How Old Is My iPhone? This Is How You Find Out!

“I don’t know how old is my iPhone?” – A typical question that comes to the mind of an iPhone user. If you are the one who is worried about how to find your Phone age, don’t stress out. No need to worry, and follow a few simple steps to determine your iPhone age. To know the age of your iPhone age may be helpful in many situations, like when you’re looking to buy a new one so you can presume how much you would get in exchange for your old Phone, correct!

Or the time when you think about selling your iPhone but don’t know some other details, including manufacturing date, purchase date, warranty date, etc. You can never foretell when you are going to need any of these details.


iPhones can last longer than you imagine. In many places, you may have seen people using many older models like iPhone SE, 6, and 7. These models were released in 2016, and some even before that. Any iPhone model you take can run smoothly for at least six years. If you are thinking of renewing your old iPhone and want to know what the resale value will be.

Or you want to know how long have I had my Phone or when I bought my Phone; the main thing you should know is the age of your iPhone. There are possibilities that you won’t find the bill for your old Phone. So if you are thinking about how old my iPhone is, We will tell you how to find it easily. There are iPhones that can be paired and used by hearing-impaired adults, click here to see the list of phones used by hearing impaired adults.

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Various Ways To Find How Old My iPhone

There are two ways to know the age of your iPhone.

  • Using Chipmunk Klantenservice
  • Using Apple’s Check Coverage

To perform this method, you should know the serial number of your iPhone.

So, How To Find The Serial Number?

  1. Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. On the General menu, tap on the About option.find the serial number
  4. Now, your iPhone’s serial number will appear. Remember your serial number

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Know How Old Is My iPhone Through Chipmunk Klantenservice 

Chipmunk Klantenservice is a third-party tool that will help you to find the period on your device. It needs the serial number, so remember it.

  • Open the browser, and go to the website
  • Enter the serial number of your iPhone in the specified area and click on the Show the information button.chipmunk klantenservice
  • Scroll down till the end; you will have all the information about your iPhone. Remember the Production week and Production year. With the help of that, you can effortlessly calculate the age of your Phone.

Know How Old Is My iPhone using Apple’s Check Coverage

You will need the serial number here too. So let’s find out the generation of your device,

  • In the browser, go to Apple’s Check Coverage website:
  • Enter the serial number “time to remember it” on the specified area, enter the CAPTCHA, and press Continue.checkcoverage
  • On the new screen, you will get all the details of your Phone. Under the Repairs and Service Coverage, you can see the Estimated Expiration Date. Apple provides service coverage for one year. From that date, you will know the age of your Phone.

If you are using your device for more than one year, the Estimated Expiration Date will not appear. In that case, you can go for the first method.

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Know Your iPhone’s Age Manually

As the above two methods need the internet to find the age of your iPhone, You can use another way too.

Just by looking at the serial number, you can easily find its age. These serial numbers are a combination of the numbers and the alphabets that denote the time, place, manufactured date, and model number. Usually, the serial number is 12 characters long and takes note of the 4th character very carefully.

  • K – 2013 (1st half)
  • L – 2013 (2nd half)
  • M – 2014 (1st half)
  • N – 2014 (2nd half)
  • P- 2015 (1st half)
  • Q- 2015 (2nd half)
  • R- 2016 (1st half)
  • S- 2016 (2nd half)
  • T- 2017 (1st half)
  • V- 2017 (2nd half)
  • W- 2018 (1st half)
  • X- 2018 (2nd half)
  • Y- 2019 (1st half)
  • Z – 2019 (1st half)
  • D – 2020 (2nd half)

Finally, With the above technique, you can get the answer to how old is my iPhone. Give it a try, and you will get the age of your Phone.

Search For The Soft Copy Of Your Bill

Another simple method is that you can also use the search feature on your mails to check whether you had received any soft copy of the bill from where you had purchased your Phone. Locating the hard copy of the purchase bill may not be possible.

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In conclusion, these are some simple ways that you can use to find the age of your iPhone. So, try this with your iPhone’s serial number and get the exact generation of your device. This information will help you when you are planning to exchange or buy a new phone.

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