How to Download Reddit Videos on iPhone | Top 3 Methods

This article delivers you a free manual on how to download Reddit videos on your iPhone securely. Using this guide, you can download the media to your iPhone storage in a moment.

The quickest way to save Reddit videos on iPhone is to download the app and log in to the account. Then choose the video that needs to be downloaded and select the menu option on the post’s top right corner. From the given options, choose ‘Save Video’, and the video will get saved to the camera roll.

An important tip to keep in mind: Make sure you do not use the media download from Reddit for earning money or monetizing it. It may lead to copyright violation; you have more chance of facing a lawsuit from the product proprietor. Be sure you don’t get into trouble by making this mistake. To learn more about downloading videos from Reddit on your iPhone, read further.

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3 Methods to Download Reddit Videos on iPhone

  1. Using the Reddit app on your iPhone
  2. Using the Reddit client application on your phone
  3. From the browser using a website


Using Your Official Reddit App on iPhone

It is rather effortless to download Reddit videos from the official Reddit app. This method shows you how to save Reddit videos to your iPhone securely using the app on your iPhone. First, make sure you have the app on your iPhone and log into your Reddit account. If you do not have an account, create one with a distinct username and password. Then open and choose the video you want to download from your feed.

reddit app on iphone

First, choose the video you want to save. Then, locate the meatball menu (…) icon, typically located on the top right of the post, and select it. A sequence of options will appear on your iPhone screen. From these options, choose “Share.” Depending on the available options, you may see multiple choices. Look for an option called “Save Video.” Selecting this option will save the chosen video directly to your camera roll.

Now you know the easy way to save Reddit videos to the iPhone’s camera. You can find the video in your library (camera roll) now. 

Ever wonder how to give Reddit permission to save videos on your iPhone? Saving videos on your iPhone would not require any permissions, whereas posting and sharing videos within the app may require approval to access your photo library.

Another application shows you how to save Reddit videos to camera roll iPhone effectively. The Reddit client app can be a viable option.

Reddit Client Application

The official Reddit application can be a decent app, but occasionally it comes with bugs and issues. You may desire a flawless app that can run Reddit. Reddit client apps can be a preferable choice for you. Because sometimes, videos might not be public for download if you need them. Reddit may not show the option to download, so you look for other prospects to download video to iPhone. That is where Reddit client applications come in. If you prefer it to the official Reddit app, you can pick from one of the client apps.

There are multiple client apps for you to choose the functional one for you. They are Slide, Apollo, Narwhal, and Comet. These apps are available for iOS and work well on every iPhone. Every app functions the same and does the same actions as other applications. Among the list, Slide for Reddit is a popular client on Reddit. The slide is an entirely separate application available for both iOS and Android. It allows you to log in to your Reddit account and use your account the same as the Reddit app. 

People prefer to use Reddit client apps because they are much more interesting-looking than the original application. People will always choose more attractive features and options that enable them to utilize them effectively. The slide can allow you to download video to iPhone.

Make sure you have the Slide app on your iPhone and choose the post you want to download.

Then follow the steps:

  1. First, click on the Reddit video you want to reddit videos using client
  2. Clicking on it will bring the video to full screen.
  3. Then tap on the download button at the bottom of the video.

download reddit videos using clientThere is no other step from this. It is the fairly simplest way how to save Reddit videos on iPhone. You can find your video in your iPhone’s camera roll now. Now you know the more explicit way to save Reddit videos to a camera roll iPhone. But it is not for you if you do not prefer to have separate applications for Reddit. If you choose other options, using a website can be better.

From the Browser Using a Website

Periodically you may not want to download a dozen applications to download a video from Reddit. Your phone would have run out of space, making it impossible to hold an additional application. Or, sometimes, your data may not be enough to download both the application and the video. So why pick this alternative when you can download it from a website in a minute?

This method works both on your phone and your computer. Since you will use the video link to download the video to your iPhone, you can use a web browser or the app on your iPhone. Just copy the link from Reddit and paste it into the open on any platform.

download reddit videoAfter choosing the video, you want to download, click on the share option and select the copy link. Go to the Safari browser, search, and paste the link inside the text box. Downloading will process the link; it will give you two options, HD and SD versions. Choose one of them, and it will begin downloading.

Now you can find your video in your downloads folder on your iPhone. You can leave it there or go to the location and save it to the library. This is one of the methods how to download Reddit videos on iPhone.

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What do subreddits mean?

Subreddits are subsidiary forums that anyone can form on any topic. Anyone can post or discuss the subject in the web forum. If you subscribe to the subreddit, you will receive updates about the issue. And you have the option to unsubscribe anytime you wish. Active subreddits categorized inside the Reddit platform should be opened by an account at least 30 days old.

Are there videos in Reddit?

Reddit is a social community platform that allows users to post pictures and videos. Either you can give access to the camera and record video within the app. Or you can provide access to your library and select a video from your camera roll. The formats allowed by Reddit are MP4 and MOV, and the maximum length should be 15 minutes.

Which is better, Quora or Reddit?

Quora is preferable if you desire direct point responses to your questions. It can be beneficial if you are serious about your questions, but Reddit, on the other hand, is a social media platform. You can have fun conversations with other Reddit users and get your answer on the account.

How do I put a video on Reddit?

Posting a video on Reddit is the same process, no matter what platform you are using. Click on the icon denoting a pen (it creates a post) and select the video from the video library on both platforms. Then select the post option to publish the video into your profile. Now it is available for your followers to see.


Now you know the three ways how to download Reddit videos on iPhone effortlessly and securely. Three of these methods are effective; one might be faster than the other. Overall, three of them are effective methods and work well in every way. If you’re willing to delete your Reddit account on the whole, we have a separate article for that. Click here to know how to make a subreddit on the phone.

Make use of these methods, and if anything goes wrong, comment below, and we will help you.

Thank you for reading!