How To Delete All Instagram Posts At Once [Complete Guide]

The article is about how to delete all Instagram posts at once. If you have hundreds or thousands of posts made on Instagram, it would be a huge chore to erase every single one if you had to remove each one separately. Therefore, knowing how to remove all Instagram posts has become essential! You can resume living a socially public life after having your Instagram photos deleted, free from any pressure or humiliation.

Bulk Instagram photo and video deletion are quite easy. To avoid wasting a ton of time removing content, you may either learn how to delete all Instagram posts or remove photos and videos one at a time. With the aid of the Your activity feature, Instagram offers a native tool that allows for the free deletion of multiple posts in bulk. You may delete posts.

delete all instagram posts

No matter if the reason is that you no longer enjoy those postings or you wish to reduce clutter. In any event, you won’t have to risk losing all of your followers by deleting your account.

Instagram is evolving into a social media platform for sharing photographs. You can save photographs you upload to your phone or computer and upload them all at once. You may learn how to delete all Instagram posts at once if you change your mind later.

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Methods For Mass Instagram Post Removal

Let’s discuss some methods for mass Instagram post removal.

Method 1

How to delete all Instagram posts? Only the Android and iPhone versions of the Instagram mobile apps allow you to delete multiple Instagram posts. This feature is not available on Instagram’s online interface.

  1. Your iPhone or Android device’s Instagram app needs to be updated.
  2. Open the Instagram app, then navigate to your profile page. navigate to your profile page
  3. Click the top-positioned icon with three horizontal lines. From the menu, select Your activity.
  4. You will then arrive at the screen titled “Your activity,” where you can check and control your Instagram caption generation activity, including time spent, likes, comments, story stickers, searches, links, history, archives, recently deleted posts, Reels, and IGTV videos. Select Videos and Photos. select your activity in instagram
  5. How to delete all posts on Instagram? By tapping on Reels or Films, you can erase numerous IGTV reels or videos. Click Posts to delete Instagram posts in bulk. click posts to delete instagram posts
  6. A list of all your Instagram posts, arranged from most recent to oldest, will appear on the following screen. 
  7. To sort from oldest to newest or to filter based on certain dates, tap Sort & filter.
  8. Tap the posts to choose them by pressing Select at the top.
  9. After choosing the necessary posts, tap the Delete option.

The Instagram posts you’ve chosen to delete all Instagram posts will be moved to the Recently removed area. As indicated in the section below under “Restore deleted Instagram posts,” if you unintentionally deleted the wrong post, you can get it back within 30 days.

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Method 2

What if you are using your PC to browse Instagram? What PC tool is available to assist you in how to delete all Instagram posts at once? You can still choose to remove an Instagram post from your computer, though.

  1. Use your browser to Dev tools can be accessed by hitting F12 or Ctrl+Shift+J. use your browser to dev tools 
  2. Toggle the device toolbar by clicking the top-left button (or pressing Ctrl+Shift+M).
  3. Access your photo (Refresh the Page). Activate the button. The delete option is available if you keep the development tools accessible. Read this article to learn how to delete Reddit History.

Therefore, you can use AiGrow’s Instagram Post Deleter to learn how to remove all Instagram posts from your laptop or PC.

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Method 3

An Android app called InstaCleaner allows you to remove all of your Instagram posts quickly. It is a great choice for individuals who wish to encrypt their accounts and delete all Instagram posts at once that is no longer appropriate.

With InstaCleaner, you can quickly delete all your Instagram posts from the internet, whether you want to tidy up your profile or delete your entire account. You won’t lose any stuff, and it’s straightforward to use.

Here are some methods for using InstaCleaner to delete every Instagram post:

  1. From the App Store or the business website, download the app.
  2. Integrate it with your account using your email address or Facebook.
  3. Determine the kind of post you want to remove (recent posts, profile pictures.)
  4. Click “Delete Selected Posts,” then take a break.
  5. It is only one application of the straightforward but effective tool for how to delete Instagram posts. Want to learn how to see deleted Reddit Comments? Read This.

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Is it better to erase my Instagram account than all of my photos?

If you're unfamiliar with the straightforward approach stated above, you may delete your account. You won't be able to log in again with the same username or email. Your IG account will have all of its data deleted as a result.

What if I erase every Instagram post using third-party apps? Exist any concerns?

You could still get in trouble, albeit it's not a given. Because in Instagram's opinion, it can result in a breach of the rules of service to delete all Instagram photos. After all, third-party applications need a reliable source. There is a danger that your personal information could be lost. Therefore, in the end, it is up to you.

What if my Facebook account and Instagram are linked?

Only if you share something from Instagram to Facebook will the bulk-delete procedure on Instagram affect your Facebook postings. Otherwise, it will impact not even a single post. However, if you posted the item from IG to FB, you must manually repost it on Facebook after bulk deletion.

Is it safe to use third-party apps?

It depends on chance. There are many apps with many different functionalities. They might assist you with bulk IG content deletion. However, making a sensible choice will need carefully reading the reviews and looking through the permissions they request. Avoid those apps if they request personal information.

Can I erase posts from my profile while keeping them saved in my Instagram account?

Yes, there is a similar archive option available. Select the option for archiving. Navigate to the three dots in the post's upper right corner. In the archive section, you can now view the previously published posts.


There are numerous other benefits to mass deleting Instagram posts. You’ll be able to gain new followers and maintain your Instagram profile tidy and current. Additionally, it will convey to others your pride in your most recent photographs. Consequently, if you have never considered deleting your old images, this article may persuade you that it is a wise decision.

How to delete all Instagram posts at once? It is a significant step. If you do so, you’ll not only keep your Instagram active but also have the possibility to improve your self-esteem. Also, learn how to read deleted Reddit Posts by reading this article.