How To Turn Off Focus On iPhone | Best Methods In 2023

If you’re anything like me, trying to focus on something else while using your iPhone is impossible. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, or simply a text message, your iPhone can be a significant distraction. Here’s how to turn off Focus on iphoneHow to disable Focus on iPhone so that you can resume your previous activity.

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You need to know how to turn off focus mode on your iPhone if you mistakenly turned one on since you might not be able to see your notifications or answer calls. The best methods can be Removing Focus, Configuring and deleting features, using the control center, disabling focus status, and more. 

However, there are other settings and modes that you can customize, and these are comparable to the privacy options on apps like Instagram and Messenger’s activity logs. Further, for a final solution, you must read the article to know How to turn off Focus on your iPhone. 

Update: iOS 16

Methods To Turn Off Focus On iPhone

Let’s discuss some methods to turn off Focus on iPhone mentioned below.

Using Control Center

Control Center is the easiest place to start if you want to disable any Focus mode.

  1. Get your phone’s Control Center open. On iPhones and iPads, slide up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center. Tap the top-right corner of devices without a home button and swipe downward.control centre
  2. In the tile below the orientation lock, you can see the name of the Focus that is now selected, such as Do not disturb, Personal, Sleep, Work, etc. you can disable the Focus by tapping the Focus icon.

You can also tap the Focus label to display an alternative selection of focus modes. The selected one will stand out as active. To disable it, tap on it.

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You Can Add And Remove Features

How to turn off Focus on iPhone? Play along and activate Smart Activation whenever the recommendation urges you to do so to cease the Focus Suggestions, for example.

After that, disable the option by going to Settings -> Focus -> Focus Mode -> Smart Activation. You should no longer receive the same Focus suggestion. 

focus in setting

Remain consistent while using additional focus suggestions. Play along, but quickly go back and alter the settings.

Focus Unlinked From The Lock Screen

In iOS 16, Apple added the capability to connect lock screens with Focus modes. Therefore, if you turn on a lock screen, its associated Focus will likewise turn on. To permanently turn off Focus, you must unlock it from the lock screen.

How to remove Focus on iPhone, follow these steps to turn off focus mode on the lock screen.

  1. For the notification panel to appear, swipe down from the top edge. notification panel
  2. To see the Customise button at the bottom, touch and hold any empty spot on the panel.
  3.  To edit it, long-press on the Lock screen as well.lockscreen
  4. Scroll through the lock screens by sliding right or left until you find the lock screen from which you wish to unlink a focus
  5. Tap on the focus name at the bottom. The list of Focuses that are available will appear. To break the link, tap the selected item.

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Focus Can Be Disabled Using Settings

You can also turn off your device’s Focus in the Settings app on an iPhone. Open the iOS Settings app and choose the Focus option to accomplish this. Choose the Focus you want to turn off from the focus screen.

focus off

To turn off the Focus, tap the (green) toggle next to the focus name on the following screen. Leave the transition alone if it has already turned gray. The chosen Focus has been turned off.

Remove The Focus

How to turn Focus off iphone? On iOS, launch the Settings app and choose the “Focus” section to remove a Focus. When a Focus is disabled, iOS will no longer be able to activate it, but if you’re sure you won’t be using a Focus you’ve already set up on your iPhone, you can delete it to erase it.

  1. From the Focus panel, choose the Focus you want to delete.


2. Following, select the ‘Delete Focus‘ option by tapping it at the bottom of the next screen after continuing to scroll down.

Your device will no longer have the selected Focus permanently deleted.

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Using Siri, Turn Off Focus

You can use Siri to switch off your iPhone’s active Focus if you like utilizing it.


Say, “Turn off Reading Focus,” for example, if you want to make reading the default focus. Turn on Siri, and then say, “Turn off XYZ focus,” where XYZ is the Focus’s name.

Disable Focus Status

Turn off Focus on the iphone by disabling Focus Status. It enables Messages to show a status indicating you have turned off notifications. You can accomplish it as indicated below if you want to disable the Focus status rather than the complete Focus.

1. Click Settings, then select Focus.


2. Scroll down and hit Focus status on iOS 16. The toggle adjacent to the Focus whose status sharing you want to turn off should be turned off. focus status

3. Tap on the Focus in iOS 15 whose Focus state you want to turn off. After that, tap Focus status and deactivate the Share Focus status toggle. For each Focus, you will need to turn it off separately.

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What does iPhone's Focus mode do?

You can define boundaries and minimize distractions by using the focus feature. When you need to focus on a specific task, you can create a custom Focus or modify one of the pre-existing Focus options, such as Work, Personal, or Sleep.

Are concentration and Do Not Disturb the same thing?

Specific app notifications can be managed using the Do not disturb and Focus modes. When the modes are active, it is possible to block notifications, delete any open notifications from particular apps, and prevent any additional notifications from appearing.

What distinguishes the iPhone's concentration and do not disturb modes?

As previously reported, Focus, which replaces Do Not Disturb in iOS 15, is an effective solution to stop being bothered by iPhone alerts. Focus may still be found in the Settings app in the second group of icons from the top, and it uses the Do Not Disturb emblem with a crescent moon.

Do calls stop while the Focus mode is on?

It is functional with the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple laptop and can be found in the iOS 15 version. In addition to serving its primary function of assisting you in maintaining your concentration while working during the day, you can use it to block annoying callers.


Users sometimes mistakenly turn on Focus Mode; however, because it is more complex than the Do Not Disturb mode, it has contributed to the perplexity for some users who may discover it set on. Here, how to turn off Focus on iphone will not bother you

Learn the basics of using iPhone Focus profiles like a pro. Learn how to turn off notifications. Once you understand how to customize the focus mode for your purposes, it’s okay. 

This post lets you know the easiest and best ways to turn off Focus on your iphone.

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