How To Win Solitaire Easily | 5 Simple Tips And Tricks

Solitaire is one of the most liked and played card games with various variations that make it a favorite time pass activity of people of different age groups. However, don’t consider it just a leisure time game; it is also a brain game, best known for its decision-making and mind-building capabilities that make it stand out. Most people consider it one of the pioneer games of the current age, but this is not true. Solitaire has a legacy of its own. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips and tricks to learn how to win solitaire.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft introduced its current version in 1990 with Windows 3. However, this was not the beginning of it. Traces of Solitaire have been found in 17th-century carvings. But 1990 was the beginning of a new era of solitaire where it turned into a sensation and the most used application of Microsoft. learn how to win solitaire

Does it mean playing solitaire is an easy feat? Well, no!

There is a reason why solitaire is called a brain game. Playing and winning solitaire can exert pressure on your mind, and you need to sharpen your brain cells. On top of that, every variation has slightly different gameplay than others. You can only win some games with the same formula. So, you are not alone if you also struggle while playing solitaire. But I have good news: you can increase your chances of winning by following the tips and tricks below. Also, click here to play best delicious games in order.

Techniques To Learn How To Win Solitaire

Here are some hints and techniques to make playing solitaire less difficult:

Better Have Multiple Alternatives

Solitaire has different levels: entry, mid-level, and expert. The entry-level is easy to play if you know the rules. However, many people lose on this level too. The reason is simple: wrong step choices that leave you with no option to make a move. That’s a rookie mistake!

better have multiple alternatives to win solitaire

Usually, rookies focus on creating a pile of cards without planning about revealing face-down cards. Result? They usually need more options to make a move. So, before piling up cards, it is better to reveal face-down cards to create multiple alternatives to avoid any dead end.

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Handle Tableau Piles Carefully To Win Solitaire

So how to win solitaire? Another common mistake is focusing on building one single tableau. That doesn’t help you in any way except giving you mental satisfaction that you have collected cards from King to Ace. But does it help you out in winning the game?

handle tableau piles carefully

Well, not really! So, instead of jam-packing one tableau, focus on all tableaus and handle them strategically. However, moving a pile of cards from one tableau to another helps you reveal a face-down card, then moving the stock and piling a tableau is a good idea. Also, click here to learn house building games.

Watch Out, Ace and King Cards

Aces and Kings are the showrunners of the Solitaire card. You can only put cards on the Foundation if you put the Ace first. Similarly, you can’t put on King another card.

watch out, ace and king cards

So, try to reveal Aces first so that you can start building Foundation and keep the game rolling. You need to take care of the lack of these power cards as soon as possible to stay in your tracks.

Don’t Vacant A Tableau Column To Win Solitaire

It is understandable if you like to fill up Foundations as soon as possible. But if filling up a Foundation means emptying a whole column without having a King card to fill the empty slot, this is a terrible idea.

tableau column

It can give your game a significant setback because only the King can fill that empty slot, or your whole column will remain uselessly empty until you reveal a King to fill it. See? That’s the reason why solitude is called the brain game. So, keep your brain active and avoid this blunder. Read this article for best online chat Room Games.

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Choosing The Right Color Order Is Important

While making a pile of cards in columns is a matter of choosing the right color of King. Before going with any King, ensure the rest of the revealed cards comply with your selected King’s color. For instance, if you choose the black King but haven’t yet revealed the red Queen, it could be the beginning of your downfall. So, selecting the right color of cards is also an essential victory-defining factor that you should consider if you want to add more wins to your score.

Places To Play Solitaire

Now you know secret tips to increase your probability of winning. Next, you might be wondering where to play the game and how to win solitaire. Well, you have three options: 

  1. Play on a laptop by downloading Microsoft Solitaire Collection. However, it gets tiring to stick with a chair for hours. Moreover, it only has five variations. So, in this condition, the second option might help you. microsoft solitaire
  2. The second option is to download an app. You can play the game offline as well. But what if you need more space in your cell phone?
  3. Due to many problems with the above two situations, many people opt to go with the third option: play on online sites. You need good internet; the rest is bliss and glee.

Here are a few sites to play different variations of solitaire with unique features and graphics:

Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss is a blissful place for card game lovers, where they can find around 30+ solitaire variations. The fantastic features available in each variation are like a cherry on top that takes fun to another level.

solitaire bliss

You can customize cards and backgrounds, play with solvable-only mode, track your score, play everyday challenges, and much more without fee or registration. So, this site is the best if you need help knowing where to begin. Want to play the best 2d games? Read This.

Brainium Solitaire

They have focused on making the card game fun, entertaining, and effortless. Brainium Solitaire has brought innovation to the world of solitaire with its unique take on the game.

brainium solitaire

That’s why it has subtle sound effects and soothing animation. Moreover, you can choose different levels from Draw 1, 3, and Vegas based on your abilities and mood.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Who can forget the iconic Microsoft Solitaire? The starting point from where this whole Solitaire mania began. But now, Microsoft Solitaire variations don’t come as separate games like they used to in the previous Windows. In Windows 10, they come as a package in the suite called Microsoft Solitaire Collection. You can download it online and install this whole suite to enjoy all the iconic Solitaire games without any hurdles.

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In conclusion, we have discussed top 5 tips and tricks to learn how to win solitaire. Playing challenging games is an excellent way to train your brain and build cognitive abilities and decision-making skills – just like solitaire. However, it can be challenging for rookies to make a smooth start. So, it is better first to know the game’s rules and then learn some tricks that guide you to win the game without many hurdles. Using the advice provided above when playing solitaire will improve your game skills. I wish you luck! Also, read this article to play free MAC games.