How to Build a Customer Service Department in 2023

A customer service department is a team that helps businesses make an impact by being there to take care of your customer service requirements directly. So when you have to create or put together a customer service department, you do not just wing it. Making a checklist could help the process of creating an outstanding team.

How to build a customer service department? To know how you can do so, continue to read this article with a list of advice that can help you develop your customer service department.

how to build a customer service department

As mentioned earlier, several factors have to be considered when building a customer service department. The question asked by several companies, “how to build a customer service department?” can be answered with the following tips below that can help you build a customer service department.

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Excellent Customer Service

The most crucial factor to consider is defining excellent customer service for your business or company. While several companies in the market claim to have the best customer service, you need to make sure that your company defines the word “excellent” or “great.”

excellent customer service

While building a customer service department, it is better to work with the entire team and note down what the term “excellent service” means to you all. Once the whole team concludes the company’s definition of an “excellent” or “great” customer service, you can set a standard against which you can measure your customer service department.

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Values, Expectations, and Requirements

One of the prominent factors to contemplate when building a customer service department is consistently delivering on the values your company or business holds. You will gain more customers by setting up a set of values for your company and a solid customer service department.

values expectation and recquirements

Another aspect to factor in while building a customer service department is the expectations. One of the main goals of the customer service department should be to stand out and exceed your customers’ expectations consistently. The most reasonable way is to keep an eye out for your competitors and see how you can improve your customer service departments’ skills. All you have to do is ask yourself some questions – like, how quickly should you respond to your customers? How to handle disagreements with your customers, and so on.

Another aspect would be the legal requirements. For instance, your competitors have a commitment saying they would do repairs within a specific timeframe. This is them setting a guarantee for their customers that they will have to abide by consistently. Suppose you decide that your company will accept or commit to a requirement like this. In that case, you will have to be creative and work with the entire team to see what commitment the company has and stick to and abide by. Read this article If you are a fan of Arcade games.

Supporting Channels

Every company in the industry makes a tempting offer when they announce they will have customer service available all the time. This, however, can be a factor that you should look into. When making such an offer to your customers, you need to ensure that your company is equipped with enough people. Notably, support as many customers as possible across channels and every time zone.

supporting channels

By not doing so, you will be making a false statement and promise to your customers, which does not uphold the company’s values. Suppose you want to build an excellent customer service department that can support people globally no matter the timezone and channel. In that case, you can choose from various media that can help you. They will be mentioned in the next section of this article. Continue to read on to know more.

Research, Call and Capitalize.

You will have to research the target audience you have set up for the company and know which channel they gravitate towards or use the most. Find out through which channel your customers contact you the most. It might be through emails, phone calls, or social media. Make a list and focus on the top two channels to help you maintain a strong bond with your customers.

research call and capitalize

After making a list of the channels, the best way to decide is to create a pros and cons list to see which channel you should focus on first and then move on. For example, a live chat is the best when shopping for retail products online to have a conversation with an agent while going through the website. Another excellent example is how the best forum to solve technical issues would be through an email and not a phone call. Because it could become frustrating for the customer and the customer service agent.

To bring more growth to the company, you can capitalize on the existing skills in your customer service department. Look at the skills of every customer service team member, and use their skills to the advantage of the company. This can help you decide on the form of the channel you want to use and notice all the gaps that you can fill in over time.

Hiring Process

Although mentioned fifth in this list, it is one of the essential tips to take away from this article. Ensure you employ suitable people for your company. By providing reliable and high-quality customer service, you can help your company grow. And to do this, hiring the best team out there is very important.

hiring process for the customer service department

Take into account the candidates’ skills, professionalism, personality, and so on when hiring for the company’s customer service department. Note down how each candidate can help the company, how you can integrate them into this team of customer service agents, and so on during the hiring process.

Measure The Data

You can measure data quickly in the customer service department. This data provides a very detailed report. However, this report does not mention numbers that can make a difference to your team.

measure the data

The data you choose to report on should be authentic. If you report the data in a false picture, it will get revealed by the customers over time. Once accurate data is collected, you can use the information to impact the team and company in the process positively.

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Tools Used to Build Customer Service Department

Selecting a tool or software for your customer service team is another essential step. If the devices are not good enough, it will be a waste of time and energy for your customer service team. 

tools used to build the customer service department

The primary platform for your customers and their conversation will be the software chosen for the company. Software should be selected carefully as the software’s performance and functionality can help improve the company’s growth. Sometimes, letting your team choose the tools they wish to use will get you a better outcome at work. It it better to have a malware, so that your confidential data gets stolen.

Knowledge Base

Creating a page with answers to questions can also lessen the load on your customer service agents. For example, Cox customer service has developed a knowledge base to help its customers navigate through questions that you can answer quickly.

knowledge base

This allows customers to navigate and find answers to questions on their own instead of always contacting a customer service agent.

Support The Team

When building a customer service department, supporting the team of customer service agents is one of the important tips to keep in mind. Support managers can help in this process as they can create feedback loops that will help the product team.

support the team

Most importantly, they will treat the customer service department with respect as they hear the good and bad from customers daily. But first, make sure that the product being sold is not disappointing.


Finally, the last tip when building a customer service department is to make sure there is progress.


This team is one of those aspects of a company where the progress is ongoing as the market, customers, and crew continue to change over time.


What are the 4 Ps of customer service?

The four Ps in marketing a product or service to the general public. The four Ps are as follows: The merchandise (the good or service); The Price (what the consumer pays); Location (the location where a product is marketed); Promotion (the advertising).

What are the three most important aspects of customer service?

The three most important aspects of customer service revolve around the three Ps: professionalism, patience, and a 'people-first' attitude. Although customer service differs from person to person, you'll be on the right track if you follow these guidelines.

What are the four types of organizational structure?

The four types of organizational structures are functional, divisional, flatarchy, and matrix structures.


In conclusion, when you build a customer service department for any company all factors are considered. From the hiring process to developing a knowledge base and more. Creating a customer service department is an integral part of building a company and ensuring constant growth. Check out the best UK based startups and companies working on blockchain.