How To Check If Your Phone Is Tapped | Top 8 Ways

People in your immediate vicinity, including your friends, relatives, coworkers, and even your spouse, can readily access your smartphone. Android phones are watchable with third-party apps, whereas jailbroken iPhones are watchable. Do not worry if you suspect that someone is monitoring your phone, as this article provides you with methods of how to check if your phone is tapped.

how to check if your phone is tapped

Hackers or individuals in your vicinity can spy on your phone and check your texts, calls, emails, notifications, and other data. Typically, it targets and carries out using iPhone and Android surveillance software. There are several ways how to check if your phone is tapped, like checking the battery draining and consumption percentage, installing spyware apps, checking data usage, etc.

Here are a few quick ways to determine tapping on your phone. Refer to this article to check to tap on your phone.

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How To Check If Your Phone Is Being Tapped

Are you looking for ways how to check if your phone is tapped? Android phones are significantly simpler to tap than iPhones. Before putting any backdoor or spyware on an iPhone, the other party must jailbreak the device. Whatever device you use, the tips listed below will enable you to determine tapping or other monitoring on your phone.

Increased Phone Bills & Data Usage

The first sign that someone is watching your phone is increased data consumption. Additionally, you might see rising phone expenses.

data usage

The majority of dangerous programs upload your data through the internet. Check your data consumption to see if any suspiciously used data in the background is an unknown app or software.

To Check Data Consumption On Android Devices

To check data usage on your Android devices, follow the steps:

  1. On your Android smartphone, tap Settings.
  2. Choose Network and wifi. data usage
  3. Check the data used for mobile and wifi by clicking on “Data Usage.

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To Check Data Consumption On iPhone Devices

To check the data usage on your IOS device, follow these steps to know how to check if your phone is tapped:

  1. Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Toggle to Mobile Data. mobile data
  3. Scroll down to the current period on this page. current period
  4. On your iPhone, you can now see the apps and data they have consumed.

Overheating And Increased Battery Drain

Playing demanding games or applications, keeping the brightness at its highest setting, or using the phone in a warm area can all contribute to overheating and battery drain issues. However, if the phone is overheating or draining the Battery too quickly even while not in use, it might be a rogue software secretly eavesdropping on you.

overheating and increased battery drain

Check your battery usage to determine if it’s caused by a common cause, such as an unstable app update, programs running in the background, or if there is suspicious activity on the device.

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To Check Battery Consumption On Android Devices

To check battery drain and usage on your Android devices, follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, on your Android smartphone, tap Settings. battery
  2. Secondly, click Battery as you scroll down.  battery usage
  3. Lastly, to find out which apps consume the most Battery, tap “View Detailed Usage.

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To Check Battery Consumption On iPhone Devices

To check battery drain and usage on your iOS devices, follow the steps:

  1. Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Choose Battery from here. battery iphone
  3. After that, check the battery usage by activity and app as you scroll down.

Ads On The Device Or Unusual Behaviour

Has your phone been acting strangely, such as automatically restarting, turning the screen on, or opening apps without intervention? Or have pop-up advertisements started appearing on your phone? If the answer is affirmative, there might be a prediction of the installation of spyware or adware.

phone acting strangely

The background resource consumption of spyware software is typically high. Even when it looks idle, a tapped phone may record all talks, making it feel slow and draining quickly.

Additionally, if the other party tries to control the phone remotely, the phone can act abnormally. Some apps display harmful advertisements, which you can click to bring up other advertisements, or they insert dangerous software.

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On-Device Fake Or Unknown Apps

Checking to see the installation of an unidentified app on your phone is one of the simplest ways to determine if it contains malware or if tapping is taking place. So, check the list of installed programs for any strange apps.

These programs frequently include names like security, malware, messenger, scanner, etc. You should also be aware of the widely used espionage programs available, such mSpy, FlexiSpy, XNspy, and others. These applications can monitor your calls, messages, and location and even take screenshots.

mspy flexispy

However, if your phone contains apps like Norton Family Premier, FamiSafe, etc., it may be your parents who are restricting it—doing this can teach one how to check if a phone is tapped.

Someone could have enabled location sharing on your phone. Thankfully, Google notifies users about it regularly. The recommendation of using Google maps if you don’t have any other apps installed on your phone but the other party is aware of your current position.

Unexpected Messages

Random strange SMS messages indicate spyware on an Android or iPhone. You should exercise particular caution if you’ve started receiving strange texts from unidentified senders that contain bizarre letters, symbols, or numbers.

random strange sms messages

These messages can be an attempt by the other party to contact the spyware on your phone. Similarly, if your contacts report receiving strange text messages from you, the app is probably attempting to infect their smartphones with malware.

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Extraordinary Noise During Calls

Your calls are likely being listened to if you hear odd clicking or static noises while on the phone. Connection problems often cause these noises, but if they started occurring more frequently recently, it might be a symptom of phone tapping.

calling phone

You can also add a number to dial to see if your phone is tapped.

Using Third-Party Apps, Detect Spyware Trackers

Numerous third-party apps enable you to check your phone for spyware. Any dependable anti-malware tool can identify unwanted apps on your phone. To check for tapping tools on Android, you can also use programs like certo anti-spyware.


This is one of the ways of how do I know if my phone is tapped.

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Verify If The iPhone Has Been Jailbroken

Check to see if your iPhone has been jailbroken. To do this, check to verify if the device has the “Cydia” software loaded. Additionally, you can hunt for other jailbreak indicators like additional customization choices or apps that are not from the App Store by using desktop tools like 3UTools.


If you discover that the iPhone has been jailbroken, it was likely jailbroken, so malware installation by a third party to monitor the device occurs. This will teach you how to check if your phone is tapped.

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How do I block my phone from being tracked?

You can block them by turning off your location and removing permissions from the unused apps, thereby maintaining your privacy.

Can someone track my phone by sending a text?

Yes, you can be tracked using your mobile number and also by sending a text. For this, a silent SMS, also known as a Short Message Type 0, is utilized.

By texting me a picture, can someone hijack my phone?

The simple act of getting a text message with a picture on it can infect an Android phone.

Even with location services off, can my phone still be tracked?

Yes, even with location services off, it is still possible to follow mobile devices. To help keep your whereabouts a secret, you can turn off your phone's location function.

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To sum up, a person’s right to privacy is highly vital. Thus, you must know how to find out whether your phone has been tapped. This has shown how to check if your phone is tapped. Above all, this should assist you in stopping snoopers from looking through your info.