How To Download Reddit Videos Android? [Clear Tutorial]

You may have encountered the website “Reddit” while browsing the internet. It’s a platform enabling people with related interests to discuss and curate the most excellent material online. You will know how to download Reddit videos Android.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to download Reddit videos on Android:

  1. The Reddit post’s link should be copied if you want to download it.
  2. Use the clipboard icon to paste the link into the Viddit app after opening it.
  3. To start downloading the video from within the app, tap on Download.

You may have seen original and reposted content on Reddit if you’ve been a frequent user. Users cannot directly download the videos published on the platform using either the Reddit Android app or the web version. Read below to learn more about how to download Reddit videos on Android.

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How To Download Reddit Videos Android?

Here are a few methods for downloading Reddit videos Android.

Using Reddit Downloader App

You may download Reddit videos through the Reddit video downloader app on Android.

  1. The Viddit-Video Downloader for Reddit is available from the Google Play Store.viddit
  2. Search for the video you wish to download by opening the Reddit on reddit
  3. By selecting the Share button, choose Viddit from the share viddit
  4. Watch for the video to download while you wait.downloading in viddit
  5. The Viddit folder under Download on your phone’s storage will get the downloaded video.
  6. From the app, you may share it wherever you choose.share options

Download Link: Play Store

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Using Third-party Reddit Apps

How to download Reddit videos on the phone? You may download videos directly from the platform with several of these solutions. Like Facebook, Reddit has various unofficial clients that provide extra capabilities through third-party Reddit apps. The well-known program Joey for Reddit allows you to download movies from Reddit in the manners described below:

  1. Joey for Reddit App may be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.joey for reddit
  2. Open the program, then sign in using your account.reddit login
  3. Obtain the download Reddit video app you desire by visiting. Play by touching it.
  4. On the playback screen, click the Download video
  5. Whenever requested, grant access to the storage system.grant access to storage
  6. The notification will connect you to the video once it has been downloading
  7. Joey saves the video by default in the internal storage of the phone’s Pictures> Joey’s directory.

Utilizing Websites 

The alternative is to utilize websites that let you download Reddit API content. This is the simplest method because no additional software needs to be installed. You only need to complete the video post URL.

  1. Open the website and go to the Reddit post with the video you want to download.
  2. By tapping the Share button, you can copy the link.copy link from reddit
  3. Go ahead and launch your browser and navigate to (now video downloader
  4. Copy the video link, then click “Download.paste link
  5. Click Download HD Video once the following page has hd version

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Using RedditSave

How to download Reddit videos Android? On the free service RedditSave, you may download videos for any device. RedditSave is the most dependable solution out of the dozens of websites that promise to be able to download Reddit videos.

Additionally, it saves videos with the audio intact, unlike some downloader websites. It offers a bot version you can use directly on Reddit and an extension for Chrome and Edge. To apply it:

  1. Please search for the Reddit post with the video you want to save, then tap or click the Share button at the article’s bottom to access on reddit
  2. Choose Copy Link or Copy from the pop-up menu.copy link from reddit video
  3. Enter the link from the RedditSave website in the text box at the top of the page, then click Download.redditsave
  4. Once the video has finished processing, click one of the download URLs. It provides you with Save the HD or SD versions.
  5. Depending on your device, the video will either begin downloading immediately or prompt you to do so. file downloadingSelect download videos from the Reddit app from the menu.
  6. You may find the Reddit video you saved by looking in the Downloads folder on the device.

Using A Screen Recording

How to download videos from the Reddit app? The screen recording function built into your device can also be used to use something other than a website. This method requires video editing to cut out the few moments you are fumbling with the controls, but it is free and straightforward.

  1. To start, launch Reddit on your device and prepare to watch the video you want to on reddit
  2. Start your screen recording when you’re ready, then start the movie. screen record
  3. End the recording once the video has finished. edit videoSee Also: How To Download Reddit Videos On IPhone | Top 3 Methods


How can I get Reddit videos onto my Android device?

On your device, open Reddit and navigate to the video post you wish to download. A pop-up menu will appear where you can choose Copy Link. Click Download after pasting the Reddit video's URL. Open in your preferred browser.

Can I download Reddit videos?

Copy the URL of the Reddit video using the 'Share' button or copy from the address bar. On the RedditSave website, paste the copied URL and click 'Download.' The newly loaded page shows the video's title, preview image, audio level, and download options.

Does Android support Reddit?

The official Reddit app is a straightforward, user-friendly choice that covers the essentials. Given that you don't have to grant access to your Reddit account to a third party, this is the ideal option for Android users concerned about privacy and security.

How can Android users store Reddit videos?

Access the Reddit post where the video you want to save is located. By tapping the Share icon, choose Viddit from the Share Sheet. The Viddit program would retrieve the post's link, analyze it, and locate the video file. The processing of the movie could take a few seconds, but once complete, it will automatically save the video to the Android phone.

How can I download Reddit videos?

Reddit Downloader apps can be used to download Reddit videos on Android. Even though the Google Play Store has many options, we'll be using Viddit in this instance. You can download and install Viddit- Video Downloader for Reddit from the Play Store. Open the Reddit thread to find the video you want to download.

Why won't videos from Reddit play?

Look into your internet connection. There must be a steady internet connection for anything to load on the Reddit app, especially photographs and videos. The app may only respond altogether if your signal is patchy. Move closer to your Wi-Fi router or connect to another internet signal if that doesn't work.

How do I watch videos on Reddit?

Using the Search bar, you may locate your Reddit videos. The former Reddit design has a search bar in the upper right corner. On the new Reddit layout, it is in the centre of the top area. When you search, Reddit will display posts from users, posts, and subreddits.


It was all about how to download Reddit videos Android. You might find videos that you wish to keep when looking for Reddit. While you may instantly save an image using the Reddit app, videos cannot be saved by default. These are a few methods for downloading Reddit videos to your Android device discussed above. Click here if you cannot listen to the sound on the Reddit app.