Top AR games like Pokemon GO to Download in 2023

Pokemon Go is a game that uses virtual reality and gives players a one-of-a-kind experience. AR games have changed the way people perceive mobile games. As players are reaching out for more games like this, we present you with a list of top games like pokemon go.

Here is a list of the best games like Pokémon Go:

  • Harry Potter: Wizard Unite
  • Ingress Prime
  • The Walking Dead
  • Zombies Run
  • Geocaching
  • Jurassic World Alive
  • Angry Birds AR game
  • AR Dragons

Ever since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has created havoc among players. We all know this AR-based game that revolutionized the mobile gaming industry. It has always been on the news for good as well as bad reasons, but this aided the popularity of this game. As more and more players seek to play games similar to pokemon go, we have shortlisted some similar games. Downloading games on your PSP is not a new concept. You can play and download games from the internet to your PSP device.

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AR is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality. AR games enable the blending of the visual and audio effects of the game and the user’s real-life environment.

pokemon go

Games like Pokemon Go use the user’s camera to integrate the real-time environment with the game’s graphics. There is always an option to turn the AR mode on/off.

The use of AR in mobile games takes a toll on the device’s battery. Your device may heat up if it is not much compatible with the AR systems.


Here is the list of all the top games like Pokemon Go.

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Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

Niantic Studios, the developers of Pokemon Go, developed this game with Warner Bros. This is arguably the most similar game to Pokemon Go. The players will enjoy it in the exact same way.

harry potter wizards unite

Like Pokemon Go, this game is GPS-based, and furthermore, the players need to go to real-life places to keep progressing in the game. You have to fight against the beasts from the Harry Potter World and claim victory over specific landmarks.

As you level up, you can unlock more enchantments and skills. The game is very dynamic and will undoubtedly be the most-grossing game in 2023.

Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is one of those games like pokemon go for iPhone and Andriod. The game’s popularity is surging as daily new players discover the game.

ingress prime

The game is developed with a science fiction background. Moreover, the graphics of the game are excellent. It also has a chat feature that allows players to make friends.

It is a GPS-based game like pokemon go and enables real-world locations to act as landmarks in the game. As it uses Augmented Reality, the battery consumption is considerable.

The Walking Dead

The game is among the top-rated AR games, like pokemon go. It is a zombie game where you have to kill zombies around you and save the world.

walking dead season one


The game uses real-world maps like pokemon go. This game provides real-world gaming locations. You have to explore the world around you and the zombies that hide in the city. As you progress, you unlock various tools.

The game is more fun when played with friends. The graphics are good, in addition to the easy gameplay.

Zombies Run

Zombies Run is also a zombie game like The Walking Dead. It is more than just a game. It is a health and fitness application.

The player has to run in order to survive during a zombie apocalypse. You have to run in real life in order to survive in the game. This makes this game a workout app as well. The game uses GPS technology, making it one of those games related to Pokemon Go.

zombies run

The simplistic gameplay has attracted many users. In addition to that, the immersive storyline makes running enjoyable.

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The game brings the beloved game of treasure hunting into real life. The game uses GPS and AR technology to get the game to life.


This is an adventure game, and players are supposed to explore a map to find treasures called geocaches. The treasures are classified according to the difficulty of finding them. The more difficult it is to find a treasure, the greater its value. The game displays a map that allows players to check whether the hunt is suitable for their level or not.

This game allows players to explore their city as the game map is very vast and has treasures hidden everywhere.

Jurassic World Alive

One of the best games like Pokemon Go. You will experience the thrill of Jurassic World in your locality. You can see all kinds of dinosaurs roaming around you.

jurassic world alive

Moreover, there are several challenges that you can complete and level up in the game. You can even challenge your friends to compete with you and have fun together.

The graphics of this game are unbelievably realistic. However, the game might have some bugs and glitches. If your phone is not entirely supportive of AR, it may heat up at times.

Angry Birds AR game

You all know the most loved game from the old days. Angry Birds game has been and always will keep its players attached to it.

The basic gameplay has been carried on in its variant as a legacy. The AR version of Angry Birds follows the same gameplay, except that the birds will now fly in your house!

angry birds ar game

Like any angry birds game, you have to aim and shoot birds and damage the pig structures in this game. The game uses your device’s camera and displays the game feature as if it’s in the real world.

AR Dragons

Behold these cute yet terrifying dragons! This game is very similar to Pokemon Go in terms of gameplay and progression. This game provides you with an opportunity to pet dragons.

You can summon your dragon by locating and scanning plane surfaces in real life. You have various interactions to make with your dragon. Your dragon grows in size every day.

ar dragons

The graphics are pretty realistic, and the gameplay is simple. The animations are cute and loving. Some animations tend to steal players’ hearts.


So now let’s answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

How do games like Pokemon Go work?

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go-like games use GPS to locate your playing area and use your camera to give you a real-world experience. These games use augmented reality to provide you with a unique experience.

What AR app do I need for Pokemon Go?

The only AR app you require is ARCore, developed by Google. The app allows you to utilize the AR feature provided in Pokemon GO and enjoy the game to the fullest.

What was the first AR game?

AR Quake was the first AR-based game. It was launched in 2000. Given that this game was released long back, the graphics are not much promising. This game may not excite you in today's world, as the gaming industry has grown exponentially.

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In conclusion, AR games are the rising sun of the new era of gaming. These games have revolutionized the gaming industry. With more AR games coming out, players are bound to get mesmerized by these.

These games use GPS to use your location and build the map accordingly. You can move in the real world along with making progress in the game. Pokemon Go and related games also use your phone’s camera to integrate your surrounding with the game.

As more and more of these games are launching, coupled with an immensely positive response, we are sure that the gaming industry is going to boom. AR games are the future of the gaming industry, and it still has a lot of potential to grow.

Therefore, we are sure that now you know your next AR game after reading this article.

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