How To Connect Wii To A Samsung Smart TV?

The process of connecting the Wii to the Samsung Smart TV is the same as when the Wii was brand-new and shiny, notwithstanding potential differences in the specific connectors. Wii connections to Samsung smart TVs have evolved, and those new to the process needed clarification on how to connect Wii to a Samsung smart TV

Here’s a quick way to connect Wii to a Samsung smart tv:

  1. An HDMI cable connects the Wii’s AV Multi Out plug to the Samsung TV’s HDMI input port.
  2. Power on the Wii and the Samsung TV.
  3. On the Samsung TV, select the corresponding HDMI input using the input/source button on the TV remote, and you should see the Wii’s display on the TV screen.

Regular Wii attachments include a proprietary AV cable, an HDMI cable, component cables, and breakout cables, which feature standard audiovisual connectors on one end and a connector explicitly built for the Nintendo Wii on the other. These are some cables or products through which you can connect Wii to Samsung smart tv. Despite the Wii’s age, there are still possibilities, so let’s look at how to plug in a Wii to a Samsung TV. Nintendo has a variety of cables available for various methods of connecting your Wii to your TV. 

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Top 6 Connections

Number of Connections that assist you in a better choice: How to connect Wii to a Samsung Smart Tv?

Use An AV Cable

It can directly connect a Wii to a TV if it has connections to a standard component AV cable, just like you could in the Wii’s heyday. We’ve discovered a fantastic video that walks you through each stage.

  1. Locate the yellow, white, and red inputs (AV inputs) on your tv av input
  2. Matching-colored AV plugs should be inserted.av cables
  3. Connect the Wii’s AV port to the AV cable’s opposite end.av cable connect to tv
  4. Decide on Input/Source.view av on smart tv
  5. To view your Wii, choose AV


The Wii’s cable, as previously indicated, utilizes AV component connectors, and Nintendo does not offer a substitute cable. The Wii was released when HDTVs were yet to be widely available; therefore, there was little use in the console being HDMI compatible as it only produced standard definition images.

hdmi cableThere are, fortunately, options. An AV to HDMI adaptor is something you can buy that will let you use an HDMI cable to connect your Wii to the adaptor and your TV. A Wii-specific aftermarket HDMI converter can also be purchased to connect the console using an HDMI cable.

Here is the use of an HDMI converter for How to connect Wii to a Samsung tv:

  1. Purchase a Wii to HDMI converter. Sync it with your Wii.wii to hdmi converter
  2. From the opposite end of your HDMI cable, attach it. Connect it to the TV.wii hdmi connect to samsung tv
  3. Choosing Input/Source.wii video input to hdmi
  4. Choose HDMI to watch your Wii.

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Use An RCA To VGA Breakout Cable

If you are connecting your Wii to a monitor or your TV’s more conventional connections are complete, use the VGA port and an RCA to VGA Breakout Cable to connect your Wii to Samsung Smart TV.

Several adaptors can convert a component AV connection (commonly known as RCA) to a VGA connection.rca cable

It should be noted that the VGA standard does not support audio signals. Thus you will need to connect your breakout box to your TV’s audio input and the VGA.

  1. The TV or monitor’s VGA input with the cable.rca vga input smart tv
  2. Link Wii controllers to the RCA cord.connect rca to smart tv
  3. Decide on Input/Source. For your Wii, select VGA.

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Utilizing A Component Cable

The term “component cable,” another name for AV cable, essentially refers to separating each separate signal—left audio, right audio, and video—into its channel.

You can also purchase certified Nintendo HD component cables, with three video cables in place of the same two audio channels.

The Wii’s resolution is not HD; therefore, the picture would not appear any different even though this type of cable enables the transmission of an HD signal.

  1. Find the five different colored inputs on your television (AV inputs).5 av inputs
  2. Matching colors should be used to mate the five AV plugs.
  3. The Wii Select Input/Source should receive the other end of the AV Cable.av input tab
  4. View your Wii by choosing AV.

When Using An S-Video Cable

Again, the simplest way would be a genuine Nintendo Wii cable with an S-Video output; however, breakout boxes are also an alternative.

s video cable

These devices accept an AV component connection from your Wii and output through an S-Video port.

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Use A SCART Connector.

Here, the question is How to connect Wii to a Samsung Smart Tv through SCART Connector. You’ll need an AV to SCART adaptor to connect through SCART, and it is advisable to use this approach. Fortunately, since these adaptors were relatively standard, finding them was relatively easy.

The connectors for the component AV cable are located on the back of the SCART adaptor, which often has the SCART plug itself as its body. Given that the adaptor is small and no more cables are required, this is one of the more tasteful alternatives in this post.

  1. Obtain an AV to SCART converter.wii to scart converter
  2. Set it up with your HDMI cable.
  3. From the opposite side, connect it to your component AV cable, the HDMI wire into the television.hdmi cable to tv
  4. Choosing Input/Source. To display your Wii, choose SCART.

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Why won't my TV recognize my Wii?

If you change cords, ensure the TV is configured with the proper inputs. The Wii U system can take a few minutes to detect the Wii component video cable or Wii AV cable.

What prevents Wii from connecting?

Reconnect the console after five minutes of being unplugged. Create a new connection profile and try connecting once more. Search for interference on your wireless network. The Wii console must be in a clear, open area with no obstacles to the signal.

How do I play older consoles on my new TV?

An HDMI adaptor is required to connect your console to your TV's port. Connect the round DIN connector to the AV port on the back of the console and the HDMI to the TV. You will need a composite video cable compatible with your Sega console's model to use the composite video connection.

Can a gaming system ruin a TV?

Concerns that video games may harm HDTVs have almost completely vanished thanks to the enormous development in design adjustments since video game systems have previously been known to damage TVs.


How to connect Wii to a Samsung smart tv? Despite being technologically old-fashioned and outmoded, the Nintendo Wii is still in many people’s homes today, thanks to its incredible success. It might be more complex than it once was to connect it to your brand-new 60-inch 4K OLED TV, but it is still possible.

If your TV supports conventional AV component cable inputs, you can connect to your smart TV the same way you always have by using the original Wii connector.

It’s generally a good idea to reduce the number of components any given signal has to pass through, and the transmission from your Wii to your TV is no exception. Using one cable to connect everything is preferable to several cords and a breakout box. Despite these solutions, the connections mentioned above will take you out of the situation and get rid of How to connect Wii to a Samsung Smart Tv

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