Delete Bumble Account | 5 Steps

This article operates as a step-by-step guide to deleting your Bumble account. After successfully finding a date, you may want to settle. Or you have a good enough relationship you would love to marry into. Or you have already married the date you found on Bumble. Now you want to stop looking for a partner. Now you ask yourself, how do I Remove my Bumble Profile from the dating site?

A deleted member in Bumble refers to a user who has chosen to delete their Bumble account, resulting in their profile and associated data being permanently removed from the platform.

You can start by learning How to Delete the Bumble Account from your life. However, we have an article on how to delete your Reddit account too. Take a peek if you need that information.


Bumble is an online dating application that serves as a partner-finding medium for people. You can use the mechanics of swiping left for ‘no’ and swiping right for ‘yes.’ If the other person finds you and swipes right for you too, you will get a match. This indicates that you both are interested in each other. And this is how Bumble works. This dating app based in the USA has helped millions find their partners.

bumbleYou may have decided “enough is enough” and want to think about how to delete your Bumble account once and for all. You can get messages and matches even if you have found your soulmate. Deleting just your application cannot solve this problem because your information will be online. If you stop using this service, it is better to consider deleting your account. Moreover, having your data on a site you’re no longer using can be a security threat, and it can sometimes attract Phishing. It is not safe for you.

This guide is the perfect place to find out how to delete a Bumble account. Follow these steps below correctly and get an idea of how to delete a dating app account. Let’s get started.

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Before Knowing How to delete Bumble,

Be certain you review your account for active subscriptions. If you are subscribed to Bumble’s premium subscription, you may want to cancel it. Or else you will be charged despite not holding an official account. So be sure to cancel your premium subscription and avoid getting charged for being single.

Delete Bumble Account | 5 Steps

You can Remove your Bumble Profile using the app on your phone. Make sure you are logged in to your Bumble account before moving on to the process. 

  1. Open the application on your mobile phone.
  2. There will be a profile button in the bottom left corner. Tap on the profile icon. Bumble will direct you to your account page, where you can edit your account information.bumble profile
  3. There will be a cogwheel button on the account page in the top corner (this button is located both on the right and left, depending on the operating system, iOS or Android). Click on it.bumble profile settings
  4. The app will list some options, including the “delete account” button next to the log-out button. Click on “delete account.”bumble delete account
  5. Then Bumble will prompt you with a pop-up to confirm the deletion of your account. Type the word “delete,” and Bumble will delete it.bumble type delete

Important note

Remember, this process is irreversible, and you cannot retrieve it afterward. You should know that deleting your account will remove all the information from the database. 

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Delete Bumble Application

Deleting the Bumble app itself can be one of the easiest ways to get rid of the service for a while. It is not the same as deleting the Bumble Profile. Even though it does not delete your information per se, you can take a break from the notifications. You can always return by reinstalling your application back into your phone and using it.bumble appBut the drawback is that you can have some notifications racked upon one another that have been unread. You will see more than a hundred matches at once. If you stop using it for a month, the count will be more than that. Sometimes you will forget about the account, especially after finding a long-lasting relationship. Leaving it on for years can be a bad idea for you.

Switching Off Date Mode

This process will show you how to deactivate Bumble. Switching on Date Mode will remove all the conversations and delete the matches you’ve made. Keep that in mind before switching on the mode, or you will lose your precious conversations. And importantly, it will be reinstated if you switch on the Data Mode again. Keep this in mind if you do not abide by these changes. And if you don’t want to lose conversations and matches, skip this step.

  1. Open the Bumble app and click on the profile button.
  2. Tap the cogwheel button that brings you to the settings pagebumble date mode
  3. There will be a ‘Date Mode‘ option on this page with a yellow slider next to it. Swipe on the slider, and it will switch off the Date Mode.

When the slider goes grey, it is indicated that the Date Mode is on. You can no longer retrieve your connections and your conversations with them. However, there is a way to keep the history and not use the services. You can switch on the Bumble Snooze.

Switching On Bumble Snooze

The other way to lay off Bumble without deleting your account will be to switch on “Bumble Snooze.” It is an option to turn off your account activity without making any changes to your account. It will not remove the conversations or your matches, and this option acts as a pause to your dating activity. Bumble Snooze is extremely useful when you do not want to lose your account.

Since you are getting tons of notifications from Bumble, you may want to take a break from it all. This Bumble Snooze option will disable all your connections to the service. This serves as a detox from your social life and focusing on yourself for a while. If you notice yourself using this service without any break, you may want to snooze yourself from Bumble. Snooze is like muting your device during work. The benefit of snoozing is that you will feel fresh when coming back. Without all the notifications and alerts, you will have a much more peaceful life. So when coming back, you will have the energy to get back into the social life. 

bumble snooze mode

Here is how snooze works in Bumble. Have your Bumble app updated to the latest version so the option works correctly. 

Open the settings in Bumble. You can see the ‘Snooze Mode‘ button right at the top of the page. Clicking on it will prompt you with four options: 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, and indefinitely. If your want to snooze for a day, choose 24 hours. Desire to be away from the app for three days? Choose 72 hours. If you want the app to mute for a week, choose a week.’ Finally, choose ‘indefinitely‘ if you want the service to snooze forever. It will stay snoozed until you switch it off yourself.

Quick note

And importantly, after clicking on one of the snooze options, you will be asked to set your status. The four options to choose from are “I’m traveling,” “I’m focussed on work,” “I’m on a digital detox,” and “I’m prioritizing myself.” These options can be helpful to let people in your conversations know why you have your service snoozed. Some people care about you, so they will worry if you are out of the radar for days. bumble status on chatChoose a status if you want to avoid that. But there is also an option not to set status. You can click on “no thanks” if you don’t want to display any status in your conversations. 


Why can't I delete my Bumble account?

You could not Remove your Bumble Profile because you are not the only user. If your friends are using the same account, deleting the account will also remove all of their conversations.

Does your Bumble account still show up after deletion?

No. Deleting your account will remove itself from Bumble, so you would not be able to see it. But if you have deleted only the app, you can log into it again in the application or the website.

Can a deleted user on Bumble come back?

Yes, of course, the deleted Bumble users can come back. But you could not use the Bumble Profile anymore. You may have to create an entirely new account to get back into the service to use the service again. Unfortunately, Bumble does not have any option to retrieve your account.

What does it look like when someone deletes Bumble?

If you delete your account, other users cannot see your profile anymore. But if the user has had a conversation with you, your conversation will still exist in their chatbox. But instead of your name, Bumble will display your name as a 'deleted profile' in their chats. Bumble would delete the conversation if they unmatched you.


Now you know How to Delete Bumble accounts from your social life. Following the above steps will remove all your data and history from Bumble. Make sure you know the risk behind this process before proceeding. Being a deleted member on Bumble means that you cannot access your account anymore. If you need to use the service again, you have to create a new account from scratch. Feel free to ask us anything regarding the process, and we will be able to help you. By the way, if you want to read deleted Reddit Posts and Comments, there are posts on our sites for that.

Thank you for reading!

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