How To Create Group In Teams? Complete Guide

Have you been thinking about how to create group in Teams? We’ll talk about creating a group in Microsoft Teams in this lesson. Also, we’ll show you how to create a group chat in Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Teams app.

To know how to create group in Teams, click Create or join a team for Microsoft Teams to establish a group. Next, make the Team by clicking the button. Name the group and provide a succinct description of it. Join the group and then Choose to Add and Close after you add members. Please keep reading to find out more about them in detail.

When it comes to apps for instant messaging, Microsoft isn’t far behind, as there are many talking apps available. The instant messaging platform Microsoft Teams makes it simple for businesses and organizations to communicate, share information, and schedule meetings and seminars. The Microsoft Teams application is meant to enhance employee collaboration inside an organization. The question is, can we do this in Teams? This is a question that most people ask. If you are experiencing the same issue, you have come to the correct spot. We provide a wonderful manual to teach you how to create group in Teams.

Can we make groups inside Teams?

In response to your question, you may establish groups using Microsoft Team. Microsoft Teams is an instant communication platform designed to enable any organization’s mobility in their work operations. Employees can easily communicate, work, and have meetings at the push of a button.

Microsoft Teams users can form group conversations like other messaging programs. You may set up many group discussions with different members while working from your workspace online. It is simple to create a group in teams; before we go any further, let’s look at how to do so.

How Do One Establish a Group Chat for My Team?

Employees and work are connected through teams, which serve as a shared online workplace. An organization’s or division of an organization’s employees may communicate with one another effectively and efficiently by setting up group conversations on Microsoft Teams.

new group teamsThis is better than conference calls, as Team allows all members to be collectively present in a virtual space, and there are no issues of not answering calls.

People can quickly share files, have meetings, and discuss ideas via Teams. The question is, how do you do it in Teams? To set up group conversations on Team-Speak, you may use three main approaches how to create group in Teams.

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Method 1: Using New Team

Creating a group in teams is a valuable method to connect with several coworkers at once instantly. Since we don’t have to individually communicate the same message to several individuals or share the same documents, using Teams’ group chats to communicate makes our job feel more efficient.

Only a few easy actions are required to start a new group conversation on Microsoft Teams:

Option I: On Desktop

1. Choose the “New Chat” option next to the chat list icon at the

2. Next, select the Down Arrow button next to the To Search box on the right.  In the box labeled “Group Name,” type the name of the newly created group name

3. In the To tab Search box, type the contacts’ names that will be joined to the group.

Once you have chosen and added the individuals you wish to join the group, the group chat is ready for communication.

Option II: With an iOS or Android device

1. Click the New Chat icon that is shown on your screen.

tap new chat in teams

2. Provide the names of the individuals you want to join the group in the To box.

adding names for creating group in teams

3. Click on the people’s names at the top of the Team chat after adding the necessary members.

new group android

4. Tap the Group Chat name, then give the conversation a suitable name.

chat details

5. Click the Ok button that appears on the screen.

Your new Teams group chat has been successfully created. Let’s now examine how to add individuals to an existing Teams group chat to create groups in teams.

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Method 2: Team Members May Be Transferred

You can quickly copy or move the same Teams users from one group chat to another with just a few simple actions.

1. Launch Microsoft Teams and select “Join or create a new team.” Then, choose Create Team.

2. Click the Create a Team option from a group or Team.

create group in android

4. Next, choose Team.

creating team

5. Choose the Team that you want to replicate from, Enter the new Team’s name and choose the privacy level.

replicate team

7. Click Create a group in Microsoft Teams to start your new Teams group successfully.

The third technique we’ll look at is using an existing Microsoft 365 group to build a Teams group chat and add its members to Teams. But, before that, stay updated with important alerts by understanding what a Microsoft Critical Alert is by clicking here.

Method 3: Via use of Microsoft 365 Group

Using an existing Microsoft 365 group to create a team speeds up and simplifies the process. Follow the instructions outlined below to launch a new group chat on Teams using a Microsoft 365 group.

It is necessary to pick Create from an existing Microsoft 365 or Team rather than Build a Team from scratch when selecting the option to set up a group Team 365

  • The Microsoft 365 group choice should also be chosen. There will be a list of all the groups that are now accessible but are not yet a component of Microsoft Teams.
  • After choosing the group, click the Create button in the bottom right-hand corner of the display.

After we discuss how to create group in Teams, we’ll discuss how to add current and new users to groups.

How Can One Add Members to a Group Chat?

In your group chat, inviting new people is easy. Even if you establish a group chat for your Team, you must invite users to use the term “group” when referring to it. The maximum number of participants in a team conversation is 250. You must follow these procedures to add members to a group, regardless of its status.

Method 1: Using New Group

Including newcomers in a group is straightforward. You must follow the procedures described in Method 1 above to set up a group chat to ask others to join your group. Initially, participants can be added to a group chat.

Once you’ve decided to establish a new group, all you have to do is input the names or contacts you want to add to the group into the section Search box.

add member to a group chat

You must add the participants while creating your new group. The steps in the next section can be followed, though, if you’ve already started the group chat and wish to expand it by adding new participants.

Method 2: Via Current Group

With Team, adding participants to an already-running group chat is just as simple as adding participants to a brand-new group chat. The individuals designated as the admin or team owner may only add new members to the group.

Option I: On Desktop

1. As the group admin, start the group chat where you want to invite the new participants. After that, Choose one of the individuals listed to the right of the group name. It will show a drop-down menu.

2. Choose Add Persons from the drop-down menu.

add member to existing group chat

3. Enter their name and email address or pick a team member from another group, and Choose the Add option, then click Close.

Upon your addition, the new member will get an email confirming their inclusion in the group.

Option II: On Phone

1. Use the Microsoft Teams program to get to the Group chat then Choose the People symbol in the upper right corner. It will show a drop-down menu.

tap new chat in teams

2. Make the selection Member in the drop-down menu.

adding names for creating group in teams

3. Touch the icon to add members and save the changes.

The next step is to learn how to rename an existing group chat in Teams once we have created new ones and added members.

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I can't create Microsoft Teams groups; why?

If you cannot locate the 'Make a new team' option, you may not have the necessary rights to form your teams. Moreover, reserve a Microsoft Teams communication for the group if it is significant.

How are a group and a team different from one another in Microsoft Teams?

Teams are made for internal collaboration and, as of right now, do not offer external sharing, whereas Groups allow the addition of external members.

A team or a group, which is preferable?

When everyone works together, teams have been proven more effective in accomplishing goals. View several people who wish to join the meeting on Microsoft Teams through groups.

How may a team member list be created?

The next step is to choose lists after selecting the Add a tab icon. Obtain the Microsoft Teams chat box to see all the messages the meeting's new attendees have left.


Microsoft Teams makes it easier for teams to collaborate and do business. To set aside a place for jobs and initiatives that advance the objectives of your business, you may form teams and channels. You should now be able to establish groups in Teams.

We hope this information was useful to you on how to create group in teams. Tell us which approach worked the best for you. Please feel free to post any questions or recommendations below for comments.