How To Use Twitter Voice Tweets | Complete Guide

Since 350,000 new tweets are sent to the network every minute, increasing interaction on Twitter becomes difficult. Voice tweets, which allow users to add audio clips to their profiles, were introduced by Twitter to boost interaction on the platform. Here is a complete guide to know about how to use Twitter Voice.

Using Twitter Voice can be done in a few steps. In the Twitter app, tap the “Tweet compose” button in the bottom right corner. Select “Voice” from the menu. Give Twitter permission to use the speaker if asked. To begin recording your conversation, click the purple play button.

Read on to find out more regarding how to do voice tweets, how they’re changing, and how digital marketers may utilize Twitter to its fullest potential.

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Describe the Voice Tweet

You can capture your voice as an audio clip and transmit it in a tweet using Twitter voice tweets. Here is a summary of how it functions:

  1. You can record approximately 140 seconds of audio. It’s okay if you need more time. Continue speaking, and a fresh voice tweet will instantly begin to record.record button in twitter
  2. To end the recording, press or tap the “done” icon.recording done on twitter voice
  3. Send your voice tweet(s) from the composer panel, just like you send a standard voice tweet

Your existing profile picture on Twitter serves as the placeholder picture for the audio. Users can listen to the audio attachment by clicking on this image.

After listening to your Twitter Voice Tweet, users can respond in their preferred manner, whether that is by composing a response, spreading your message, or visiting your website. Consider the Twitter Voice feature your chance to make yourself noticed among the sea of 280-character tweets.

Before you begin voice tweeting, there is one thing to keep in mind. Although if you later change your profile photo, the image that accompanies a voice tweet won’t be altered. Before you begin voice tweeting, ensure you are satisfied with your photo. By doing this, you can maintain consistency in your messaging and make it simpler for users to discover you in the future.

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Exactly Who can Use Twitter Voice Tweets?

Only the OS app for Twitter has access to it, but don’t worry if you use voice tweets Android or the desktop version of Twitter. You’re about to get voice tweets. voice tweeting

  • Tweets cannot currently be quoted or replied to using voice. It is only accessible for unique tweets.
  • You’ll require more than one discussion when you have a great deal to say. There is a 25-voice tweet restriction for each thread.
  • You require more room than 25 tweets. Making a brief YouTube video and tweeting a link to it is preferable.

Although voice tweet summaries are not now available, Twitter intends to make them so that more users can benefit from voice tweets in the future. Do voice tweets work for direct messages? Not at the moment, but if voice tweets are well received, we should anticipate a release in the future.

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Twelve Ways How to Use Twitter Voice

Are you prepared to use audio tweets but need help determining where to begin? Here are 15 creative uses for Twitter voice feature and some pointers for producing quality voice tweets.

Enhance your Brand’s Personality

Yes, because sincerity is the key to it all. Voice tweets quickly give your brand a more genuine and sincere sense, and 86% of customers choose businesses with these characteristics. brand personality

Here’s how to use Twitter voice feature to strengthen your brand’s identity.

  • Designate one or more team members to tweet out voice messages. Make sure their tone aligns with your objectives.
  • Review the engagement of your voice tweets. Are people retweeting or replying to your tweets? If not, rethink what you’re tweeting.

Develop your Company

About 50% of individuals who follow a company on Twitter go on to make a purchase. It is free advertising because there is no cost associated with tweeting.product development through twitter

The following ideas will help you incorporate voice tweets into your plan:

  • Keep messages brief and straightforward if you need to express your point fast.
  • Add sound effects or catchphrases to strengthen your brand’s messaging.
  • Finish by including a call-to-action (CTA), such as a link to your website.

Sell your Product

Since roughly 54% of millennials use social media sites to study products, voice tweets offer a fantastic way to promote your key goods. sell your product through twitter How to use Twitter Voice as promotional tweets to their full potential? It’s not simply about your voice, though. Everything comes down to your company’s voice; that’s why it’s crucial to develop a cognizable and enduring personality.

Publish New Products or Features

Marketers are using Twitter to introduce their newest goods and services. However, effective marketers know how crucial it is to differentiate themselves from the competition and discover fresh approaches to draw attention. new product launch in twitterVoice tweets are a great way to highlight your and your goods’ distinctive qualities in this situation.

Publish Brand Giveaways

Consider leveraging the magic of the voice tweet to promote your most recent contest since everyone enjoys a good prize.giveaways via twitter

Here’s how to promote the prize on Twitter after you’ve chosen it.

  • Set a donation target.
  • Make your objective a CTA.

Interacting with Clients

Do you know that 64% of people look forward to brand engagement on social media? Personalize user interaction and respond with voice tweets. meeting new clients twitterUsers are more likely to select you over rivals if you give them the impression that they are important to your business.

Providing Customer Service

Described here is how to do Voice Tweets for assistance:customer service through twitter

  • Include the person’s name in response to add a personal touch to your customer service.
  • If you only have particular times while you’re online, attach a voice tweet with a rundown to the head of your profile.

Clarify the Business Policies

Here is how to use Twitter Voice to clarify business policies. Audio tweets should be brief, to the point, and memorable, even if you only have 140 seconds to work with. In other words, they’re a great resource for swiftly outlining corporate guidelines.voice tweet clarify business policies

  • Use Twitter voice tweets to reiterate important rules, such as shipping regulations and customer service hours.
  • Include links to pages on the site or more in-depth social media posts.

Respond to FAQs

If voice tweets for company policies are effective, then FAQs should also be.faqs voice tweet

  • Conduct a series of audio tweets responding to 10–15 frequently asked questions in one thread.
  • To make the thread easier to find, pin it to the head of your Twitter page.
  • With another call to action (CTA), conclude the discussion by asking for responses with queries you’ll address in the same thread.

Boost Client Loyalty

The questions you respond to and the messages you send add up. client loyalty via twitter Over time, they develop a sense of trust in your company, which increases client loyalty.

Requesting Customer Feedback

Why not ask customers to Voice Tweet their opinions? Positive comments can be quoted or retweeted, then shared with your followers. customer feedback through twitterVoice tweets “humanize” product and service feedback for your intended audience, which could eventually lead to higher conversion percentages.

Tell Stories

The following are some reasons to utilize voice tweets to promote your brand and increase your following:tell your brand story with twitter

  • The sharing, loving, and retweeting that great tales inspire will increase your following and brand visibility.
  • Stories allow you to defend your values and highlight important things about your business. Users may be impressed and inspired to visit your page as a result.


Do all people use voice tweets?

Every person can view and listen to voice tweets in their feed, whether using iOS, Android, or a PC.

How do I locate my voice tweets?

Voice tweets are played in a new window that docks to the bottom of your screen, which is a cool feature of Twitter. People can view your voice tweet in their feed and other tweets by tapping Tweet. Users only need to tap the graphic that includes their profile photo to hear a voice tweet.

Can you tweet back in voice format?

Tweets cannot currently be quoted or replied to using voice. It is only accessible for unique tweets. You'll require more than a thread if you've a lot to say. There is a 25-voice tweet restriction for each thread.

How much time could a voice tweet last?

You can record up to 140 seconds of audio for each voice tweet. If you go over that time restriction, Twitter will start a new thread and record a further audio clip.


Now you are aware of how to use Twitter Voice. Utilizing voice tweets to establish your brand and locate your target makes using Twitter for online marketing worthwhile. Select a compelling profile photo and decide on your brand voice before you start tweeting. Once you’ve mastered this, utilize voice tweets to boost interaction and humanize your brand on social media.

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