How To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 11 [Complete Guide]

The article is about How To Take Scrolling Screenshots In Windows 11. There are various approaches to taking a scrolling screenshot in Windows 11. It would help if you utilized third-party software for each of them. Such a tool’s versatility would be useful in various settings and applications.

scrolling screenshot in windows 11

Spreadsheets, websites, Twitter conversations, and other things are examples. You may utilize In the Google Chrome browser, In the Microsoft Edge browser, Use ShareX to take scrolling screenshots.

While Microsoft has long provided the Snipping Tool for Windows users to take and annotate screenshots, it currently needs help to capture scrolling screenshots. However, some desktop programs and third-party browser add-ons can capture windows scrolling screenshots. This article will tell you exactly how to take scrolling screenshots. So, keep on reading.

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How To Take Scrolling Screenshot 

Here is a complete guide on taking screenshots in your windows 11.

Use GoFullPage In Chrome

How To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 11? Chrome browser users can snap scrolling screenshots with the free GoFullPage plugin. 

Additionally, the plugin offers a variety of choices for screenshot capture, editing, and sharing with online services and well-known websites. We will demonstrate how to use the extension for you.

  1. Firstly, If it isn’t already open, start the Chrome web browser first. Visit the GoFullPage extension page on the Chrome website. Click “Add extension” from the pop-up menu. gofullpage
  2. Secondly, the new extension is hidden in the overflow menu in Chrome. Putting the extension on the extension bar is advisable. To accomplish that, select “Extensions” and “Pin” next to the GoFullPage extension. pin extension
  3. How To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 11? The extension is pinned on the extension bar as soon as you do that. 
  4. You can use it from here, just like any other extension. Of course, you can use the same procedure to add an extension to your Chrome browser’s favorites list.
  5. Then, visit the website you wish to save. You should then click the GoFullPage extension icon. When you do that, the extension takes screenshots of the scrolling page.  taking screenshot
  6. The add-on displays a short Pacman animation. After that, the webpage scrolls as it is screenshotted. Do not click or hit keys. It might stop the scrolling screenshots of Windows 10 and 11.
  7. A new tab is launched when the screenshot has been taken. By selecting the “Edit” option, you can change the screenshot. You can apply borders and padding, add stickers, crop the image, add shapes, and more. edit screenshot
  8. Select the “Download” option in the top bar to save the snapshot.
  9. The extension requests your permission if this is your first time using it. Then, in the “Requested for extra permissions” dialogue box, click the “Allow” button. This will give the extension the rights it needs to save the screenshot. extra permissions
  10. The plugin will save the scrolling screenshot in windows 11 as soon as you grant it access. It can be located in the Downloads folder.
  11. You can adjust a setting to save the screen capture automatically to avoid clicking the download button for missing drivers in windows each time. After that, select “Settings” from the top bar’s menu to do it. Alternatively, you can “Options” by right-clicking the extension icon. option
  12. Scroll down to this section and check the “Auto download files” box. The modification is automatically saved. How to screenshot the full page?  auto download files
  13. Lastly, the GoFullPage extension saves the screenshot it has taken by default in PNG format. You can convert it to JPG format if necessary. Choose “JPEG” from the “Image Format” dropdown menu. Also, if you have an Asus laptop, you can take a screenshot.

Get: GoFullPage extension

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Use Edge To Take Awesome Screenshots

Users of Microsoft Edge can capture a scrolling screenshot using the wildly popular Awesome Screenshot add-on.

How To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 11? If you’re unaware, the Awesome Screenshot add-on has many features. It enables you to take screenshots, record videos, edit them directly in the browser using robust annotation tools, share them with well-known websites, publish to cloud services, and store them locally. The Chrome browser has access to the same add-on. Let me demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Edge browser’s add-on.

  1. If it isn’t already open, launch the Microsoft Edge browser. You can access the Start menu or the Edge taskbar icon. After that, you must open the Awesome Screenshot page on the official Edge Add-ons website. Click the “Get” button here. In the confirmation window, click the “Add extension” button. awesome screenshot
  2. Then, click the Awesome Screenshot add-on icon after installation. The add-on can take screenshots and videos, as I mentioned earlier. Go to the “Capture” tab since we want to take a screenshot. To take a scrolling screenshot window, choose “Full page.” After that, from the “Save image to” dropdown option, choose “Local.” The screenshot may then be locally stored on your hard drive. 
  3. The add-on will take the screenshot as soon as you select the option—the webpage scrolls as it is being screenshotted. Please do not click or press any keys. It might stop the screenshot process from scrolling to update software for windows. To show the status of the screenshot, the add-on will show a progress bar. full page
  4. The Awesome Screenshot Edit box is automatically opened after taking the screenshot. So, you can edit and change the screenshot using the provided annotation tools. 
  5. You could, for instance, add shapes, and text, blur delicate areas, crop, etc. Click “Done” when finished modifying the image.
  6. The download screen will appear as soon as you click the Done button. Click the “Download” button here. If necessary, you can upload it to the Awesome Screenshot online service for immediate sharing or save it to the cloud.
  7. As a result, You will receive a permission request if this is your first time using the Awesome Screenshot add-on to save a file. So, to proceed, click the “Allow” button. allow
  8. By scrolling and clicking the “Save” button in the Save As window, select where you want to save the screen capture.  save
  9. When you do that, the screenshot is immediately saved to the disc. You can find it in the area you previously selected.

Get: Awesome screenshot Extension

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Can Snipping Tool Take Screenshots of Scrolling Windows?

Depending on your screen size, Windows' default Snipping Tool lets you grab what's on your screen. You may need help to scroll to fill a window.

Which screen capture program works best with Windows 11?

The greatest screen capture tool, Tweakshot, is an all-in-one program that takes screenshots of many kinds of screens, scrolling screenshots on Windows 11, and YouTube videos. It is a capable program for taking screenshots and recording videos that also enables picture editing, cloud uploading, and other features.

How do I snap a screenshot of a long scroll?

Use TweakShot Screen Capture in Windows 11 to snap a lengthy screenshot. Take long scrolling screenshots with the aid of this potent screen capture tool.

What is the Windows 11 screenshot procedure?

There are various approaches to taking a scrolling screenshot in Windows 11. It would help if you utilized third-party software for each of them. For instance, you can use an extension to capture a web page. Use native Windows software like ShareX to take a lengthy screenshot in any application.

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To sum up, It is remarkable that the Windows operating system still lacks such a fundamental feature after all these years. This should address by now, yet it still needs to be. How To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 11? On a Windows computer, scrolling screenshots is fortunately very easy, thanks to the abundance of browser extensions and desktop programs. Above all, these tools are portable, cost nothing, and are simple to use.

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