Intake And Exhaust Fans : Quick Guide For Techies

Have you ever felt your pc getting overheated abnormally? Is this happening after you have modified your pc? Don’t worry. In this blog, we will tell you all about Intake vs. Exhaust fans. And whether you need to install the Intake and Exhaust fans.


Techyhost will guide you on installing the fans so that you can get better performance and avoid overheating. We will discuss the adverse effects of overheating are intake and exhaust fans. And how you will install them. We will also inform you what are the aspects you have to look while buying a CPU fan.

First, let’s learn the effects on your pc due to overheating.

Effects Due To Overheating 

Overheating is one of the major issues that almost every electronic have nowadays. Eventually, it leads to destroying the parts on your computer. So, if you face the issue of overheating, it’s better to resolve it as soon as possible.

Here are some of the specs that get destroyed due to overheating.


If the processor gets overheated, then the pc will slow down. Hence the programs will take a lot of time to load. Moreover you will have to experience lag in doing any sort of work.


So it’s essential to provide proper ventilation to pc through intake and exhaust fans.

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When the pc is getting abruptly heated, it drains a lot of battery. It leads to overheating and depletion of your computer’s health

battery intake and exhaust fans

If this continues for long, the battery gets damaged and can no longer be used. In that case, a new battery needs to be bought.

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The motherboard is the most crucial spec of your computer. If the pc gets overheated, it will eventually slow down the pc. It is advised to install Intake and Exhaust fans to prevent the motherboard from getting destroyed.

Install intake and exhaust fans to prevent all the issues mentioned above and ensure a healthy life for your system. 

Installing good quality Intake and Exhaust fans is a very effective remedy for overheating.

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What Are Intake And Exhaust Fans?

A heatsink is installed in every CPU. The heatsink removes the heat from all the components. If this air is not removed, then the heat remains inside the enclosed CPU. This leads to even more heating. So, it’s very important to remove the heat. This is where intake and exhaust fans come into existence.

In simpler words, the Intake fan’s main task is to bring in the fresh air. While Exhaust fans task is to remove the heat. In this way, the ambient temperature inside the CPU and pc can be maintained.

intake and exhaust fans

You will find four screw holes at each corner of the CPU. It’s essential to place the fans strategically to get better coolness. An intake and exhaust fan are both identical. You need to put them appropriately to bring in cool air, and another drives out the hot air.

Installing Intake And Exhaust Fans 

We will teach you how to position the fans to provide the best air to the pc. The most effective way of placing them is that the stream of air starts at intake and ends at the exhaust fan.

An intake fan must be installed at the front of the CPU. And exhaust fan should be at the back of the CPU. In this way a PC fan setup is done.

intake and exhaust fans

Please follow the image we have provided to understand better installing them.

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CPU Fan Direction

Now, if you are confused about the CPU fan direction while installing it. Let us tell you that all intake and exhaust fans have the same direction.

It depends on how you are going to place it. If you put the open side on the outside, the airflow direction will be inwards. If you place the grill side on the outside, the airflow will be inwards.

cpu fan direction

It’s a pretty simple mechanism. Please follow the image above for better clarification of the CPU fan direction.

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Choosing Fans

It is very crucial to choose the right fan for your pc. You should keep some things in mind while buying the fans. Now let’s look at the factors:

chhosing intake and exhaust fans

Case Compatibility

All Intake and Exhaust fans are not of the same size. And all the cases in the CPU are also of not equal length. So choosing the proper intake and exhaust fan should be done based on the adjacent screw holes’ distance.


RPM stands for Revolutions per Minute. More the RPM better will be the spinning of the fan. This will lead to better cooling of your device.


CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It defines the amount of air that can shift in a minute. Better CFM means better airflow. It is one of the major aspects you need to check before buying CPU fans.


dBA represents the decibel statistic. Please buy a fan with low dBA because the more the dBA more the sound will be. This may also result in degrading the pc health.


A lot of the fans come in 3 pins. However, a lot of times, there are 4 pins fans for putting in the CPU. So, first check what type of pins your pc support and then buy.3 pins


So first, ensure all the aspects before buying Intake and Exhaust fans for your pc.

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Now it’s time to answer some of the most asked questions regarding Intake and Exhaust Fans on the internet.

How much does a CPU fan cost?

A good CPU fan costs about $50. Investing that amount is quite fair for your pc.

Is it necessary to have Intake and Exhaust Fans?

CPU fans are very necessary to keep your pc healthy. If you are a lot into coding or video editing, or gaming, you must have intake and exhaust fans by now. Buy the best CPU fans from here.

Is it a must to have SSD?

If you do a lot of gaming or video editing, you must install SSD. Also, install intake and exhaust fans to get better productivity. Please read our blog to know how to install them.

We believe we have cleared and answered all your queries.

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In conclusion, installing Intake and Exhaust fans will guarantee better longevity to pc. Please follow our instructions carefully to install them on the CPU. But if you face any queries regarding these fans, please ask us in the comments section. And you will get our help. To get more tech solutions and solve tech bugs, follow Techyhost.

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