How To Save One Page Of A PDF | Do It In 2 Minutes!

If you are into preserving the quality of your extracted page from a PDF document, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will help you get a specific page from a PDF with a huge volume of pages. You will also learn about the benefits and limitations of splitting pages from a PDF file. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to know how to save one page of a PDF easily. 

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What Is LightPDF?

LightPDF is a multifunctional platform that can be accessed any time of the day as long as you are connected to the internet. This browser-based program offers comprehensive functionalities such as converting, editing, merging, password-encrypting, digital signing, and many more.

Today, let’s explore its splitting function, which helps you extract one page from PDF or get certain pages in one document. If you are hesitating to do it because you are worried about compromising the original content and formatting of your document. Calm yourself down, for this program will preserve the quality of your file. In fact, it will not consume much time and energy to perform this task.

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How to Save One Page of a PDF Using LightPDF?

Follow the guide below to learn how.  

  1. Visit the LightPDF official website and click the PDF Tools. Choose the Split PDF function on its menu, and the program will instantly redirect you to the splitting panel. lightpdf
  2. On LightPDF’s Split PDF webpage, hit the + button to upload the file you want to save a single page from the PDF document.
  3. After the PDF has been uploaded, the application will give you the option to either select which pages to separate or extract all of the pages into a PDF.extract pdf
  4. If you only need a certain page or pages from the document, you can set the page range on the Select pages to extract option. 
  5. Meanwhile, if you want all the pages on the PDF to be extracted into a single PDF, choose the Extract every page into a PDF option. After choosing between the two options and configuring the page range, click the Split PDF the file
  6. Wait for a few seconds, and the program will process your file immediately. You can now save the result to your device by tapping the down arrow button.

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Benefits of Splitting PDF Into One Page

Many PDF users are not aware of the benefits of splitting PDF pages. Apparently, it boosts productivity and efficiency in managing PDF tasks which LightPDF promotes. There are more scenarios in life that you will realize how important to split and extract pages from a document. Well, some of them are as follows: 

  • You can save so much space on your device when you save one page of PDF or get the only essential parts of the document. In this way, you can have a smaller file size that is easier to store and share.
  • When you get important pages, it will be more convenient to navigate the file with fewer annotations and bookmarks.
  • The lesser the pages of the PDF document, the more it is easier to handle and make modifications when needed. 
  • You can also easily convert your file into another format without worrying about exceeding the file limitation of the converter tool that you will use. 

What Are The Restrictions On Saving One PDF Page?

Extracting a page from a PDF file has some restrictions that you should be mindful of, especially regarding confidentiality and privacy concerns. We have listed some of them so that you will be aware next time. You encounter errors or restrictions when you want to split and save a page from a PDF.

  • A password-protected PDF cannot be edited or extracted. You should unlock it first or ask for access permission from the owner of the document.
  • You cannot also split PDFs or perform any editing action to a read-only file. This file format only allows users to view and read the PDF.
  • Most of the tools offered in cyberspace have a maximum size limit in splitting pages in a document. In this case, you really need a powerful PDF editor like LightPDF to accommodate large files and accomplish this task well.


Now that you know how to split and save one page from a PDF, you can enjoy the benefits of using this function. As mentioned above, LightPDF is one of the intuitive solutions to help you extract a particular page from the document without damaging the entire content. Before breaking pages from your PDF, you should be aware of the constraints.

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