How To Upload Video On Pinterest Instantly [Complete Guide]

Pinterest only supports photos by default. You can download videos from other websites like YouTube and pin them to your Pinterest board. So how to upload video on Pinterest will be discussed here. 

You can instantly upload videos on Pinterest by creating pins, dragging pins, including URLs, and dropdown videos. Therefore, be careful to convert since standard user accounts won’t have this choice.


Here’s how to publish videos to Pinterest and convert your account to a business account for free. It’s very easy to publish a video to Pinterest, and the procedure is similar to uploading a conventional image Pin. To post a video to Pinterest, follow the instructions provided here. 

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Video Specifications On Pinterest

The platform has a specific criterion for videos that is extremely straightforward to meet.

As soon as you choose to upload a video, they appear for How to add videos on Pinterest.

These are the specifications:

  • You can upload an H.264-encoded.mp4 file. h.264-encoded.mp4
  • The allowable video file size is 2 GB at the most.
  • It can last for 4 seconds or 30 minutes.

Additionally, the site offers you some recommendations for how to upload video on Pinterest:

  • Keep them brief—10–20 seconds at most.
  • The video should have a 240 PPI resolution.
  • The recommended frame rate is 25 FPS. It would help if you used a square (1:1) or vertical (9:16) scale for the photography.

If you’ve ever produced videos, you know that these requirements are quite standard. Even your smartphone camera will be enough to fulfill these standards. Most of the films you should produce should be simple to pin, so it becomes easy to find someone on Pinterest.

Now that we know who to contact, we can take care of the video requirements. Moving on, let’s discuss how to post videos to Pinterest.

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The Process To Add Videos To Pinterest

It’s very easy to publish a video to Pinterest, and the procedure is similar to uploading a conventional image Pin. To get started how to upload video on Pinterest, take these actions:

  1. Select “Create Pin” from the dropdown menu after selecting the + sign in the top-right corner of your screen. create pin
  2. Then you can build your video pin using the same process as you would for an image pin.
  3. To upload your video, drag it into place or click. upload your video
  4. How to upload video to Pinterest? Save the Pin from your website (or make a Rich Pin).
  5. Pinterest prefers pins saved from your website, but you must ensure that your website and your Pinterest account are genuinely linked.
  6. Include your title and description. Remember to conduct some simple keyword research and include a final 1-3 pertinent hashtags. add hashtag
  7. Include the URL of your destination webpage. url
  8. If you want to upload your Video Pin immediately, choose “Publish Immediately” or pick “Publish later.publish
  9. When you’re done, choose “Publish,” and then, from the top dropdown menu, choose the board to which you want to pin the video.

How to upload video on Pinterest? Additionally, you can monitor the effectiveness of your Pin using Pinterest Analytics or your Pin stats.

Note: It will probably take a few hours after creating your Video Pin before it is published because Pinterest needs to check the content to make sure it complies with their Community Guidelines.

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Pinterest Video Tips

We have tips for you if you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial on uploading videos to Pinterest.

Make The Video Brief

How to post video on Pinterest? Although you can upload a video to Pinterest up to 30 minutes long, you should keep it short. The platform advises videos between 10 and 20 seconds in length. Users will only stay to view a five-minute or longer video

Your content needs to be pitched quickly and engagingly if you want it to be effective.

videos to a maximum of 2 minutes in pinterest

Sometimes a video’s message needs more than 20 seconds to be understood. We advise keeping videos to a maximum of 2 minutes. Make sure the information is compelling all the way through.

Establish Your Brand First

Start your video with your branding rather than saving it for the finish. According to a study, if your brand presents to the audience within the first three seconds of the film, they are likelier to remember it.

establish your brand first

Even though Facebook conducted the study, Pinterest can still benefit from it. It has to do with how users engage with videos on social media.

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Pin Your Instagram Stories

How to post videos on Pinterest? If you combine Pinterest with Instagram, you will gain a lot, especially after sharing video pins. Since the video requirements for both networks are essentially the same, you can pin any Instagram direct message video and stories you create.

combine pinterest with instagram

The best thing is that since Instagram only allows 15 seconds per post, stories are always brief. The video you pin will therefore be brief. By doing this, you may think about both platforms while you shoot a single video. One video will be used for both platforms, saving time and effort.

Use Pinterest To Expand Your Social Media Presence

You can increase your followers on social media sites by using Pinterest. You can pin YouTube and Instagram videos with a link in the Pin. How to upload videos on Pinterest from the gallery?

increase your followers on social media

Therefore, it influences the spectator through content while also guiding them. To increase visitors to your website, you can take the same action. You can link to and direct traffic to any location on the internet using the option to add a link to your video pin.

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How do I add an image to a Pinterest video as a thumbnail?

You can choose a thumbnail image while Pinterest uploads the video. You can upload a bespoke image or use a thumbnail image that has been taken, just as on YouTube. Going the personalized way and enhancing the photograph with a title and graphic will make it stand out. Whew! Nearly there. Just two steps remain: That first stage is easy to understand.

How may a pin be added to Pinterest?

Select Add a Pin, visit the Pinterest website, and log in to your account to get started. You can also access your Pinterest account by starting its mobile app. Also, You can access your Pinterest profile from its home page. You can access your Pinterest profile from its main page. To access your Pinterest account, click the profile symbol at the top of the page.

How can I upload a video to Pinterest?

Click the + button in the top right corner of your screen to log into your Pinterest account, then select Create Pin. The next screen will appear so that you can upload your video. They have provided all the specifications to the right of the upload box.


We hope this article has been helpful because it’s quite an easy task. You can publish content that includes descriptions in the form of images and videos. Through pinning, you can then share the content with anyone on Pinterest. Ensure the material of the video you shoot is interesting and of excellent quality for how to upload video on Pinterest.

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