How To Stream Local Channels On Firestick | Complete Guide

Amazon Fire TV Stick is an innovative device that can turn any TV with HDMI into a smart TV. It upgrades the level of home entertainment by providing us with a wide range of movies, web series, apps, games, etc. The Firestick is portable, and you need to pay for the stick. There is no monthly subscription to use it. When you are on a trip and want to watch your favorite shows in your hotel room, you don’t need to carry your TV along with you, and you need to remove the fire stick from your TV and connect it to any other TV. The fire stick will have all your installed apps and games. So, let us see how to stream local channels on firestick in this article.

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How To Stream Local Channels On Firestick

We need to install a few apps to stream local channels like Zee TV, Star Sports, SAB TV, etc. on firestick. I have listed two ways that will fulfill your need to watch local channels on your Firestick.

how to stream local channels on firestick
how to stream local channels on firestick
  • The first one is for those viewers who want local media of a specific network.
  • The second method is for those viewers who wish to subscribe to all local channels.

How To Stream Local Channels Of Specific Networks

If you are a casual watcher of local channels and watch only a few tracks of a specific network, this method is for you. You will need to install the OTT app of that network to view their channels. The steps to install an app in fire stick are given below:

  •  Make sure your fire stick is connected to the internet.
  • Select the “Apps” option on the top of the screen.
  • Press the down button from the remote to enter the apps menu
  • Select the “Featured” option 
  • You will be able to see the app you want to install
  • Select the app by pressing the center button
  • You will see the “Get” option if you haven’t previously downloaded the app and the “Download” option if you have downloaded the app previously. 
  • Select “get” / “download” button 
  • After downloading is completed, select the “Open” option to launch the app

Alternatively, you can try this method for how to stream local channels on firestick too.

  • Select the search icon on the top left side of the screen.
  • Press the down key to open the search menu
  • Search the app you want voice search or by typing using the directional pad
  • Install the app by selecting “get” / “download” option
  • Launch it by selecting the “open” option

Here I have listed popular OTT Apps for your convenience to find what you need. You may have to pay for a subscription to access all the shows, web series, and movies in it. 


You can watch Sony India Network channels live on this app, and there are web series, movies to watch too. The app even allows you to watch sports programs like UFC Fight Night, UEFA Champions League, WWE Specials, etc. You can also view programs which were broadcasted earlier. It also provides the latest episodes of shows of Sony channels like SET, SAB, etc. 


Zee5, you can watch all the Zee Network Channels live. You can also watch movies and web series on it. It also provides a wide range of channels in regional languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, etc

Disney + Hotstar

You can watch a few News channels live in this app, but it doesn’t allow live streaming of Star Channels. You can still watch the episode after they are broadcasted on TV. Along with Star Channels, you will also get to watch movies and web series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. IPL is one of the biggest reasons to buy a subscription to Disney + Hotstar.

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Voot provides channels from Viacom Network 18 like Colors, Comedy Central, Colors Infinity, etc. The app not only provides live streaming of shows but also provides movies and web series. It also has channels in regional languages like Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, etc. 

 Epic On

Epic On provides channels of IN10 Media like Epic TV and ShowBox. It gives multiform entertainment not only just by movies but also with podcasts and e-books. 

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It will show channels of the Discovery network. There are live channels like Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Turbo, etc., available to watch. There are documentaries, short clips about science, animals, and DIY clips too. Discovery+ is excellent for kids as they will learn a lot about Science by watching these shows.

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How To Stream Local Channels On Firestick: All Channels

If you want to watch all local TV channels regardless of which network it belongs to, buying a subscription for every network could be costly, and you still won’t have the convenience to browse the channels. So you need one app which includes all if not most of the local media. I recommend using “Jio TV.”

If you have a Jio sim card or Jio Router, then a Jio TV subscription comes free along with it. So you won’t even need to pay for a subscription.

Jio TV is not available in the Apps Section of the fire stick. So you can’t install it. Follow the below steps to learn how to stream local channels on firestick.

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection 
  2. Go to the ” Settings ” menu 
  3. In ” Settings,” go to ” My fire TV.”
  4. From there, select “Developer Options” and turn on ABD Debugging and Apps from an unknown source.
  5. Press the home button on remote
  6. Go in search option from the top left corner of the screen
  7. Search ” Downloader ” app
  8. After installing it, search ”” for downloading the Jio TV app
  9. After downloading Jio tv, you need to download the mouse toggle app. If you have first gen fire stick, search this in downloader ” “, you have second-gen, 4k, lite fire stick search this ” “
  10. Open mouse toggle app and enable USB debugging, and in the app, turn on mouse service
  11. Press the home button and open Jio TV from the home screen and you can sign in with your mobile number and enjoy all TV channels provided by Jio TV

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So, that was all about how to stream local channels on Firestick. I really hope this article was helpful to you and you learnt how to stream local channels on firestick. Let us know what you guys think about us in the comments below. We are eager to hear from you!:)

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