone, there are several options that you may consider to fix the iPhone. One such widely spread error is iPhone Won’t Turn On. And here in this article we present you with many options and tips to go around the problem and restore your iPhone back to normal.

The first thing that needs to be determined is whether the problem is with the hardware or the software. If it is a software problem, then it’s easier to troubleshoot the problem on your own compared to hardware issues, which often requires service from trained professionals.

How to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On

Charge Properly

One of the most common reasons for this is the lack of charge. So, when you are faced with this problem, your first option is to charge your phone correctly for some time (at least 15-20 minutes) before trying switching it on again.

Your phone may not charge, which can be an issue with either your phone, charging or charger. To verify the culprit try charging your phone with someone else’s iPhone charger. If it charges and then switches on, it solves your problem and also points out that you need to change your phone charger.

Charge iPhone
Charge iPhone

But, if your phone still does not charge, try charging someone else’s iPhone with your charger to confirm the working condition of your charger.

Once confirmed that your iPhone is charging but still not turning on, then consider the next options mentioned in this article.

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Display Issues

One of the issues that people are often confusing with iPhone not switching on is the display not working. After trying to switch on your phone, if you keep hearing some sounds when you press the home button, it might be that your display has stopped working and needs repair.

You should also connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. (NOTE: If iTunes detects, then back-up all the data in your phone right away). After detection, perform a factory reset using iTunes.

Performing a Hard reset

Software issues can manifest as frozen screens often leading to your iPhone getting frozen in a black screen giving the impression that it is not turning on.

You can connect it to your computer or a hard reset can solve this problem as it clears some of the phones memory (storage remains untouched and unaffected). Follow these simple steps to perform a hard reset of your iPhone:


Performing a Hard reset on iPhone
Performing a Hard reset on iPhone
  1. For older iPhone (before iPhone 7), press and hold the Home Button and the on/off button for some time. For iPhone 7, you will have to hold down the volume down and on/off switch.
  2. The reset begins after 10 seconds of holding the buttons. At first, the Shut-down slider will appear, and as you continue to hold down the buttons, you will eventually see the Apple Logo, which indicates that your phone has reset and now starting up. (NOTE: if after 20/30 seconds, the phone still doesn’t reboot, these are signs of significant problems).

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DFU Mode

Putting your phone in the DFU or Device Firmware Upgrade mode can help solve your problem of iPhone won’t turn on. Just follow the following steps:


DFU Mode
DFU Mode
  1. Plug in your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable
  2. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds, before letting both goes.
  3. Now Press down the Home and on/off switch for 10 seconds.
  4. While holding the Home button, first release the on/off button and continue holding the Home button for a further 5/6 seconds.
  5. Your screen should go black and enter the DFU Mode. iTunes will then give you instructions to proceed further.

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Proximity Sensor Reset

Although an uncommon problem it might be so that for some issue with the proximity sensor. Which is responsible for turning off the screen of your phone. When your face is near it, your phone has permanently blacked out.

Proximity Sensor Reset
Proximity Sensor Reset

If your iPhone does turn on after the hard resets, you might want to consider resetting the proximity sensor to rule out the possibility. Directly go the General Settings option of the Settings app and reset all settings.

Physical or Liquid Damage

Physical or Liquid Damage is a crucial clause that decides whether your Apple warranty holds up. Thus before walking into the Apple showroom, do a thorough inspection of the outside of your iPhone to detect any damages.

Apple may ignore minor injuries, but any significant damage may cause your warranty becoming null and void. Physical damage is easy to identify, but water damage can be a tricky thing to find out. Such issue is also very difficult to deal with. As a water spillage as long as a week ago can be causing problems now.


By this point, after trying out all these options, you should’ve either got your iPhone turned on or at least figured out what can be the exact issue and seek professional help to solve it.

If you do not have any liquid or physical damage, and your phone is under warranty. Then rest assured that Apple will repair your phone and cover you with the charges. We hope that at the end you will be able to fix iPhone won’t turn on.

If you have got any other troubleshooting options that users can use, we’d be happy to take your advice.

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