How To Open A Msg File Without Outlook | Top 4 Ways

Are you looking for information on How To Open A Msg File Without Outlook? It is the most frequent problem when a user wishes to examine MSG files without Outlook.

Here’s one way how to Open A Msg File Without Outlook: Convert the .msg file to a universal format, such as .eml, using online conversion tools or third-party software. Here is a guide on free Rar file opener software for Windows.

This blog will describe How To Open A Msg File Without Outlook. However, we’ll review the recommended procedure for opening Outlook MSG files outside of Outlook. Read the entire blog to get answers to your questions.

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Describe MSG Files

You can store an email as an email-name—msg by simply dragging and dropping it from the Outlook desktop client to your desktop. However, MSG files are used to save individual Outlook emails. The file contains the text of the email and any supporting metadata.

msg files in outlook

The email’s sender, recipient, send date, and time, among other attributes, are all stored in the email’s metadata. It is easy to open MSG files without Outlook, even though Outlook is inactive. However, having Outlook set up makes it much more manageable.

4 Best Ways How To Open A Msg File Without Outlook

Now, we are going to discuss the top 4 ways.

Manually Open an MSG File 

  • After reviewing all the possible outcomes, read the section below explaining how users can access and view MSG files manually. manually open an msg file
  • Therefore, users must convert the MSG file extension. Msg to.html to open MSG files. You may open and examine an MSG file in a browser after changing the file’s extension.
  • To change the extension of MSG files, refer to the section below:
    –> The email file that needs to be saved in HTML should be chosen.
    –> Select Save As Alternative and the HTML software and file extension after clicking the File button.

Users can see MSG files manually using the approach described above, but only after changing the MSG files’ extensions to HTML ones. This method will not assist users in converting the attachments, making it difficult to view MSG attachments.

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MSG Files With Attachments

  • Users can now open MSG files directly in Outlook email applications using the drag & drop feature. Currently, viewing MSG files is not possible.  msg files with attachments
  • It is impossible to see such files without a third-party tool to convert the MSG file to another file format and access them independently. And then access the contents inside the MSG file because the MSG file is not a simple text file.
  • An illustration of this would be to convert MSG files to PDF files, which are subsequently read to retrieve the contents in Adobe file format. 

It can assist people in effortlessly resolving How To Open A Msg File Without Outlook.

You may access MSG files with attachments without installing Outlook. View each Message file in various ways, such as in the header, hex, or property views. The typing software automatically finds MSG files. Change between a horizontal and vertical message view.vSelective PDF export utilizing conversion methods from MSG.

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Outlook Web App Use

The built-in MSG file reader in Outlook or OWA (Outlook Web App) makes it simple to open MSG file attachments from within your Inbox. 

  • The quickest way to open an MSG file from is probably right here.
    1. Write an email with an attached MSG file from, and then open the file in Outlook.
    msg file
    2. Any modern web browser and OS, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, will function with this simple method.

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Utilizing Third-Party App

There are other ways to Open A Msg File Without Outlook on your desktop, though, if privacy and security are issues.

Despite being available for MacOS, the official Outlook software does not support viewing MSG files. It is so because Windows’ ecosystem functions differently from Apple’s. Therefore, as we explained, you can choose between using a third-party program or the Outlook online app.

  1. On your Windows or MacOS computer, download and install the MSG File Viewer Tool from The free version is adequate and works with Outlook 2019 backward.
  2. Use the sidebar to navigate to the folder where Microsoft Outlook saved the MSG file. You can view the email at the bottom by selecting the one you wish to read—msg file.
  3. Choose the email whose contents you wish to examine. There are no adverts and no usage restrictions on the app.

As you can see, other programs can read MSG files besides Outlook. On your computer, use these to open any MSG file because to view this data, you don’t need to install it. Any equipment on our list can complete the task swiftly and efficiently without cost (note that some have trial periods).

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How does Outlook open MSG files?

Microsoft Outlook is the most extensively used email client service. Outlook stores data in a variety of file types. An MSG file cannot be opened as easily as a text file. The Outlook MSG file contains data which only MAPI-type application can access.

How do I access MSG documents?

Directly viewing how to open MSG files is not possible. The MSG File is not a straightforward text file, so it is simply not possible to view such files without using a third-party tool to convert the MSG file to another file format, access those files separately, and then access the data contained in the MSG file.

In Windows 10, how do I open an MSG file?

In most cases, a double-click is sufficient to open an MSG file. However, for this to work, Microsoft Outlook must be selected as the default mail client. You can also right-click on the MSG file if you like. To preview the file, choose Outlook from the context menu's Open With option and click OK.

How can I open MSG files on a Mac without Outlook?

If you use a Mac, Softaken's MSG to EML Converter stands out from the competition since it enables you to browse MSG files without Outlook on a Windows or Mac computer. Without using Outlook, you can use this application to open MSG files and convert them to EML or EMLX files.

Why won't Outlook open MSG files?

Suppose understanding MSG files produced by hex editors is challenging. One of the following situations prevents an Outlook user from opening the MSG file: When Outlook is improperly set up. When the user does not have access to the file, the MSG file cannot be opened error occurs.


To sum up, we address the topic of ” How To Open A Msg File Without Outlook” in this article. Manual methods are time-consuming and ineffective frequently. Users may effortlessly and hassle-free solve the problem by using the software. Utilize the tool’s trial version if the user is still unsure where customers can convert 25 files without paying a cent. Users can buy the software for extra capabilities and unrestricted access to Outlook MSG files.

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