How To Connect Chromebook To TV Without HDMI | 2023

You can link the Chromebook to your Tv with an HDMI cable, as that is the simplest and effortless approach. But if you do not have the energy to connect it repeatedly, you can also connect without the HDMI. This article will explain to you various approaches on how to connect Chromebook to tv without HDMI.

If your Chromebook doesn’t have an HDMI port, you will need a USB-C hub that has an HDMI port on it. Once you’ve arranged the compatible cable or hub, connect the HDMI end of the cable to the HDMI port on your TV. Connect the other end of the cable to your Chromebook using HDMI, USB-C, or the hub.

Connecting your Chromebook to HDMI can be annoying because it requires you to get up if you are in the middle of work. It can also mean you need to sit very close to your Tv if your cable is not long enough. This is why these methods on how to connect Chromebook to tv without HDMI will come in handy.

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6 Ways On How To Connect Chromebook To TV Without HDMI

Before you follow these two techniques for how to connect Chromebook to tv wirelessly, keep in mind these things:

connect chromebook to tv without hdmi

  • You should be connected to the Wi-Fi or have a stable internet connection. Once done, look for the ‘Cast icon.’
  • After you are connected, you can connect the Chromebook through Wi-fi to your TV. 
  • After this, you can utilize the following technique to cast the screen.

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Using Chromecast On Android TV 

In most Android TVs, Chromecast is already built-in, so why not make use of it?

using chromecast on an android tv

Connecting with the assistance of Chromecast is easy and done without an HDMI cable. Succeeding this are the steps on ‘how to cast Chromebook to tv’:

  1. In your Chromebook, open up the Chrome browser, and when you notice the three dots on the upper right, click on them. You will see a checklist from which you can pick out the option that displays ‘Cast.’  After this, your device will show a pop-up that will consist of all the gadgets around you that have a Chromecast to cast chromebook to tv steps to follow
  2. Here, you can see your Android Tv, and you can select it. There will be another option saying ‘Sources’ in this pop-up, where you can choose whether to cast a tab, desktop, or file. After you are ready with all the options, click on the ‘Always Show’ icon, and you are done with the process.
    chromecast on android tv

You should note that this technique can only work when you have gadgets like Android Tv, Google Tv, and a Chromecast. Check Out these free live TV apps you must keep for entertainment here.

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Using The Chromebook Clock

This is a slightly easier and shorter method on how to connect a Chromebook to a tv using the Chromebook clock.chromebook clock cast steps On your Chromebook shelf, click on the clock and ‘Cast.’ In the other alternatives shown, pick out your device. Furthermore, pick your desktop from the pop-up and ‘Share.’ If you wish to stop the screencasting, click on the clock again and stop it.

Using FireTv 

Another method to connect Chromebook to tv wirelessly is using FireTv. Amazon’s FireTv has the Chromecast function, but this process is a bit complicated compared to the first one. 

In this process, you need to mirror the Fire tv by turning on the display mirroring option. Succeeding are the steps on how to connect Chromebook to a tv:fire tv's screen mirroring

Launch the Fire Tv’s Settings from your Home page to start the screen mirroring process. Then choose the ‘Display and Audio’ option in your Settings menu. You will see an Enable Display Mirroring option which you need to enable. This action will launch a page showing you which devices you need to start screen mirroringIn your Chromebook, open up the Chrome browser, and when you notice the three dots on the upper right, click on them. You will see a checklist from which you can pick out the option that displays ‘Cast.

This technique is another one for how to connect a Chromebook to a tv without HDMI but with the use of a Fire Tv. Read More about how to pair and unpair the Fire TV remote here.

These methods can assist you when you need to connect your Chromebook to a Tv without HDMI. Now we will tell you some of the reasons that can hinder the process when you try to connect a Chromebook to a TV:

Chromebook Is Not Up-To-Date With Updates

If the most simple solutions do not work, then updating might.

chrome os update

Sometimes, your device is not up-to-date, which can cause some functions or features not to work the same. chromebook's wi-fi

Start this technique by turning on the Chromebook’s Wi-Fi.  Further, in this method, you will have to go to the Settings of the Chromebook. On the left-hand side will be something that says About Chrome OS. Select and move the pointer to that. Then click and select the check for updates alternative.  After this, reset your device and see if your Chromebook can connect wirelessly to the Tv again.

Hardware Reset

Sometimes your connection to Chromebook and TV might not be working because there is a problem with the hardware itself. To fix this, you need to do a hard reset which will re-initialize all your device’s important and main components. Here is how to do this:

hold down the power button in chromebookShut down your device completely. There might be a refresh key that you need to press down and hold for some seconds. Simultaneously hold down the Power button.  Now you should release the refresh key first but still not release the power key. And then slowly release the power key. This will make your Chromebook restart automatically, and you can link it and your Tv now. 

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Issues With The Internet Connection

If the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not switched on, it will cause the connection not to work.

issues with the internet connection

Also, note that the Tv and Chromebook must connect to the same network connection and that this network should not be weak or unstable.

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What can I do if my Chromebook does not have an HDMI port?

In this situation, the only quick fix is to buy an adapter. This can help you easily brush away the query of 'how to cast Chromebook to Tv without Chromecast.' The disadvantage of this quick fix is that you will spend money on the adapter. But if it is absolutely necessary to connect Chromebook and Tv, there is no other option.

What can I do if the mirroring is not working?

If this happens, then the first activity you can do is use a different port or HDMI cable. If this activity does not work, you can check whether your network is shared. You can also try unplugging your router or disabling AP isolation.

What can I do if none of the three quick methods given-above work?

If all the other three solutions do not work, the only solution is to talk to the manufacturer or give it up for repair. The repair shop can fix the problem with Chromebook if any, and they can also fix the problem if it lies on your TV.

If I do a hardware reset, will that delete everything?

Yes, a hardware reset means a complete reset of your whole device. It will eliminate all you have saved, and one cannot retrieve it later. This is why it is important to keep a backup somewhere, so none of your important files and media are lost.


However, connecting a Chromebook to your TV can be difficult if you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV or a USB port on your computer. I hope this guide will help you how you can connect your Chromebook to a TV without HDMI or USB ports by using Google Chromebook.

The main idea of this article is that Google Chromecast is great for connecting Chrome OS devices like Chromebooks with TVs that don’t have HDMI or USB ports.

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