How To Report Someone On Reddit? Complete Guide

If you have been looking for how to report someone on Reddit as some Reddit members may irritate you to the extent wherein you feel the need to report them or block them. So here, you will learn how to report a person on Reddit by reading this post. 

You may quickly report a user on Reddit using Chrome or the Reddit mobile app. If you’re using a mobile phone app, you may report a user’s inappropriate comment by launching the app, choosing the user’s profile icon, and then hitting the report button. After selecting the three dots icon, you will notice a “Report” button. To complete reporting, click the “Report” button.

Anyone can post comments or quote on Reddit, and the posts that receive the most votes are kept. Yet, like other sites, there will always be individuals that spam and intimidate others, necessitating having to report the offenders. This article is for you if you’ve attempted to notify or report a Reddit member but were unsuccessful. It has outlined how to submit a report on Reddit and provided three different ways you may do it. Learn more about how to report someone on Reddit by reading on! You may also find out why is score hidden on Reddit

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What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a platform for social sharing. Users contribute text, images, and links, which everyone votes on.

redditThe greatest posts rise to the top when downvoted content gets less visible.

How Does Reddit Works?

Reddit is a huge website that is divided up into numerous smaller communities called subreddits. A subreddit is nothing more than a board with a certain topic as its focus. Each one, including, begins with Subreddits often have their aesthetic, set of guidelines, and expectations.
When you visit Reddit (without logging in), the homepage shows a feed of the most popular posts from various subreddits (“subs”). A post’s URL, full-sized picture, and comments are visible by clicking its title to open it.

workingEach Reddit post and the comments on a post has a score shown next to it, in addition to an arrow up and a downward arrow. You may upvote or downvote stuff with these. They are not, however, “agree” or “disagree” buttons.
Theoretically, upvoting indicates that you believe a post or remark should be seen by more people or that it advances the discussion. By downvoting a post or remark, you express your opinion that it is not important enough for others to read.

This straightforward approach and a few invisible algorithms determine what gets popular on Reddit. A post could appear on the main page of Reddit if it accumulates enough points in its subreddit.
You receive karma for upvotes on your posts and comments. On your profile page, this score is presented as a number. This is merely a figure with no actual relevance, even though it is intended to indicate how much a user has given to Reddit.

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When Should One Post A Reddit Report?

Reddit may not have the same severe rules as other platforms, but it does have a content guideline that users must abide by. For this reason, it has moderators that often review members’ subreddits and delete objectionable material from the forum.
As the moderators cannot guarantee that all incorrect comments will be removed, they provide a report option that enables users to submit any content that they believe to be inappropriate. The following are some reasons to report a Reddit user:

  • Bullying, harassing, and threats.
  • Remarks that urge people to harass or intimidate others.
  • Remarks that call for violence.
  • Disseminating another person’s private or sensitive information.
  • By posing as someone else, one attempts to trick others.
  • Sending unsolicited emails.
  • Utilizing Reddit to solicit cash and other gifts from people.

postingNow that you know some data, Reddit will accept it as a report. You may report a user on Reddit using one of the three techniques listed below. That is why you should read on to know how to report someone on Reddit.

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Methods For Reporting A Reddit Member

By accessing Reddit in an internet browser and implementing the instructions below, you could report a personal message received by a Reddit user:

  1. Click the envelope or messages icon after you’ve opened Reddit.messages
  2. Click the “Reddit Report” link beneath the message you wish to complain about. Determine the reasoning for reporting the reddit report link
  3. Press the “Submit” option.submit request
  4.  Click the “Block” button to prevent further communication with that individual, as Reddit advises. It is very easy reporting a Reddit userclick block button

Making A Report Using A Desktop

To report a remark on Reddit when using a desktop browser, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your Reddit account in a browser such as reddit
  2. Visit the Reddit thread that uses the objectionable term.
  3. Click the “full comments” tab underneath the post to view all comments. Choose “Report” next to the particular statement you wish to on reddit
  4. Choose the justification for reporting the remark, then press the “Submit” reportReddit will advise you on what to do while you wait for them to take action on your complaint once you’ve submitted it. Choose “Block” to prevent the individual from contacting you. So easily report a user on Reddit.

Report Using The Reddit App For Mobile

As detailed here, Android users may report offensive content using the Reddit mobile app.

  1. First, open the Reddit reddit
  2. Choose the Profile icon from the home screen. Visit the post containing the inappropriate remark you want to report.choose profile icon
  3. Hover your mouse over the three-dot icon beside the comment you wish to report.
    submit request
  4. Choose “Report” from the drop-down menu. Make your selection based on the justification for your reporting.issueAt the bottom, a notification will state that you have reported the remark to Reddit. This is how to report someone on Reddit on a mobile app.

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On Reddit, am I able to report a user?

Yes. Users can submit comments on Reddit that they believe are hurtful or improper by using the report button. Next, choose the appropriate cause by clicking the Report option below the objectionable message. Furthermore, ban that individual on Reddit if you don't want to receive their messages.

I reported him on Reddit, but will anybody know?

No. When you report someone, Reddit doesn't notify that individual. When Reddit conducts an investigation, they act appropriately if they discover that the individual has broken the content guideline.

What occurs when someone is reported on Reddit?

Users can notify a community's moderator team (anonymously) and Reddit moderators of a violation that contravenes the community's guidelines or Reddit's Content Guidelines by filing a report.

Will Reddit file a police complaint against you?

Suppose Reddit does have a good faith opinion that disclosing the information is essential to stop imminent death or significant bodily damage to a person. In that case, Reddit may do so without a court order and in line with relevant laws and the Terms Of Service.

How can I flag offensive Reddit content?

You must follow these steps to report offensive comments and posts on Reddit: 1. Access Reddit. 2. Go to the article or comment you want to complain about. 3. Press the button marked with 3 dots in the post's lower right corner. 4. Choose a Report.

How long does a permanent Reddit ban last?

The time frame for temporary suspensions is fixed. Reddit will resume normal operation when the suspension period has passed. The prior suspensions will be considered in future breaches of the content policy. Suspensions that are permanent last forever.

Why are Reddit accounts suspended so frequently?

If you break Reddit's content policy, your account can be suspended. Reddit suspensions are mostly justified, but occasionally they can be arbitrary. The system may be flawed, or you may have been falsely reported. Another possibility is that you were falsely accused of anything after hacking your account.


Reddit is a useful platform for meeting new people and gaining global connections. You could occasionally see something that offends you and is against Reddit’s content policy, which is unfortunate. You can protect yourself by knowing how to report someone on Reddit.