How To Install Spectrum App On Samsung TV in 9 Steps | 2023

There’s no doubt that the entertainment industry is at its peak in the world today. In the current day and age where OTT platforms are the prime streaming channels, the Spectrum TV app comes to our rescue. Let’s see how to install Spectrum app on Samsung TV. Spectrum TV app is an online streaming platform. It allows all its users to access and watch On-Demand content, live TV as well as your favorite shows. It’s an application-optimized to be supported on various platforms and devices, including Apple devices (like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV having IOS 12.0 or higher). It also supports Android devices, Xbox one models, Google Chromecast, and Samsung TV.

Now watch from a comprehensive list of options that come with a detailed channel guide. And select from the most popular channels like HBO, Max Originals, STARZ, EPIX, and many more. Samsung is known to be one of the biggest brands for TVs that are popular for being flexible and compatible with various apps. Spectrum TV app is one such app that You can easily use on the Samsung TV.

spectrum app on tv

However, before knowing how to install Spectrum App on Samsung TV, make sure some basic requirements are fulfilled. 

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Requirements Before Installing Spectrum App On Samsung TV

The Spectrum TV app is only supported on models dated 2012 and later of the Samsung smart TV. And Smart TV Orsay and Tizen operating system models, which are very similar to the Android operating systems with a simple and basic UI. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Install Spectrum App On Samsung TV

Much like Google Play Store, Samsung Smart Hub is used as the platform for installing and updating apps on your Samsung Smart TV. To know how to install Spectrum app on Samsung TV, make sure you have a stable Spectrum Internet connection, or a Spectrum authorized modem.

If you don’t have Spectrum credentials, then create your username and password before proceeding, as it takes 24 to 72 hours after login details creation for you to sign in. Follow these simple steps to learn how to install Spectrum App On Samsung TV:

  1. Please turn on your Smart TV, navigate through the applications menu to the app store, and click on it.
  2. You may also press the Smart Hub button on your remote directly.
  3. If you haven’t already signed in to your Samsung account, you may be asked to enter your credentials.
    sign in to your account
    Sign in to your account
  4. Type on the search bar of the app “Spectrum Smart TV.”
  5. Click on the Spectrum Smart TV app from the search results.
  6. Select the “install” button that will trigger the installation process."<yoastmark
  7. Once installation is complete, you may pin the app to your home screen. You can do this by clicking on the Open and Add to home screen option or directly open the app.
  8. After doing so, enter your Spectrum credentials to sign in to the app.
  9. Enjoy a wide variety of over 250+ live channels and 60000+ on-demand titles now at your fingertips.

And Voila! You have learnt how to install Spectrum App On Samsung TV.

Subscription Plans On Spectrum App

Now that you got to know how to install Spectrum app on Samsung TV, you might know the plans it offers as well.

All plans available on the Spectrum TV app feature an exclusive variety of live sports, the latest news, HD channels, and much more. You may select a subscription plan most ideal for you.

  1. Spectrum TV select: HD channels, over 125+ channels available for streaming, and on-demand titles starting at $44.
  2. All that TV Select plan offers top premium channels with over 175+ channels available for streaming starting at $74.
  3. Spectrum TV gold: All that TV Silver plan offers with over 200+ channels available for streaming starting at $94.

Features Available On The Spectrum TV App For Samsung TV

Now that you have successfully learnt how to install Spectrum App on Samsung TV, you might know its features as well. You can now watch popular channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, FOX, and many more in a simple package. Spectrum TV App also allows parental controls option, sorting channel lineup by name, number, multiple screens, guide listings, closed captions, and free HD. You may filter through the mini-guide on the Spectrum app on your Samsung TV to filter through genres, favorites, and recently watched channels. You can download the Spectrum TV app on multiple Samsung TVs of the same household. As a single subscription supports various devices.

features available on spectrum

However, certain features are not yet available for Samsung TV, like the Remote DVR manager, Spectrum receiver remote control, pay-per-view feature, and Spectrum guide. Channel availability highly depends on your location. Moreover, You can only access the Spectrum TV app if you are a resident of the US. 

What If My Samsung TV Is Not Smart?

What if your Samsung TV is not smart, but you wish to watch Spectrum app contents on your TV? And are you wondering on how to install Spectrum App on Samsung TV? Then you may use a Chromecast to cast the Spectrum TV app installed on your mobile or any other device. Make sure the device supports both the Spectrum TV app and Chromecast option. 

chromecast through pc

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In conclusion, almost every household in the world today has a TV. The coming generation has grown in smart devices, and the environment that runs on electronics dramatically influences us. Installation of Spectrum TV app, now with a version supported on Samsung Smart TV, is highly convenient and cheap. It comes with excellent streaming options that have the capability of allowing you to make the most of your Samsung TV.  Learn how to Install apps on your Mi TV from another article from our site. 

Therefore, I hope this guide on how to install Spectrum App On Samsung TV was useful to you! Have a great day!

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