How to Connect PS4 to a Laptop With HDMI | Complete tutorial

When you have some free time, the PlayStation system has fun and exciting games to keep you occupied. Many excellent games are entertaining and available in a wide range of genres to meet the demands of every player. You will get the answer to how to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI in this post. Thus your laptop must have a video input. It is unlikely that most notebooks can support video input. Also, if you want a professional gaming experience, you can connect your Xbox and laptop to your PS4

To connect your PS4 to a Laptop/PC using an HDMI cable, plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI output port on your PS4 and the other end into the HDMI input port on your Laptop/PC. Set the Laptop/PC to the appropriate HDMI input source, and you’re ready to go.

However, HDMI is a one-way connection, so it is more challenging than it seems. An HDMI connection, on the other hand, is unidirectional. Therefore, linking them will only do you good if you have the necessary knowledge. And after that, it will be simple for you to achieve the goals for which you consider playing games on your laptop. In this article, you’ll find distinct ways how to connect ps4 to a laptop with HDMI and some more information that will make things easier for you.

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How to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI by using the software

Here are four easy ways to connect ps4 to a laptop with HDMI by using the software.

  1. Verify every connection

    Navigate to the network configuration in the PS4 settings menu to enable file sharing. Please ensure the device is connected by opening Internet Connection Settings, looking for your internet connection, and finding it. If you don’t have a WiFi connection, you will need to use Ethernet cords to connect the PS4 and laptop to the same network. You can now switch effortlessly between the two. 

    network configurationFor those unfamiliar with various methods of turning a laptop into a gaming screen, playing PS4 on a laptop with HDMI may take a lot of work. On a laptop screen, the gameplay is seen. Thus, your laptop must have video input. It is unlikely that most notebooks can support video input, and it can be challenging to identify the best solution to this issue.

  2. Install the software

    Utilize the USB port on the laptop to connect the video capture card. This will also count as an S-video port when combined. To ensure proper operation of the video card, install the included software. software installationMake sure the video capture card is of the highest caliber possible!

  3. Connect the PS4 to the capture card via HDMI

    The PS4 console and Video Capture Card are present in the following step. An S-video connecting cable requires to connect the video card to the PS4. capture cardNext, connect the PS4’s HDMI-OUT to the capture card’s HDMI-IN.

  4. Launch the software

    Power on your PS4 and then launch the application program that was provided with the capture card. Before running the software, be sure the procedure has been successfully finished.

    power optionsBy following the above straightforward instructions, you may easily and quickly set up your laptop to broadcast gameplay from the PS4 using HDMI. Although making a laptop screen compatible with PS4 play via HDMI might be pricey, I would unquestionably prefer it as far as quality is concerned.

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How to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI by using the built-in recording function to capture a PS4 game

When the gameplay is saved to the laptop’s system, you can record the PS4 game using the device’s built-in recording feature. By hitting the share button on the controller, you can start any game you want to record and navigate to the sharing page. Record your voice for gameplay recording by going to the share setting, broadcast sets, and advanced setting and checking the “include microphone audio in the broadcast” box.

built-in recording functionThe game you chose to record has now begun. Without a video capture card, this method of how to connect ps4 to a laptop with HDMI will work well and be less expensive. You can quickly stream your laptop screen by utilizing a built-in recording feature and some tasteful strategies we have stated here.

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How to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI using OBS recording software

OBS (open broadcast software) is another option because of its many professional applications, technological advancements, and convenient features. Just learn how it works, and it’s as simple as anyone could imagine to capture or access OBS! Install PS4 Remote Play, attach it to your PS4, launch OBS, select Add a Menu, select Window Capture Option, and then click OK to begin recording PS4 gameplay.obs recording softwareBy altering the settings, the user of the open broadcaster software might obtain virtually any customized recorded outcomes. Out of the many game recording software, the most effective and affordable methods and resources for recording gameplay on the PS4 are OBS recording software & the built-in recording feature.

Choose the option or approach that most easily satisfies your demands and expectations.

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How to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI using the play remote

You can transmit your PlayStation 4 gameplay to a Windows or Mac laptop using Remote Play. However, you may use this application to remotely connect to your PS4 system and play immersive PlayStation games. You’ll want the following for Remote Play to function:

ps remote play

  • PS4 on a laptop.
  • A PlayStation Network account.
  • Internet connection at high speed.
  • To configure Remote Play on your laptop, follow these steps.

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Before you can stream it on your laptop, you must have an LCD or a Screen available to set up the PS4 for remote play because the PS4 system’s settings need to be adjusted.

  1. Download the app

    Go to the Sony Remote Play website & download the most recent version of the program for your Windows or Mac laptop. You can stream your gameplay to the laptop screen with this program. To begin the installation procedure, run the installer.

    remote play app downloadYou must also follow Step 2 if you possess more than one PS4 at your residence. If not, skip this step & move directly to Step 3.

  2. Switch on and upgrade to PS4

    Prepare PS4 for the connection right away! You must set one of your PS4s as the primary console if you have over one in your home. Toggle on your PS4 and then go to Settings, PlayStation Network settings, and Account Administration, where you must locate and turn on Activate as Primary PS4 before continuing.

    activate as primary ps4You should also update your PS4 software to version 3.50. If you still need the update, you may manually download it by going to Settings and selecting System Software Update.

  3.  Turn on the option for remote play

    The PS4’s Remote Play option must then be enabled as the next step. To do that, navigate to Settings, select Remote Play Connection Settings, and then confirm that Remote Play is turned on. remote play optionThe PS4 must be turned on or in Rest mode to give you network access to the games.

  4. Starting up the PS4 via the network

    Turn on the rest mode. Usually, it is enabled by default, but it is a good idea to double-check. Go to settings, power save settings, and then set the features that are accessible while in rest mode. rest mode optionCheck to see if the feature to turn on your PS4 from the network is active; if not, you must do so to stream your PS4 to your laptop.

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Can an HDMI cable be used to connect a PS4 to a monitor?

Find your HDMI port just on the back of the PS4 if the HDMI cable has two sides (upper center). Use the second end to plug into the HDMI port on the back of the monitor once that end is in the PlayStation. Then, choose HDMI (if there are multiple options, go through them all).

Can you connect a PS4 to a laptop with HDMI, or can you hook up a PS4 to a laptop?

Yes, our guide lets you easily connect your PS4 to a laptop with HDMI.

How do I use my PS4 controller on my PC?

The first step in using your PS4 controller on your PC is to physically connect it to your computer.

How do I connect a PlayStation 4 to a laptop via HDMI?

A video capture card can be used to connect it.


We have solved your question about how to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI & how to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI. You can select whichever of our straightforward techniques is best for you. You might have a PS4 game on your computer in a few minutes. Soon, you will enjoy video games while lounging in your office chair! 

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