8 Tricks to Get Better CPU Performance on MAC

After spending some of the significant years with your MAC, you have an urge to change your device due to the slowdown procedure. However, you cannot keep on buying laptop for your regular use. Rather you can look beneath the problem, and solve it. Confused? Well, let us help you explain throughly. In this article, we will talk about how to get better CPU performance on MAC through some of the simplest methods mentioned in our guide.

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How To Get Better CPU Performance On MAC

 If thinking about getting rid of the current Macbook, then you must read the below steps to get Better CPU Performance on MAC. 

Clean The Disk

Lack of hard drive space is one of the most common problems to not get Better CPU Performance on MAC. Some users like to hoard files and end up with too much stuff, failing to come up with a solution of where to put the files later. The lack of space also increases due to junk files like caches that get accumulated over time as well. You have to clean the junk and free up space regularly. 

Doing the cleaning is not efficient. Consider reading these 2020 mac cleaner reviews and picking one software for yourself. The burden of a hard drive may reduce by transferring some files to cloud-based software, like Dropbox or iCloud. And these services are free, meaning that everyone can use them. Eventually, you can get Better CPU Performance on MAC.

Clean the disk

Check out how to properly Format an SD Card on MAC.

Find Resource-Hungry Processes

Open your Activity Monitor and sort the processes by how much CPU usage they consume. It is advisable to shut down the applications that you are not using and running in the background. After all, you can always start them when you need to use the apps. If you still do not get Better CPU Performance on MAC, then try using the below methods.

Reinstall Mac OS

Sometimes, giving your computer a fresh start is the best course of action to get Better CPU Performance on MAC.

  • Reinstalling the OS is more comfortable than reinstalling Windows. There is no need to download any installation media.
  • Boot the Macbook and select special recovery mode.
  • The computer will download all the necessary stuff for you. Just make sure to backup your most important files.

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Lighten Web Browser

Having add-ons or extensions in a browser may seem like a good idea at first, but some people take things a bit too far. They install everything they can find and forget about added features.

Memory and CPU resources may save if you are running a lighter browser version – one that does not fill with add-ons and extensions. Also, do not have multiple tabs open at the same time. Fewer tabs will also help to get Better CPU Performance on MAC.

Prune Startup Applications

If you notice that the Macbook is slow after launching it, an overloaded startup item menu could be one of the reasons why you do not get Better CPU Performance on MAC. 

  • Go to System Preferences, click on Users and Groups, and log in to your account. There will be an application list. Untick the boxes to prevent items from automatically opening when you log in. 
  • Once again, if you need to use a specific application, launch it manually. It may not seem like a big deal to reduce the number of startup items, but when you add these small things up, they make a difference. 

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Declutter Desktop

Every icon on a desktop consumes resources. And when you switch between the desktop and another window, icons have to be rendered. That is why it is necessary not to have a cluttered desktop. Precisely, look to organize files into folders and store them in proper places. 

Declutter desktop on MAC

Clean Dirt And Dust

Sometimes, problems are not related to technical matters. If you are negligent and do not bother cleaning the dust and dirt that collects over the years, you are bound to encounter problems.

  • All the dust inside burdens the fans, and Macbooks start to overheat. The problem becomes more prominent in the summer when the temperature in the room rises as well.
  • All the dust and dirt should be cleaned regularly, not just once and forgotten about later on. Also, if you are experiencing overheating problems, consider getting a cooler for the Macbook. That will also help with the issue.

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Run Anti-Virus

There are all kinds of cybersecurity threats, like malware, viruses, ransomware. Some users believe that they are in no danger of getting a warning on their computer and do not bother with getting anti-virus software. 

Reality is that even a small virus can be a reason to not get get Better CPU Performance on MAC, and you will not be able to locate and get rid of it without proper anti-virus software. Thinking that you are safe from potential threats is not advisable. Instead, get anti-virus and rest assured knowing that you are protected. It is better to be safe and sorry.

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Run anti-virus on mac


Can you upgrade the CPU to a Mac?

Because you can't alter the CPU in your Mac once you buy it, you want to make sure you get the proper one. Not just for your needs now but also for next year and the year after that.

How do I fix high CPU usage?

When you use outdated drivers or unoptimized software, your CPU can take a battering. Fixing high CPU utilization can often be as simple as updating your drivers. Attempt to update all of your drivers in this step. This covers motherboard drivers, graphics card drivers, audio drivers, and other components.

Why my Mac CPU usage is high?

High CPU utilization could indicate the presence of malware on your Mac that is running numerous scripts. It could also suggest that you're attempting to perform too many things at once or using apps that are too demanding for your Mac.


So to sum it all up, if you have been having problems and experience a downgrade in Macbook’s performance, this article should be of good use. Apply these tips to get better performance on MAC. We’d like to hear your experience in the comment section below. Stay tuned for reading more articles like this! Click here to see how you can share files between Mac and Windows seemlessly.

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