How To Download Embedded Videos Easily | 2023

After a tiresome day at work, you are home browsing through the internet. All you want is to do is have a quiet time and relax. You come across a cute cat video so cute that it lightens your mood, or maybe a video that proves you were right in that argument you had with your best friend, or perhaps a video that teaches you to make the perfect tea. But the video is posted up on a site that doesn’t allow you to download it. So, it is necessary to know how to download embedded videos easily.

We come across several pictures and videos in our day-to-day internet lives that successfully pique our interest. Instead, you could not download the video but bookmark the address and return it whenever you want. But your internet access is limited, and you feel like you cannot live any longer without seeing the video over and over. Perhaps it’s something educational that you want to see more than once to understand, or you may want to show this to your child or your student. But how would you do this? Here we would be discussing how to download embedded videos easily.

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Screen Recording

The most obvious way of how to download embedded videos easily would be to screen record the video while playing it on-screen. In most smartphones, tablets, as well as PCs, the feature comes with the OS, or there are multiple apps you can download from your device’s app store that lets you do the same for free (apps like screen recorder for Windows and Android and web recorder for iOS).

screen recording ios

But what if you are stuck in traffic or have an annoying dog that wouldn’t stop barking? You’d probably end up having loud barks every time the cute cat mews. Moreover, it takes time and effort to correctly record and edit the video with its proper beginning and end. You may even get a call while registering and have to redo it all over again. More often than not, you might even start cursing the website, the cat, God, and even me for advising you to screen record it by the time you are done. One of the easy ways to do it is through Open Broadcaster Software, easy-to-use open-source software that saves the recorded video into your “videos” folder.

Direct Download from Websites

In most cases, for websites that don’t have an exclusive download button for videos,  right-click on the video and choose to save the video as or ctrl+S.

direct download from chrome

But this will most certainly not work for most video sharing platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo. This is how to download embedded videos easily.

Browser Extensions to Download Embedded Videos Easily

Multiple browser extensions are available for different web browsers that allow you to download embedded videos easily. You need to download and then add the extension to your browser, and voilà!! You now have the power to download videos online at your fingertips. There are extensions available to help you download videos from different websites, though many might not work for YouTube. But not to worry, since other browser extensions let you download YouTube videos. 

Video Download Helper for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

First extension for how to download embedded videos easily is Video Download Helper. It is an add-on available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for MacOS users. It has a complete list of sites that it works on, and you can download videos from YouTube and Vimeo with the help of this browser.

video download helper

The download and conversion process is easy, and you can watch your favorite video in any format you like. 

Free Video Downloader for chrome

It works for almost every site except those that actively try to block extension-based downloads. It lets you download multiple videos simultaneously and even create playlists with your downloaded videos.

free video downloader

Besides these, extensions such as YouTube Video Downloader and YouTube Downloader Tool allow you to know how to download embedded videos easily. But downloading YouTube videos with attachments can still prove to be a slippery slope.

Using Apps for your Android Device to Download Embedded Videos Easily

If you use an android and want an application to let you download embedded videos easily to watch, multiple android applications allow you to do so. 

  1. Advanced Download Manager
  2. Tube Mate for you to exclusively download YouTube videos.

You may not get these apps directly from the play store. Instead, you may have to search and find the apk files from other websites using your web browser and then install it.


  • VLC media player lets you download online videos directly onto your computer. All you have to do is:

vlc player

  • Open VLC media player
  • Go to — Media -> Open Network Stream (or Ctrl+N
  • This will open a new dialog. Open the Network tab in this dialogue and enter the URL of the video you want to download. (You can get the URL by simply right-clicking on the video and choosing the copied URL of the video). Hit Play. This will play your video.
  • Now go to – view -> Playlist(or ctrl + L) and select your video from the Playlist, right-click on it and select save. This will open another dialogue where you can choose the format, quality, and location to store the video.

Online Tools to Download Embedded Videos Easily

Lastly, In the list of how to download embedded videos easily, is online tools. If you are using your work computer or the ones from your school computer lab, you probably wouldn’t have permission to add browser extensions. In such a case, different online tools would be of use. Please copy and paste the URL into them, and you now have your video.


An easy-to-use website.


It lets you download embedded videos by pasting the URL of the video into the search bar of the website. 

Visit y2Mate

KeepVid pro

keepvid pro

Just paste the URL, and this tool helps you download videos from over 1000 websites, including YouTube and Facebook.

Visit  KeepVid Pro


These were some of the user-friendly hacks on how to download embedded videos easily. We hope you liked them, and would use them in the future. Whenever we see a cute video on the internet and want to save it, or maybe something insightful that grabs your attention, these hacks are your go-to!